AUF organized career counseling for Van Lang University students to position themselves

(Van Lang, 29th Sep 2019) – On 28th Sep 2019, Association of Universities of the Francophonie (AUF) cooperated with Van Lang University to organize seminars about counseling career, positioning yourself, inspiring and professional ethics, training candidacy skill for students.

The consultation program consists of two topics: “Positioning yourself, Inspiring and Professional Ethics” (morning session) and “ Improve Communication Skills, Interview and Write Recruitment Records” ( afternoon session). This is one of the next activities of Van Lang University’s Scheme project of Recruitment for AUF 2018 just called “Enhancing Professional Multi-dimensional Interaction through Dialogue between Van Lang University – Enterprises”.

Attending the career counseling in the morning, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu - President of Van Lang University, stated “This program is the next activity, based on the outcome of the seminar “Business Dialogue - Professional Multi-dimensional Interaction” organized by Van Lang University. We  always want students be confident to find the right job with their major after graduation. Moreover, you can find your favorite job with high salary; you can confidently assert yourself to be the one the employers come to rather than you must apply for a job. Therefore, we wish that you can accelerate your journey by knowledge, sharing and guidance from antecedents, teachers and experts. Let’s try and make mistakes, experience to finally figure out the way you’re going.”

vlu AUF organized career counseling for vlu students a“With consulting seminar today, I want you to learn how to learn that “You are the world leader”. College is a span of time where you can experience many things and don’t let time pass meaninglessly. I hope after consulting seminar, you will determine what you will do and how to become a person in the future”. Assoc.Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu gave students advice.

Topic “Positioning yourself, Inspiring and Professional Ethics”

With this topic, Van Lang students meet the speakers: Ms.Le Thi Hong Anh – Personnel Manager of Novartis Viet Nam Company, Ms. Nguyen Thanh Nga – Training Director of  Leanwares Industrial Leaning Company. Ms. Le Thi Hong Anh is an alumni of course 1 of Van Lang University.

vlu AUF organized career counseling for vlu students cAs an alumni of course 1 in Finance and Accounting of Van Lang University, Ms. Le Thi Hong Anh - Personnel Manager of Novartis Viet Nam Company attended the seminar to share with the juniors: positioning yourself is creating your own personal brand, showing others your value by making differences. That is the way you can impress with employers, attract employers and thereby, help you have better job opportunities.

vlu AUF organized career counseling for vlu students dTalk about your weaknesses and strengths, Ms. Le Thi Hong Anh shared: Overcome your fears. If you surrender to your weaknesses, fear will always follow you, you will never overcome. By looking at your weaknesses and finding ways to overcome them, you will improve and develop, believe and love yourself more.

The second speaker, Ms. Nguyen Thanh Nga - Training Director of Leanwares Industrial Leaning Company– shared with Van Lang students about the lessons of failure. Every success has failure; lessons from failure that make you stronger and more mature.

vlu AUF organized career counseling for vlu students eTalk about the professional ethics, Ms. Nguyen Thanh Nga considered: “Everyone has a dream and when that dream comes true, it feels “well”, very happy. But when standing on the top of dream, you need to be lucid and alert so that dream is not degenerate and corrupted”.

How to put the problem, making students fret, concern: “How to keep your dreams alive without being corrupted?” – Enjoy your life in the present, live the life of your dreams for today, be happy in every moment you go through, that’s enough” – that’s the speaker’s answer.

Train to improve interview skills and write application documents

vlu AUF organized career counseling for vlu students fAt training session “Improve Interview Skills and Write Application Documents”, there were over 100 students from the Faculty of Tourism, Engineering, Construction, Architecture, Public Relations and Arts, Finance and Accounting, Social and Humanities, Business Administration, Information Technology,…joined.

vlu AUF organized career counseling for vlu students kThe first speaker who exchanged experience with Van Lang students was Ms. Truong An, Recruitment Director of RGF Personnel Consulting Company. "The interview starts right from the moment you come to the company/ business to interview, so that you have to prepare very well from the form, the manner to the way you talk and answer before, during and after the interview.", she said.

She also gave quite detailed instructions on how Van Lang students to write an attractive CV attracting employers. She emphasized: do not lie at work, be honest and straightforward, equip with soft skills, be confident and create a personal brand with employers.

Before the end of the seminar, Ms. Truong An openly said: “ You need to determine what you want and change your mind. In the period 4.0, manual work will be eliminated. If you don’t know what you want, don’t know the knowledge about your jobs, what’s your ability, what you need to learn more,  you will not have a stable job. Just do an exercise about your life, ask yourself who am I? What do I want? How long will I get to what I want. What do you study abroad for? Spend money wisely. Please don’t pretend and live like Zombies. Just have a plan for your life”.

vlu AUF organized career counseling for vlu students i

Sharing after the seminar, Nguyen Viet Anh – course 4 of the Faculty of Architecture (3rd person from right) confidenced: “I heard sharing about success. Success is not always about money, reputation, but sometimes just be happy in your family or satisfied with the knowledge you have learned. I know how to position myself, how to ask myself what I want, where I am, and what I should do to achieve my dreams in my goals. Thanks to the speakers and teachers, I know more about how to communicate in the work environment, how to impress employers, how to treat colleagues with each other. I thank Van Lang University for organizing a useful and interesting seminar for us”.

Phase 3 of the project “Enhance Professional Multi – dimensional Interaction through Dialogue Van Lang University – Businesses” hosted by Van Lang University, sponsored by AUF (Association of Universities of the Francophonie) will soon take place in November 2019 at Business Job Fair for Students.

Ngan Tran
Photos: Lee Minh Phuong
Translated by: Thanh Thao
Edited by : Song Thuyet

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