Honour high performance students and the list to visit Hung Kink Altar 2019 announcement.

(Admissions and Communications office - Van Lang, 01/6/2019) Morning on 01/06/2019, Van Lang University honour high-performance students in 2019, simultaneously announce the list to visit Hung King Altar at Phu Tho district.

Annually in June it is the time Van Lang University honour high-performance students. The title is the soul gifts which is especially for Van Lang students to honour the hard-working efforts. The criteria to qualify this title which is not so hard that students should be both having high academic achievement and their contribution to Van Lang community.

In 2019, the honour ceremony which is organized on 1st of June at 3rd campus of Van Lang University. This occasion, university honour 219 students from Faculty, clubs. In the list, some students win this title many times. In fact, a Van Lang student can win this title many times if they maintain their performance in at the top level.

dh van lang le tuyen duong sv tieu tieu bAssoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu – president of Van Lang University and MA. Vo Van Tuan – standing Vice President award the certification and gift to the group of high performance student in 2019.

On behalf of University Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu – president – send message to students: “Wish you all whom won this title for the year 2018-2019. For whomever become the representatives for 219 people hereby to receives such an honour title title of Van Lang University that make my so happy. Thank you for the tiredless efforts of yours when studying at Van Lang. your image make this university, your faculty and yourself proud. I hope that whomever still studying here can keep this spirit and spread to the whole community of Van Lang to the new generation.”

From 219 high performance students of the year 2018-2019, Van Lang University cointinue to sort out more candidates to find the best representatives whom visit and study at Hung Kinh Altar. This is such a beautiful tradition of Van Lang, annually the group of students do 12 day and night journey from South to North, travel pass all the region to reach the final destination at Hung King Altar- the original of Van Lang civilization.

Different from the high-performance title that students can win multiple time, the opportunity to visit Hung Kink Altar which can only achieve once as a students. In 2019, the list call the name of 28 best candidates

dh van lang le tuyen duong sv tieu tieu eThe list of representatives who visit and working at Hung Kink Altar in 2019 including 28 students from various Faculty and student Clubs.

The list of 28 members representatives Van Lang students who are directly announce at the ceremony, no one know in advance. Thus, the announcement moment which is very emotion one. That was the happy moment to hear the junior name, the smile to hear your name in the list, was regret for not hearing your name in the list… however, high-performance students has the mutual happiness to experience this memorable moment, no matter you are listed or not let’s try to work harder.

Congratulation whom are listed to visit Hung Kinh Altar this year 2019, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu – president shared: “May you have a good journey, since this is the trip you may have on in life, 12 days and nights. Moreover, I hope this journey is not only the gift but also the meaningful time of your life. Wish the best for  not this semester, not other semester but your life.”

dh van lang le tuyen duong sv tieu tieu gThe group in yellow are student whom last year won a journey to Hung Kinh Altar in 2018 come to celebrate and took photograph with this year group. Years pasts, many generations of high performance students of Van Lang Univertsity share experience, spirit and support one another in life.

At the ceremony, last year group has some speech to their junior: “you achieved the most precious gift that a Van Lang student can have, so you should study well, train hard and proactively participate in activities to spread the spirit to all Van Lang people. The 12 days and night journey which is a decent chance to bring Van Lang logo to further place, and to pass the spirit to the next generation.”

The journey start from 8/2019. The updated information would be posted on Van Lang official website

Ngan Tran - Translate by Hieu Tran

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