The 7th "Mid-Autumn Festival for children" Program: Van Lang students give their love to Binh Thuan

(Van Lang, 18/9/2019) - On September 14-15, 2019, the 7th "Mid-Autumn Festival for Children" program with the theme "Cuoi looking the moon" was organized by the Social Work Team of Van Lang University in La Da commune (Ham Thuan Bac District, Binh Thuan Province). With a large and enthusiastic volunteer force, the Social Work Team not only organized a majestic mid-autumn playground for children, but also raised funds to encourage children in need and difficulties to go farther for their future.

"Mid-Autumn Festival for Children" is a meaningful traditional program of the Social Work Team of Van Lang University. Over 6 seasons of Mid-Autumn Festival, the 7th "Mid-Autumn Festival for Children" with the theme "Cuoi looking the moon" determined to take the moon back to the children at La Da Primary School - La Da Secondary School, a highland school in Binh Thuan province with 97% of students are K'Ho ethnic.

vlu trung thu hinh1Students at La Da Secondary School (La Da Commune, Ham Thuan Bac District, Binh Thuan Province) go to school in extremely difficult circumstances, the road from home to school is very far, many of them have to walk 5 kilometers to school. Despite the fact, they still come to school day by day for their future.

Sharing joys and sorrows with Ethnic children

To prepare for the "2 days 2 nights" trip in La Da commune, Van Lang University Social Work Team had to raise funds for more than 2 consecutive months. The whole team traveled to various provinces to find the venue. In order to get funding, the Team themselves had to set plans for business within 2 weeks, and apply for sponsorship,… In spite of lots of difficulties, members of Van Lang Social Work Team had never been discouraged. They all have the same goal: getting together to bring a truly warm and meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival for the poor children.

vlu trung thu hinh7Fundraising Flower Shop of Social Work Team at Campus 3 of Van Lang University on the Graduation Ceremony of Session 21 - July 2019 is supported by a large number of students.

vlu trung thu hinh4The Social Work Team members plan their own fundraising sales: handmade bracelets, mixed rice paper, baked rice paper, mid-autumn lanterns, etc.

vlu trung thu hinh13The fundraising music night (a combination of fundraising sales and charity auctions) is a special event not to be missed in the fundraising activities of Van Lang University Social Work Team.

Spreading Love

In 2 months, the Social Work Team collected over VND 30 million with many other necessities, used toys and old toys... to organize the "Mid-Autumn Festival for Children" for the 7th time. At 05:30 am on September 14, 2019, the team arrived in La Da commune and embarked on the task of sowing the seed of love on this land. 

vlu trung thu hinh9The Stage Board quickly assembled the mobile stage. The fee for this stage is also deducted from the Fund that the Team earned by fundraising activities.

vlu trung thu hinh10This year, the Board of Games collected a variety of toys so it attracted a lot of children to play and show their talents and flexibility.

vlu trung thu hinh11The Old Clothing Team: "Mid-Autumn Festival also has gifts" is a result of activities throughout August

vlu trung thu hinh2The Gift Team: With the idea of protecting the environment & reusing materials, this year the gifts were put into environmental protection bags that can be used many times and environmentally friendly.

Although the music night, gift giving and the procession for the children did not go as planned because of bad weather, the joy stopped! Children are moved to the classroom to continue playing games and accepting gifts. The program was still ongoing; The music night was delayed until the next morning along with the contest "Painting presentation about dreams" and the contest "Ring the Golden Bell".

vlu trung thu hinh3The children were happy and excited to participate in class games even though it was raining outside.
At the end of the program, Van Lang students took the children to the gate to go home because of rainy weather.

vlu trung thu hinh 5It was such a warm moment when they together played with the campfire. The lanterns shimmered in the colors of the meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival night, everyone's faces were extremely excited!

vlu trung thu hinh12In the morning of September 15, 2019, the children were gathered in the school yard to prepare for music show and participate in academic games. Looking at the immature faces walking a few kilometers just to see the students performing arts, the Music Team told each other to try to perform well and enthusiastically.

In addition to the above-mentioned Teams, participating in the 7th "Mid-Autumn Festival for Children" there was also the present of the Logistics Team in charge of food, medicine for everyone. All Teams worked hard, got together and supported each other, and together brought the children a memorable Mid-Autumn Festival.

vlu trung thu hinh6Despite many difficulties in the process of preparing the program, but Van Lang's student in blue still tried their best to overcome, because they are always brothers, friends, brothers like-minded.

The Social Work Team of Van Lang University had another successful "Mid-Autumn Festival" season. Each member of Van Lang has learned a lot, especially the solidarity, independence, experience and new trips with beautiful friendships during their student life. Members of the Van Lang Social Work Team often remind each other “In life, there are many difficult circumstances. Please appreciate what you have and share it with those who need help”. It is the motivation to keep spreading the love through each show every year.

Lan Anh - Student, Course 23, major in Economic Law
Photo: Social Work Team - Van Lang University

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