Van Lang's exclusive gift set for students and families on Tet holiday 2020

(Van Lang, December 27th, 2019) - Before the Year of Rat (2020), Tet atmosphere at Van Lang University is more bustling than ever. Facilities have been newly decorated to welcome Tet. Tet gifts have been sent to students, lecturers, and school staff. More specifically, after 10 days of giving the spring gifts, students are delighted because those are special items created exclusively at Van Lang.

In the Lunar New Year 2020, Van Lang continues to invest in unique Spring gift sets for students, including 02 sole sets of red envelopes, a Tet greeting card and a Principal's Letter of appreciation to each student and family. Besides mini scenes decorated by teachers and students of Van Lang University’s Interior Design Faculty, Spring gift giving occasion was organized into series of activities at 3 campuses.

Because Van Lang is unique, and every Van Lang student is sui generis...

"Nowhere to be found" lucky red envelopes, a beautiful little card and a congratulatory New Year letter from Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu - Rector - will follow students to their hometowns to celebrate Tet holiday. They are New Year's wishes, a fellowshipping bond between officials, lecturers Van Lang University’s staff and their families’ students with the spirit of "A bonding Tet for Van Lang". This is also on the way Van Lang pictures go further than where the school is located.

vlu gift set for students and families on Tet 2020 a

With the theme "MY VAN LANG - OUR HOME", the lucky red envelope set celebrating the Year of Rat 2020 of Van Lang University given to students and their families, was made up of 8 pictures of Van Lang, selected from 83 excellent paintings in IADW 2019 Exhibition held at Campus 3, including:

1 / VLU 04-19 - CA LE DUNG Artist

2 / Van Lang University - PHAN THI THANH YEN Artist

3 / Van Lang University Landscape - PARK JUNU Artist

4 / Dear Van Lang - TRAN THI TUYET NHUNG Artist

5 / Botanical garden - NGUYEN DAC THAI Artists

6 / Van Lang University - TRAN VAN THI artist

7 / Van Lang Dream - LE LONG VINH artist

8 / New day in Van Lang - HUYNH VAN THONG artist

2020 exclusive Van Lang red envelope set was designed with extremely "art" drawings of Van Lang University’s Campus 3. It was selected from 83 artworks of more than 70 Vietnamese and international artists, who had drawn and painted to present to Van Lang University in the art camp "Art for Society " which took place at Van Lang from April 9, 2019 to April 12, 2019. Van Lang's messages were appropriately conveyed via each picture: My VAN LANG - our Dream, My VAN LANG - our Pride, My VAN LANG - our Future, My VAN LANG - our View, My VAN LANG - our Choice, etc.

Apart from red envelopes, each Tet gift set is also attached to a Tet card and a thank you letter of Rector with "My Van Lang - Our Pride" message. Each student was received a letter with different content, as well as thanks for parents and wishes.

 A bonding Tet for Van Lang

The theme of this Tet holiday at Van Lang University was "A bonding Tet for Van Lang", with the message that Tet was a joyful occasion, in Van Lang all as a family. From the first days of January, 2020, 3 campuses of Van Lang University have set up small scenes so that students can take spring pictures with Van Lang big family. Spring decoration areas were designed and constructed at Campus 2 by teachers and students of Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts, then were transported and installed at other two campuses.

From Jan 2nd to Jan 9th, 2020, with the joy of welcoming the new year 2020 and creating excitement for students after a stressful exam, Spring gift giving program - a bonding Tet for Van Lang - has been held at 3 campuses.

vlu gift set for students and families on Tet 2020 lThe students were standing in long queues for New Year gifts and were delighted to read the Principal's Congratulatory Letter. The most special impression was that each letter had the recipient's name and good wishes for their families.

vlu gift set for students and families on Tet 2020 jAssoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu - Rector of Van Lang University - presented Tet gifts to students at Campus 1 (45 Nguyen Khac Nhu, Co Giang Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City)

In parallel with the gift-giving program at 3 campuses, Van Lang University also launched the online program “Nice and Happy Spring Photos” to motivate students to “check-in” in Van Lang spring areas, which were beautifully decorated with red firecrackers, green "banh chung" (square sticky rice cake), yellow apricot flower or pink peach flower, etc.

A new spring came with eagerness in Van Lang University. We hope that every spring will be a happy season in VLU, recording beautiful and unique impressions which can only obtain in VLU. “A bonding Tet for Van Lang” is not just a slogan or a message; we hope that will be a strong spirit connecting Van Lang collective in 2020.

Souce: Ngan Tran - Chi Nhan
Translator: Ngoc Phuong Ho
Edited by Vo Thi Xuan Anh

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