The impression of ceramic project of the third-year students of Industrial Design major of Van Lang University

(Van Lang, September 08, 2019– On the morning of September 7, 2019, all products of Ceramic Project of students of the 23rd course (3rd year) of Industrial Design major of Van Lang University were displayed and scored at Campus 3. Many design ideas are innovative and have very high practical applicability.

do an gom nam 2 nganh thiet ke cong nghiep 1The teacher and students of Industrial Design at Van Lang University cheerfully showed off the achievements - 17 quality products of the Ceramics Project in 2019.

The process of implementing the Ceramics Project was very meticulous, requiring students to research, learn and innovate. It took almost 2 months for from the first steps of researching and learning to the process of shaping, molding and embarking on the product. In the first phase, students were equipped with the theoretical background of the history of Vietnamese traditional and modern ceramics, famous ceramics works in the world, the process of ceramics production, ceramics market. At the research phase, students were instructed to formulate ideas and design prototypes. When design drawings were accepted, students started practicing in the pottery workshop and created real products in a 1:1 ratio.

In 2019, applying all the knowledge and skills that were equipped in the first phase of the course, students of the 23rd course of Industrial Design of Van Lang University created many breakthrough and innovative products, not just in design but also in practice. Apart from high applicability and eye-catching design, MSc. Artist Phan Quan Dung - Dean of the Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts, commented that the 2019 projects were more unique and bold, with ideas that previous students had not implemented.

do an gom nam 2 nganh thiet ke cong nghiep 2The students spent 2 months on visiting, studying and learing from Bien Hoa pottery village - Dong Nai; then they completed the idea, produced, shaped the product. A total of 17 products of Ceramics project of Course 23 have been on display at Van Lang University since September 7.

At the session of project display and marking, the percentage of score allocated are based on the product and the process of implementation. Product design accounts for 70% of the total score, the rest is divided into the process of research, implementation, and presentation. Let's listen to a few stories behind one of the highly rated products at the session of display and grading:

do an gom nam 2 nganh thiet ke cong nghiep 3"The product is shaped based on Japanese style, simplified and combined with more modern features to become the best applicable product in reality. Thereby, this desktop aquarium can fit in exhibition space for users to take care of it whenever they have free time, while it also creates a lively and comfortable feeling for the workspace." - Student Hoang Gia An shared about her ceramic project "Aquarium".


do an gom nam 2 nganh thiet ke cong nghiep 4With the project "Ganesha", student Luu Chau Hanh shared: "I were fascinated when I saw the image of the god Ganesha, so I decided to choose a god image, combined with knowledge of feng-shui and spirituality to develop the idea into a frankincense waterfall set. The process of making products also goes through many difficulties, especially casting pedestal and creating the image of the god, because the statue is in hollow shape to avoid breaking / exploding during baking. Talking more about the meaning of Genesha, he is known as the god of Champa culture and also the patron saint of craftsmanship: so I am very happy when creating products for industrial design project based on this idea."

do an gom nam 2 nganh thiet ke cong nghiep 5“Being interested in researching ancient ceramic products, I am quite into the shape and meaning of the Vietnamese pedestal. Although it is an auxiliary item, the pedestal is very decorative, highlighting the product placed on it. The hardest part of making this product is time, because the product is large and the structure is complicated, drying and baking takes a lot of time, and then it is difficult to shape and engrave the product, because the function of the pedestal is to support another object on the top, it is necessary to have a strong structure, which can withstand the weight; if you carve strongly and with too many details will break the structure of the pedestal. I am inspired by flowers that symbolize sustainability, longevity and bring a good sense to form decorative motifs.” - Student Ngo Long Vi shared his project "Don Viet".

do an gom nam 2 nganh thiet ke cong nghiep 6Student Tran Trang Phuong Thao implemented the project "Set of Pots for plants", with the main idea taken from the texture on the mask of the native Polyrieshia (Hawaii), creating a tribal story living on a deserted island. With basic shapes, but the difficulties student encounter is that the motifs on the products are engraved manually, the color of the pottery varies depending on the temperature of the furnace. However, the set of products was created as expectation..

do an gom nam 2 nganh thiet ke cong nghiep 7MSc. Le Ngo Quynh Dan – Lecturer of Industrial Design at Van Lang University highly appreciated the students’ ceramic projects: “Every product displayed today shows students’ great effort, dedication and interest in their work. The products are highly applicable, suitable for production. In addition, there are products with cultural, spiritual and regional characteristics, which are used appropriately by students.”

The major of Industrial Design at Van Lang University is a rare department to include a Ceramics Project in the curriculum and create effective training. 17 ceramics projects of the 23rd students in particular and the Ceramic project of the previous Courses in general were displayed as an affirmation of the professionalism, creativity and practical applicability of this field. Visitors, including many ceramic enterprises, commented that ceramic products of Industrial Design students of Van Lang University were both aesthetic and have high economic value.

do an gom nam 2 nganh thiet ke cong nghiep 8Some other products in the exhibition of Ceramics project of the third year students of Industrial Design major of Van Lang University in 2019.

Source: Ngan Tran

Photo by: Lee Minh Phuong
Translated by: Ly Tran Bich Thuy
Edit: Pham Thi Song Thuyet

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