Students of Architecture of Van Lang gained big success at ARCHICAD-BIM 2019

(Admission & Communication Office - Van Lang, 08/7/2019) - Inheriting the remarkable success from past generations at domestic and international competitions, Van Lang University students of Architecture took part in ARCHICAD-BIM with 4 teams. Over two rounds, 2 excellent groups of Van Lang students of Architecture reached the final round of ARCHICAD-BIM 2019, winning a final second prize and a convincing consolation prize.

ARCHICAD-BIM prestigious architectural design contest has been organized by Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture in collaboration with Graphisoft Company (Japan) from 2014 to the present. In 2019, Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture, Van Lang University, Hanoi University of Construction, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Da Nang University of Architecture in cooperation with Graphisoft and GREENDS organized the ARCHICAD - BIM contest with the theme "Water Street - Solutions for Urban Living", with the desire to find smart solutions for raising community’s awareness and optimizing water resource use. Contemporary architecture is not something about finding the balance in the beauty of space, structure, materials or the harmony with the features of the building It is about the challenge that young architects need to take for themselves to face with the current state of environmental protection.

bim 2019 1From February 18th to June 21st, 2019, 58 excellent groups of students passed the first round (proposal) to compete in the second round (design using BIM technology). 2 groups of students from Faculty of Architecture - Van Lang University reached the final round (out of the 10 finalists in the competition).


(Student: Nguyen Phi Long, Ngo Thi Bao Nhi, Le Van Phu)

With special concern about "WHAT TO DO WITH DRILLING SYSTEMS AND SURROUNDING ECOSYSTEM AFTER YEARS OF MINERAL EXPLOITATION?", The Alpaca team (Van Lang University) proposed to reuse the deep buried floor and foundation of drilling rigs to improve the ecosystem here, taking advantage of the machine to restore nature. The project location is at Bach Ho oil field - the oil field being exploited in Cuu Long basin.

bim 2019 2

bim 2019 3

INCENTIVE PRIZE - "Saigon Fruit Market", MIB group

(Student: Ngo Phat Tai, Do Anh Nhung, Hua Hu Phuoc)

bim 2019 4The MIB team of Van Lang University won the Best BIM Concept award with the theme "Saigon Fruit Market"- a project full of humanity.

Representative from MIB team - Ngo Phat Tai said: “In areas around Te canal between District 4 and District 8 - Ho Chi Minh City, there are still many boats selling fruit along the canal. However, they are making use of many areas of canals and sidewalks. Our group proposes gathering those fruit-selling boats into the same area; building a marina here to attract domestic and foreign tourists as well as Saigon residents. In addition, there are also other multifunctional public spaces such as classrooms, workshops, restaurants, riverside cafes ... This project not only improves the polluted water and increases earnings for traders from the West but also plays a cultural link. Hopefully, the project will become a new tourism model in Ho Chi Minh City”.

pho nuoc minDesign Layout of Project "Saigon Fruit Market"

The ARCHICAD - BIM 2019 competition was sponsored by many organizations: Ichiken Group, Doall Tech Vietnam, CBS Vietnam, Global BIM, Nikken Lease Kogyo. The greatest value of the competition was not only the reward but also the opportunity to actually visit the architecture or take internship at foreign architectural firms. With the final second prize, three students Nguyen Phi Long, Ngo Thi Bao Nhi and Le Van Phu received a trip to Thailand in October 2019. Hopefully at ARCHICAD BIM 2020, there will be more students of Van Lang University to take part in and gain more valuable awards.

Source: Tue Khanh



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