High school students being excited go on a sightseeing of Van Lang University for the Exhibition Education VietNam – Italy

(Van Lang, October 10th, 2019) – In two days from 6 to 7 October 2019, Van Lang University has cooperated with Uni – Italia VietNam to organize the VietNam – Italy Higher Education Forum, chaired by the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training, Italian Embassy and Consulate General of Italy in Ho Chi Minh City. In the framework of the event, Van Lang welcomed nearly 400 high school students and teachers in Ho Chi Minh city to visit the campus and exhibited educational products, creating a vibrant festival in Van Lang on Sunday afternoon 06/10/2019.

vlu campus tour aIn the afternoon of October 6, 2019, nearly 400 students of 9 high schools in HCMC and 14 teachers visited Campus 3 of Van Lang University and were extremely excited about the activities here.

Under the mobilization and coordination of Van Lang University, nearly 400 students from Tran Van Giau High School, Nguyen Du, Nguyen Hien, Nguyen Tat Thanh, Nguyen Trai, Hoang Hoa Tham, Gia Dinh, Nguyen Tri Phuong High School together with many students from other universities to visit the Italian University Exhibition area and the learning spaces of Van Lang University. The “tour guide” of the tour is the students from Faculty of Tourism of Van Lang University, and that is so noticeable.

vlu campus tour dFor the students, the first impression of Van Lang University is the cuteness and friendliness of the “Campus Tour” tour guides. All of “Van Lang’s Tour Guides” are students from Faculty of Tourism, The Green backpacker Club and Party Union. Each student group were gathered to follow a tour guide and received a red cap with Van Lang logo – a spirit gift from Van Lang.

vlu campus tour fHo Nguyen Bao Anh – student of grade 11 from Nguyen Trung Truc High School said: “I have not had the opportunity to get to know Van Lang University, today I am very fortunate to visit and extremely impressed by the profession and friendliness of these instructive students. I have learned many “interesting” things and gained a lot of experience. Campus 3 is a very large and ideal place to take so many beautiful photos here.”

The trip was organized in a flexible way, so that all students have a comfortable space to learn more about the learning and practice environment and activities of Van Lang students. On the occasion of the 2nd Vietnam – Italy Higher Education Forum in 2019, on the afternoon of October 6, 2019, 18 Italian universities organized the exhibition and displayed education products in the LV ground – Campus 3 of Van Lang University. Thanks to this exhibition, students can exchange with Italian university, visit exhibition booths, and enjoy cultural heritages using 3D-VR virtual reality model as well as projects of students from Faculty Industrial Arts and Faculty of Architecture. Especially, the high school students have one hour to learn and try making architectural models, draw watercolors, draw portraits, and design interior spaces... with students of Architecture and Industrial Arts.

vlu campus tour hHigh school students consult and get information from Italian universities during the Italian Day at Van Lang University.

vlu campus tour iAt the Institute of Cultural and Development Heritages Research of Van Lang University, students experienced 3D-VR virtual reality glasses, all of whom will enjoy the lively national cultural heritages “right in front of them”.

vlu campus tour jIn the 3D painting area, students are amazed and excited by the exquisite products of 3D fish painting and Resin at Tahta Workshop – the unit organized by Thanh Tam – a former student of Van Lang University.

vlu campus tour kVan Lang’s guides introduced the projects of students of the Faculty of Architecture. Many high school students who are interested in the Architecture – Industrial Arts admired the amazing works of Van Lang students.

vlu campus tour lAt the meeting room of Faculty of Architecture, students are guided by teachers and students to practice watercolor drawing. The complete work becomes a gift so they are very excited.

vlu campus tour mSimilarly, at the meeting room of the Faculty of Industrial Arts, high school students were able to experience “1 hour as a Van Lang student” with designed models under the guidance of students from the Interior Design.


vlu campus tour nThe final product was given to each of the students as a gift.

vlu campus tour eIn the journey to visit Van Lang University, the most favourite destination for students is the modern Trinh Cong Son Hall of Campus 3. This is the venue or international conferences, graduation ceremonies, arts shows and important events of Van Lang University.

vlu campus tour pPham Thanh Thang – student of grade 11 Nguyen Tat Thanh High School confided: “Van Lang University is much more majestic than I imagined. I used to watch an introduction about Van Lang University - Campus 3 on Youtube, but I don’t think the school is so big, there are countless virtual places to take photos, especially, “milk tea” of VL Tea. Beside that, the tour guide is very enthusiastic, and always willing to take pictures for us. And the most impressive thing is the architectural model, the fashion blueprints of the students. I can spend all the time watching without getting bored.”

Campus Tour program at Van Lang University this time is within the framework of the Vietnam – Italy Higher Education Forum, but the meaning does not stop at the event scale. The first trip of this year helped students meet experts in their favourite field and find out more information and practical experience on the university learning environment in Van Lang University, enhance the cooperation in education – training – career orientation for students between Van Lang University and high schools.

Photos of some high school students and teachers at Campus 3 of Van Lang University: 

Source: Kim Ngan
Photos: Hoang Tung- Anh Hong
Translated by Thanh Than

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