Industrial Design Students defend their graduation project 2019 – business offer placement for students

(Admissions and Communications office - Van Lang, 01/7/2019) On 01/06/2019, 21st generation of Industrial Design program who defend their graduation project at LV main hall, 3rd campus Van Lang University, many ideas is recognized as innovation and practical implication. Many businesses attend to recruit the defence candidates.

After 4 academic years, 23 industrial design students invest to their graduation project. Due to theirs knowledge and skills, not only had students craft beautiful design but also because its function. Furthermore, MA. Artist Phan Quan Dung – The Dean of Industrial Fine Arts Faculty, proudly comments that this year projects are even more innovative and distinctive idea which is challenging for even a lecturers.

Judging Committee: Chair – MA Nguyen Thi Uyen Uyen, Secretary – MA Le Thi Thanh Phuong, committee member: MA. Kim Young Min, MA. Kieu Huu Hiep, MA. Le Ngo Quynh Dan, Artist Duong Thi Thuy Hien.

Invited guests from business entities: Thaco – Truong Hai Auto, Dong Tam JSC., District Eight Design Co., Duy Tan Co., Vinh Cara Diamond Jewelry Ltd., Hung Phat Jewelry Co., Gold J Ltd., Nguyen Tien Co.

dh van lang tot nghiep tk cong nghiep bJudging committee of graduation project defence

All the projects stay closed to the society’s demand. 23 product design serve daily activities of people like motorcycle, bicycle, interior products, toys. Some product aim to protect the environment: air purifier, smart recycle bin, planting layer,… those products are carefully done, considerable selection of material and following the sustainability mindset.

Overcome the preconception “Industrial Design is boy profession”, 6 little girls complete their project that silent the crowd: the project “the table set design for 3-6year old children life skill training”- Student Pham Nguyen Thai Bao, “Relaxing sofa for a private living space” – Student Nguyen Thi Thuy Dung, “Family closet” – Student Nguyen Hoang Dieu Hien, “appliance product for narrow space” – Student Ngo Nhu Huynh, “Cabin for homestay” – Student Do Hoang Khanh Ngan.

dh van lang tot nghiep tk cong nghiep cStudent Luong Hoai Thu and graduation project “decoration lamp made from banana tree”(01/06/2019).

Eye-catching – Modern – practical appliance including environment friendly elements in each project: “The bin can classify trash type for family” – Student Nguyen Thanh Tung Duong, “ Bus stop and air filter machine” – student Nguyen Minh Hoang, “Plantable partition for apartment” – Student Duong Thanh Nhieu, “Planting vegetable using recycled energy” – Student Huynh Tu Phuong, “Decorating light made from banana tree”-Student Luong Thi Hoai Thu.

dh van lang tot nghiep tk cong nghiep d

“Drone – the flying cleaning device” the works of student Nguyen Gia Hao. This product is not a new idea in international market but Vietnam is still at developing stage. Although this topic is challenging and risky, students successfully complete the project with some minor mistake. It would be better when considering the safeness of worker to reduce the possibility of accident. Gia Hao shared: “I nurture this project from the very first day of university, but there is some unavoidable limitations at this stage. I would learn from the feedbacks of the the committee today to develop this drone and expect to commercialize it once.”

dh van lang tot nghiep tk cong nghiep e

With the project “folding traveller bicycle” that is the full-function bike that can be commercialized which accounts for student Nguyen Thanh Trung Hau, whom receive the interview invitation from Thaco -Truong Hai Auto.

dh van lang tot nghiep tk cong nghiep gThis year, the committee has positive feedback for challenging project that previous students did not work on such as “toy help children do exercise for fun” – student Nguyen Mai Quoc Khanh.

dh van lang tot nghiep tk cong nghiep hProject “smart make-up table” student Pham Huy Long was inspire from the Sun gate in Japanese culture, it has some other smart function: mirror screen that work like a TV or a tablet.

dh van lang tot nghiep tk cong nghiep iProject “motorcycle with HCS driving system” student Nguyen Tran Trong Nghia which is one of the well-invested and impressive product of industrial design program.

dh van lang tot nghiep tk cong nghiep j“Multi-function backbag” student Tran Minh Tuan

dh van lang tot nghiep tk cong nghiep k“Wheelchair for disadvantaged people” student Doan Minh Thong

dh van lang tot nghiep tk cong nghiep l

Beign inspired by the love to country and culture, the project show the beauty of the jewelry set: “The Viet holly Souvenir” – student Nguyen Dang Giao, “The jewellery farming tool” -student Nguyen Dan Sinh, “The jewellery ispired by phoenix art of Hue Palace” student Nguyen Vo Kim Anh, “The prom Jewellery following Indian style” – student Mai Thi Anh Tuyet.

dh van lang tot nghiep tk cong nghiep m

“The Jewellery set inspired by the stock of Vietnam” which receive many positive feedbacks for its uniqueness that honour the image of Vietnamese ladies with the will of steel. “ I was so disappointed with the crafting works which is not as good as I expected and it was challenging to find a good goldsmith. Today I receive 2 offers from Hung Phat and Nguyen Tien, which is the great encouragement help me to believe in my ability.” – student Truong Mai Anh Tuyet said.

dh van lang tot nghiep tk cong nghiep aStudents completed their defence in the morning session still stayed until 6.00 pm to support their friend.

dh van lang tot nghiep tk cong nghiep oMany business entities send the interview invitation to potential candidates after finished graduation project.

dh van lang tot nghiep tk cong nghiep p

dh van lang tot nghiep tk cong nghiep s

dh van lang tot nghiep tk cong nghiep r

All the product would be exhibited at LV building 3rd campus of Van Lang University for a week from 01-07/06/2019. Let’s hope these product would be commercialized soon.

Tue Khanh - Translate by Hieu Tran

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