Enterprises funded 100% project implementation for Van Lang’s Industrial Design students

(Van Lang, 13th Dec 2019) – In the afternoon, 3rd Dec 2019, Juniors of Product Design major (Industrial Design) of Van Lang University had a project exhibition in the lobby of LV Building – Campus 3. Experts evaluated many design ideas innovative and highly practical. Especially, all the project Designs of Van Lang students were fully funded by Enterprises.

As usual, before ending semester 1 of the 3rd school year, juniors of Industrial Design major carry out the pre-graduation project, these products demonstrate students’ knowledge that has accumulated for nearly 3 years. With this Interior project, Products Design juniors took 4 months to study as well as analyze topics, then draft and design products, and finally implement projects.

All products of the project are recognized as finished products; they must be completed in implementing phase. This interior project, especially, was an implementation process which many businesses actively took part to closely connect between students’ projects and their needs and that of the market.

vlu Industrial Design a

vlu Industrial design b

What made the project of Industrial Design Students of course 23 special was that beside class time, they were guided by the lecturers to visit the workshops of wood enterprises as Minh Phat 2 Co., Ltd, Lien Thanh Co., Ltd, Nguyen Thanh Co., Ltd, Duc Loi 2 Co., Ltd, Minh Thanh Co., Ltd, Hanh Phuc Wood Company,… and many showrooms to find out current interior designs, trends, colors, styles,… from that, they determine the style of furniture they want to pursue, as well as learn construction and manufacturing process of those enterprises.

vlu Industrial design c

Each product designed must be suitable for a number of potential businesses, therefore, after visiting the factories, students will set themselves “target” that they can give their design to company they want. A product designer have to experience the actual working process of creating ideas, drafting, sending emails to businesses, responding, repairing when participating in the labor market, therefore, this project of Van Lang junior are not only learning and “passing” but also experiencing their future job, which not university supports students in doing project.

When receiving the agreement from business, they will have some meetings to discuss blue print with the business in detail appropriately before executing the finished product. All businesses, especially, funded 100% construction process for students.

All outstanding products with high applicability will be chosen by businesses to display at VIFF fair, those products will also be sold if customers want to buy. Students might find this study method really hard, however they have felt excited about the opportunity to have in direct contact with the labor market.

All interior project products in 2019 of Van Lang’s Industrial Design students

Le My
Translated by: Thanh Thao
Edited by Pham Song Thuyet

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