14 graduation projects of Van Lang Graphic Design students in the exhibition in Seoul (South Korea)

(Van Lang, November 11th, 2019) – Since 2015, Van Lang University resonated in South Korea when continuously exhibiting successfully Graduation projects of Graphic Design students. On October 18th, 2019, Handong University held Opening Ceremony of Graduation Exhibition of Faculty of Communication Design & Industry's students, which showed 14 graduation projects of students of Faculty of Industrial Arts - Van Lang University. The exhibition was held at Hongik University Daehak-ro Art Center – Seoul City, being open to visitors for 4 days. 

vlu trienlamhandong1M.A. Artist. Nguyen Dac Thai – Vice Dean of Faculty of Industrial Arts - Van Lang University and lecturers took a souvenir photo with lecturers of Handong University (South Korea) in the exhibition area of Van Lang students’ graduation projects.

14 works by students of Graphic Design, Van Lang University have given international friends a different aesthetic impression, which impressed with the bright colors, harmonious with nature, the country, Vietnamese people. Having the advantage of exploiting ancient capital, national culture and applying into contemporary art, Van Lang students have put Vietnamese cultural characteristics into their projects, and each of their works was a typical story about their homeland, incense through colors, fonts, light, shades, lines, shapes... Although there are many differences in cultural reception, many experts in the design industry in Korea were extremely surprised and excited when they stopped at the exhibition space of Van Lang Univeristy's students. 

14 Graphic Design projects of Van Lang University's student being exhibited at Handong University (Korea)

After the exhibition, HanDong University said: The work of Van Lang University's students has its own characteristics, illustrative ability and high aesthetic level. Van Lang students and Han Dong students have many similarities in expression. Korean design businesses also highly appreciate the design quality of Van Lang students. Chairman of DNA Company (signed MOU with Van Lang University) commented: I was very surprised at this exhibition, because Van Lang's students were able to exploit traditional art forms. In Korea, traditional exploitation is now a trend in design.

New opportunities for cooperation with Korean universities and businesses

Since 2014, Faculty of Industrial Arts of Van Lang University and Faculty of Communication Design of Han Dong University officially became partners. 2019 is the fourth year of Van Lang University participating the graduation exhibition of HanDong University. In addition, the two units have jointly implemented many activities for students such as academic exchanges, exchanges, and community project implementation,... From these activities, some Korean companies and businesses started paying attention to Van Lang's arts students.

vlu trienlamhandong2The leadership of Van Lang University's Faculty of Industrial Arts send flowers to congratulate the exhibition of HanDong University.

Currently, Faculty of Industrial Arts of Van Lang University has been known by many design schools in Korea as a connection point with Vietnam, opening up many opportunities for Van Lang University and for students. Over the years, Faculty of Industrial Arts has had projects with Korean companies such as Samsung Korea and Cebien sanitary equipment company,... through user research projects, trend research and market psychology to support Korean companies which want to access Vietnam market. In the future, Faculty of Industrial Arts will carry out design projects for the community being supported by the Korean government to Vietnam, this is an opportunity for teachers and students of Van Lang University to collaborate with international experts in larger projects and be specialized in the field of design with top trends these days.

Advice for Arts students of Van Lang University

vlu trienlamhandong3According to M.A. Nguyen Dac Thai – Vice Dean of Faculty of Industrial Arts - Van Lang University: "Faculty of Industrial Arts is cooperating very well with KookMin University (top 5 leading universities in the field of design in Korea) to organize annual workshops at Van Lang University and Kookmin University, opening up opportunities for Vietnamese students to interact with other design backgrounds and introduce the image of Vietnam to the world.

To integrate, students must experience many different areas of life, have certain cultural and social knowledge. In the design world, being not good at English is not completely disadvantageous, if you can create many interesting and impressive forms of communication through the design language, cleverly explain words but easy to understand. I look through the seminar forums, designers always have their own ways of presenting the design language smartly and wittily. Expertise and understanding are key priorities.

With the spirit of learning from the new, Industrial Arts Faculty will spend more effort in international collaboration with Korea as well as other countries in the world. Korea is leading in design technology with AI (Artificial Intelligence). They are much more interested in specific things in real life such as how to design a logo which is able to understand users, how to design interactive poster, and understand viewers’ emotions… We, Van Lang people will continue the creation path with strong developing technology.

Van Lang University is trying every day to not only bring student work to Korea but also create many opportunities for students to experience and learn in international markets. The design industry and design trends in Korea are new potential applications. In Korea, Graphic Design students are instructed to invest in-depth research on user needs, understand users, which makes student projects really effective and be able to apply immediately to life and become the leading trends of the time. This is also the teaching orientation of Van Lang in recent years to create further steps on the career path for students.

Source: Tue Khanh
Translated by Thanh Than

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