Students of Graphic Design Industry of Van Lang University won the first prize of Halo Race 2019 for graphic category

(Van Lang, 12th Nov 2019) – On Oct 2019, Nguyen Trung Hieu – a junior of Graphic Design Industry of Van Lang University (belonging to Lorem Ipsum team) won the championship for Graphic category of Halo Race 2019 – the largest creative competition for the design community.

Halo Race – the largest creative contest for the design community in Vietnam – is an annual event, attracting the attention of many Vietnamese and international designers. Halo Race 2019 was held in 3 cities: Ha Noi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh with a series of 20 events receiving the support of experts in Motion, Graphic, UI/UX, Illustration and Visual Art. This is where every idea and story can become the inspiration to connect young designers who have a passion in creativity, paving the way for the development of creativity projects in the future of Viet Nam.

vlu students won at Halo Race 2019 aHalo Race – the largest creative contest for the Vietnamese design community.

At Halo Race 2019 – Nguyen Trung Hieu – a junior majoring in Graphic Design Industry of Van Lang University – together with his team achieved the championship of the competition for Graphic category.  Following is Trung Hieu’s sharing about the contest:

Journey of new experience

The team name – Lorem Ipsum does not have any specific meaning but is a familiar phrase for designers who are Adobe Illustrator users (Lorem Ipsum are the characters of replacement text used in design). 

Lorem Ipsum team is a combination of 2 members: Nguyen Ngoc Lan Anh (K15 – Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture) and Nguyen Trung Hieu (Junior of Graphic Design Industry of Van Lang University).

To me, Halo Race is a true race in which racers don’t compete with each other, but rather with themselves to find their own values as well as new things. In my opinion, two most impressive stages of the Halo Race 2019 are stage 1 – Enrollment and stage 4 – Specialized Creative Station.

In addition to the familiar platform – marathon design, the “common home” – a new platform applied to the race this year is nice and interesting experience. Spending 3 days with a partner at the common home, interacting with other team members and completing challenges within 36 hours helped motivate myself as well as improve my creativity and thinking when working. One special thing at the common home is that we were absolutely not allowed to use any personal electronic devices, from cellphones to laptops.

The contest has not only brought interesting experience for myself but also served as a launcher to help me step out into the new world away from my own Comfort Zone.

Design inspiration from tradition

With the requirement “From a perspective of multi – dimensional creativity, choose a traditional art culture to introduce to the Z generation – young people in the era of 4.0 in order to help them understand and approach to the art culture in a friendly way”, there were totally 10 teams who had to spend 36 hours completing the requirement in two forms: Graphic and Motion.

vlu students won at Halo Race 2019 bImage of Human Chess on Google homepage designed by Lorem Ipsum team.

Being curious about Vietnamese folk games, Human Chess was a name that we found most interesting. The excitement about this game is that there is a close connection between tradition and modernity – it’s actually a game of playing chess combined with human factors and martial arts. Human chess is a folk game that takes place in Vietnamese festivals. In addition, Human chess is also known as a form of chess in which people take the place of pieces and every step is a technique of traditional martial arts.

Because of those amazing things, we have wondered why young people today, specifically the Z Generation, and even ourselves, don’t know much about this game. With the wish to introduce an image of Vietnamese tradition and culture to the young Vietnamese generations, the idea of combining with Google Doodle starts from here. And we have chosen Human Chess for the final round of the competition.

Considering the difficulties, we have come up with a solution as follows: Z generation get access to the Internet to search information; therefore, we would simulate to cooperate with Google through Google Doodle to promote cultural communication.

Why Google? Recently, Vietnam has received much attention of Google Inc. with many artworks from Vietnamese artists such as Trinh Cong Son, Bui Xuan Phai, Xuan Quynh and from traditional festivals of Vietnam. So Google is a good option that can be implemented to ensure our purpose of the project.

vlu students won at Halo Race 2019 cThe message we wanted to convey was simply that “The Human Chess is actually more interesting than its name. It’s a combination of a tactical game, elaborate martial arts and historical tradition”.

In order to spread this message, we used a setting of a chess field with a number of symbolic chess pieces playing and performing martial arts, then we created a Google Doodle in the form of a minigame so that Google users can take the role-play and understand how to play. Players only need to drag and drop to control the chess pieces as directed. This minigame probably can make Google users feel curious and encourage them to learn about Human Chess.

At the final round, two teams with the highest scores in each category had to present and critique the projects. Our team’s project was against with the “Ca tru” project of Platform group. Members of the two groups showed the critical thinking and the flexibility to ask questions and debate with each other to find the owner of the prestigious Halo Race 2019 prize. And our victory is an affirmation for what our team tried hard to create during Halo Race 2019 contest.

vlu students won at Halo Race 2019 dTwo members of Lorem Ipsum team – Nguyen Ngoc Lan Anh (K15 - Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture) and Nguyen Trung Hieu (Junior of Graphic Design Industry of Van Lang University) are taking commemorative photos the award with their family.

When taking part in this competition, my team just wanted to try a new platform, gain new experience and most of all, meet and get acquainted with people in the design community in Viet Nam as well as have a chance to work under the guidance and supports of judges, hosts, collaborators, filming and behind – the – scenes photographers. After the contest, in addition to the unexpected prize, we have attained a lot of precious knowledge and how to look into and solve problems from many friends in the competition. We are also very happy when contributing a small part to the success of the competition. Thanks to Halo Race 2019 for giving us the opportunity to experience and challenge ourselves.

Nguyen Trung Hieu
Graphic Design Industry, Van Lang University

Translated by: Thanh Thao
Edited by Ngoc Thanh

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