Costume Design Project of Van Lang Fashion Design Students - Course 22: So impressive!

(Van Lang, September 16, 2019) - In the morning of September 12, 2019, on the fourth floor of Flower-garden, LV building - Campus 3 of Van Lang University, fourth-year students of Fashion Design performed 30 Costume Design projects (Impressive Project). In accordance with the name of the project, Van Lang Fashion Design students made the project evaluation become a colorful Catwalk and made strong impression on viewers.

art project 1MSc. Nguyen Vu Cam Ly and Mr. Ly Dat Thanh were in charge of instructing Fashion Design students (Course 22) on Impressive Project. On the day of project evaluation, there was the participation of MSc. Le Thi Thanh Nhan - Head of Faculty of Fashion Design (Van Lang University) and Designer Quach Dac Thang - Van Lang Fashion alumnus.

With Costume Design Project, most students did well and met the criteria including impression, artistic and personal style. Most students chose good topics and methods of costume design which were suitable with their forte and ability. Many projects had careful investment in materials, performance techniques, presentation, and students’ dedication. One of the strongest points was their effort. Apart from that, each of the product was unique in terms of art and fashion and fully expressed students’ personality”, said MSc. Nguyen Vu Cam Ly - a teacher who instructed and closely supervised Fashion Design students during the project.

art project 2

Van Lang students knew how to mix and match the details cleverly by using the dominant outstanding color tone, so the final product became harmonious and eye-catching. The Impressive Project had no common design theme; therefore, students could freely design works according to their aesthetic fashion styles. The lack of a common theme made students more excited; thereby improving the ability to choose the right topic with the forte, helping them to mix color flexibly and to perfect their technical handling skills for all types of outfit designs according to the chosen topic.

art project 3Not thing is impossible to Van Lang students, even unique and original ideas with sophisticated details!

art project 4When being together on Runway Catwalk, the projects were like a truly“ Impressive “ Collection!

art project 5Delicate designs with white tone

The student had two weeks to perfect and demonstrate the final product, so they worked with different intensity based on the level of sophistication and complexity of their products; however, in general, all of the designs of Van Lang Fashion Design students (course 22) this year were highly evaluated.

 With Impressive Projects, students let things happen naturally according to their emotions and artistic sense; promote the artistic nature rather than the applicability. They could freely express their creativity along with the personal style because this was their last show at Van Lang University.

art project 6Minh Hieu's design project - Class 22TT received a lot of praise from the Council for the meticulousness from the sample presentation phase to the real model perfection phase, the “very crazy" performance style, and accessories - showing the carefulness and serious investment.

art project 7

art project 8

art project 9

As expected, fourth-year students of Fashion Design – Van Lang University completed the project successfully. They performed a convincing Costume Design Show (Impressive Project) with a very contemporary artistic sense. Generally speaking, each student made good impression and showed creativity skills accumulated after 3 years at Van Lang Fashion Shows with beautiful designs. 

Ngo Thu Huong - the fourth year student in Fashion Design
Photo: Lee Minh Phuong
Translated: Ha Thu
Edited: Vo Thi Xuan Anh

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