Being proud of the spirit of voluntary blood donation 2019 of students of Van Lang University

(Van Lang, November 7th, 2019) - In recent days, the atmosphere at Campus 1 and Campus 3 of Van Lang University have become more bustling than usual because of the long queues of students lining up to participate in the voluntary blood donation festival in 2019 - 2020 academic year. Not only did a large number of students join the festival but lecturers and staff of the University also participated enthusiastically.

vlu the spirit of voluntary blood donation a

A drop of blood donated - A life saved

The voluntary blood donation is an annual activity of Van Lang University which is organized periodically twice a year. According to records, more than 1000 students registered to donate blood in the Voluntary Blood Donation Festival in November 2019 - the large number which has been maintained over many years by Van Lang students. With the meaning of “A drop of blood donated - A life saved,” the program is an opportunity for students to bring belief and hope to many people.

vlu the spirit of voluntary blood donation bVan Lang University cooperates with Blood Donation Center of Ho Chi Minh city and mobilizes the support of the Social Work Team in order to organize the Voluntary Blood Donation Festival at Campus 1 and Campus 2 (October 23rd - 24th ,2019) and Campus 3 (November 6th - 8th, 2019).

vlu the spirit of voluntary blood donation cParticipating in blood donation for the first time, Cao Minh Thu - a student of Public Relations shared: “I was nervous and worried before donating blood, but after seeing my classmates be so enthusiastic, I boldly registered and felt ready. The feeling when you share something to help people is really happy!”. Having experienced participating in blood donation in 2018, Truong Doan Khanh Huyen said: “This is the second time I have participated in blood donation; this is a really meaningful and humanistic activity. With my own experience through times of blood donation, I have shared the experience and encouraged my classmates to participate in this activity.

During the Voluntary Blood Donation Festival, students of Van Lang University had free health advice, blood test and blood test results, and received gifts and Donor Cards from the Organization Board. At the same time, they were also granted a certificate of voluntary blood donation by the Humanitarian Blood Donation Steering Committee - a bonus point of volunteering for students to achieve the title “Students with 5 good merits”, contributing to refining positive personality for students while still in university. In addition to the honor, blood donors will be also reimbursed up to the maximum amount of blood they donated when an incident occurs. 

According to statistics from the Social Work Team of Van Lang University, after the health screening and blood donation, the Organization Board has received more than 250 units of blood to replenish blood supplies in time for emergency and treating patients when there is a need for blood transfusion. This amount of blood will be given to the Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion in order to reduce difficulties and pressures of the health sector during the situation of blood supply shortage throughout the country.

vlu the spirit of voluntary blood donation dMore than 50 students in the Social Work Team of Van Lang University were on duty, assisting students in the blood donation process. Each student after donating blood will receive a nutritious gift which is small but enough for them to feel happy.

Humanitarian blood donation is a good deed of the whole society. Blood donation does not harm your health, and it even has particular positive effects on the body of blood donors. The amount of blood donated will be quickly regenerated by the body to serve the blood circulation. Blood donation does not take much time and energy, and it is essential for the society. Through the annual voluntary blood donation program, Van Lang University takes pride in contributing an amount of blood to the blood fund of the community for emergency and treating patients.

Source: Kim Ngan
Photos: Khoi Nguyen
Translated by: Nguyen Ngoc Truc Vy
Checked by: Nguyen Thi Huynh Loc

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