Van Lang Green Summer 2019: Think Green - Act Green

(Admission & Communication Office - Van Lang, 06/08/2019) - Van Lang Green Summer Campaign was launched on July 8th, 2019. Until August 5th, 2019, after a month of greening all Van Lang campus, more than 200 volunteers gathered at Campus 2 lobby (233A Phan Van Tri, Binh Thanh District) to recall memory about the campaign and good deeds of each team.

vlu mua he xanh 2019Van Lang Green Summer Campaign 2019 was launched on July 8th, 2019 with 06 teams and more than 400 volunteers.

Van Lang Green Summer Campaign volunteers completed the assigned tasks on schedule and received many good compliments. At the end of the campaign, the Management Board of Van Lang University, campaign leader and soldiers gathered to talk about outstanding achievements of 06 teams: Environmental team, New Rural team, Painting team, Social Practice Skills and Music Activities team, Rental Rooms Survey team.


vlu mua he xanh 2019 b

Performing the task in Tan Thanh District, Long An Province, the New Rural team was commended by Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Executive Board of Long An Province.

vlu mua he xanh 2019 c

vlu mua he xanh 2019 dAt Dinh Van Phu Primary School (Tan Thanh District - Long An), the "New Rural Team" organized tutoring of Basic Informatics and English for children; refurbishing library; building children's playgrounds; organizing award for "family under preferential treatment policy”; drawing 3 propaganda posters on the topic of Protecting the sea and islands - Traffic safety - Environment. In addition, the team also collected waste in 4 areas of Tan Thanh district.


vlu mua he xanh 2019 gThe Youth Volunteer team supported Van Lang University to organize University - Master Graduation Ceremony in July, 2019, assisted school enrollment, cleaned the environment, performed music with elderly people in Vinh Son Nursing Home, and distributed rice to poor people at Gia Dinh People's Hospital. They often joked with each other that: "We are a special team of "mechanic workers", and although it’s hard work, we are present when needed."


With the advantage of a prestigious school in architecture and fine arts training, the Green Summer Campaign of Van Lang University develops a painting team to beautify Saigon streets, colors boring old or "ugly" walls, and improves the urban landscape every year.

vlu mua he xanh 2019 hThe success work of Painting Team 2019: more than 20 walls were painted on Le Truc Street - Ward 7 and Pham Viet Chanh Street - Ward 19 (Binh Thanh District); Hoa Binh Primary School - Chu Van An Street - Ward 12 (Binh Thanh District); Duong Quang Ham Street (Go Vap District).


vlu mua he xanh 2019 kSocial Practice Skills and Music Activities team is known as a team that helps to recall the childhood for everyone. The team was assigned summer tasks with lovely children of Binh Thanh and Phu Nhuan District (Ho Chi Minh City).

During 1 month, this team organized useful social practice skill sessions and brought lots of laugh:

- Children's activities in Ward 13, Ward 14 (Binh Thanh District)

- Training on defense skills in Ward 5 (Phu Nhuan District)

- Offering incense to Binh Quoi Martyrs Shrine

- Joining the Arts performance at Minh Duc Secondary School (District 1)

- Offering candles at No Trang Long Historic Monument


vlu mua he xanh 2019 m

The Environmental team cleaned and cleared 03 flows at Duong Quang Ham canal (Go Vap), Dat Set canal (District 12) and Lang canal (Campus 3); cleaned Thich Quang Duc railway tracks, Ward 5, Phu Nhuan district and rose people’s awareness about waste sorting in Ward 7, Binh Thanh District.

With meaningful action of nature protection, the #TRASHTAG green wave has been taking place all over the country. With the contribution of Environmental team, many young people have responded to #TRASHTAG to the Green Summer Campaign 2019. The message from the Environmental Team is very simple: Just a beautiful action, you can help to improve the environment and with millions of inspiring actions, we will save the earth.

vlu mua he xanh 2019 aThe most special gift that the Environmental Team reserved for the university and to welcome students of the 25th course was the Rach Lang Canal clearing Project at Van Lang University Campus 3. From August 3rd, 2019, the Green Summer volunteers picked up trash and duckweed, cleared Rach Lang canal, painted the wall of the canal and intended to plan lotus to create a poetic landscape for Campus 3. The work will be completed in time to welcome the new students of Course 25.


Whether it is rainy or sunny, members of Rental Rooms Survey team was still constantly looking for the best rental room in every corner with an important mission: finding the best accommodation for new students to stay, advising and supporting new students so that they have comfort to study and gain great achievement at Van Lang.

vlu mua he xanh 2019 oConsultation team at LV lobby - Campus 3 of Van Lang University, wholeheartedly guided the rental rooms for new students.

Van Lang Green Summer Campaign 2019 was temporarily closed at the school-level Reunion Meeting on August 5th, 2019. With recognized achievements for contributing to the community, Green Summer teams are worth receiving honor and reward from school.

vlu mua he xanh 2019 qAssoc.Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu - Rector of Van Lang University attended the Reunion meeting and encouraged the "green" spirit of the volunteers: "It was a touching moment when I know all difficulties that volunteers have experienced, look at the images of young people wading down the canals or wandering around the streets to complete the mission. I regret not accompanying more with you.”

vlu mua he xanh 2019 rMSc. Dinh Xuan Toa - Director of the Student Support Center awarded a certificate to 121 "Excellent volunteers" - a reward to encourage them to strive for their own "green summers" later.

vlu mua he xanh 2019 v

vlu mua he xanh 2019 y

Whether it is sunny or rainy, the love for music always wins. The teams gave many emotional performances to each other so that they will not only remember tasks and difficulties but also happy moments together.

vlu mua he xanh 2019 wIf you want to experience the feeling of running from the Lobby hall at Campus 2 up to the 8th floor to attend the simple and warm "reunion meeting buffet", you should sign up for next year Green Summer Campaign.

"The youth is finite”. Nothing remains forever but the color of the blue T-shirt that everyone wears. Those victories that resound in the song "Green summer sparkles in the eyes of the children ..." Let your youth be more meaningful and beautiful with funny stories, close friendships or hardships that you have never been done in your life...

Source: Tue Khanh
Translated by: Pham Thi Hoai


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