Oriental Studies student of Van Lang University achieved “hat-trick” at Japan – Vietnam Cultural Exchange festival 2019

(Van Lang, October 29th, 2019) - In the final round of the 9th Japan – Vietnam Cultural Exchange Festival (October 27th, 2019 at Dai Nam University, Hanoi), it was an honor for two students who are major in Japanology – Oriental Studies of Van Lang University to receive 3 impressive awards.

Japan – Vietnam Cultural Exchange Festival 2019 was organized by Japanese Language Association for Non Kanji Using Learner (JLAN) and member universities. In 2019, Dai Nam University (Hanoi) hosted the 9th Japan – Vietnam Cultural Exchange Festival, the final round took place on October 27th 2019 with the theme “Connect two contries, connect two cultures”.

Vlu Oriential studies student at JapanVietNam aM.A. Pham Duy Tai – lecturer of Oriental Studies Faculty led the students of Japanology to attend the festival in Ha Noi, including: Truong Thi Bich Kieu and Van Tu Phi Lan.

The highlight of the festival is the final round - “Miss & Mister Sakura 2019” competition – a contest to show confidence, grace and knowledge about Japanese culture with totally 19 couples from the universities, colleges, and high schools which provide Japanese courses around Vietnam.

Being the representatives of Van Lang University’s students, Truong Thi Bich Kieu and Van Tu Phi Lan had an impressive costume performance which won 3 awards:

  • Top 5 Miss and Mister Sakura 2019 
  • The Best Prom Dress Performance Award
  • The Best Kimono Performance Award

Vlu Oriential studies student at JapanVietNam bThe three awards are the evidences for the shine of Van Lang University’s students in beauty contests.

Journey to join the contest

Following the success of Japanese eloquence contest held at Ho Chi Minh city University of Social Sciences and Humanities and Da Nang University last March, the students of Japanology major of Van Lang University have actively participated in many other extra-curriculum activities outside the school. Truong Thi Bich Kieu and Van Tu Phi Lan registered for “Miss & Mister Sakura 2019” competition of Japan – Vietnam Cultural Exchange festival 2019.

Vlu Oriential studies student at JapanVietNam cThe photo of Truong Thi Bich Kieu and Van Tu Phi Lan was taken in the preliminary round (online) of “Miss & Mister Sakura 2019” competition.

They have excellently passed the preliminary round and entered to the final round, with 18 other teams from other schools. “During the time preparing for the competition, we were supported by the lecturers of Oriental Studies major. Especially, the Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. Dang Ngoc Le - the Dean of Social and Humanities Faculty is the who has directly supported the procedures so that we can go to Hanoi to participate in the competition. We were so lucky when the lecturers of the faculty not only chose and rented the costumes for us, but also partly support the funds so that we felt confident and comfortable to participate in the competition. This is a lagre encouragement for us to try hard to practice for the contest so that we can complete the mission offered by the faculty and the school.

Experience, exchanges and study of Japanese culture

Truong Thi Bich Kieu and Van Tu Phi Lan are both active, inquisitive and sensitive to extra-curriculum activities inside and outside of Van Lang University. Apart from the awards of “Miss & Mister Sakura 2019” competition, Truong Thi Bich Kieu is also the member of the executive board of the university’s volleyball club.

Bich Kieu confided: “Taking part in the competition, we actually had precious experience when putting on traditional costume of Japan and showing all exquisite beauty of Kimono convincingly in front of the judges and all the audiences. Luckily, students of Japanology have had many chances to exchange and discuss with Prof. Ph.D. Hatakeyama Daijiro (Aichi Bunkyo University) about “The culture of traditional Japanese costume”. Therefore, we had oppotunities to wear Kimono costumes – the pride of the Land of the Rising Sun. This is a reason why I felt confident when walking on the stage”.

Vlu Oriential studies student at JapanVietNam dStudents of Japanology learn to perform traditional Kimono costumes to understand Japanese culture more.

Confidence and good attitude are important elements helping Van Lang Univeristy’s students achieve awards in competitions. Their confidence comes from their serious practice with the knowledge learned from the school and the support from lecturers and friends. The cultural activities associated with the main training program are opportunities for the students of Oriental Studies to study better, get more interested, especially increase their knowledge, their life skills and indigenous cultural integration.

Source: Chi Nhan
Photos: Bich Kieu
Translated by: Thanh Thao
Edited by Ngoc Thanh


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