“Movement” – CLICK PR 2018

 (Admission Office – Văn Lang, 24/6/2018)- The final round of the CLICK! PR 2018 competition with the theme "Movement" closed at Hall C001 - Campus 2 of Van Lang University in the evening of April 21st. The four teams that entered the finals were POUNDS, CAN, BANH BEO and BARTENDERS.

The judges of the final round included the lecturers of Public Relations & Communications Faculty: Dr. Le Thi Van - Head of PR, MA. Nguyen Hoang Mai - in charge of the subjects of PR with Marketing and Communication Strategies, MA. Le Trung Thanh - in charge of the subject of Introduction to Media, Mr. Huynh Le Khanh - Head of PR and Event Department of Golden Communication Company. This was also the first time when the trainers of the Click! PR were the alumni of the Faculty, serving as advisers for the PR campaigns of the teams.

clickPR 01PhD. Le Thi Van declared the coming back of Click! PR after a year of absence with new content and forms.

After a year of absence, Click! PR 2018 returned with the changes of the content and format. From the drafts of the media campaigns that the teams had presented in the semifinal round, the competitors then completed their campaigns with the advice, guidance and support of the coaches. In the final round, each team had 15 minutes to present their TVC campaigns to convince the judges. Each team was also asked to make questions and give comments to other teams.

Move with the creative ideas

Inspired by the failure of Nokia's "tycoon", the CAN team introduced the campaign "Nokia - Truth or dare" to promote the impressive return of the brand-Nokia among other famous brands of smartphones dominating the market today.

Click PR 02The BARTENDERS team was in the counter-argument part after presenting the communications schedule for "Hai Mother Bread”.

Unlike the CAN team that chose a product located in the mind of customers, the BARTENDERS team chose Vietnamese bread - a street food which is the special culinary culture of Vietnam - to spread the message “delicious like Mom-cooked” of the Vietnamese bread brand “Hai Mother Bread”.

The BANH BEO girls chose the slogan "Drink your coffee. Think it crazy. Do it great" together with the monkey mascot and the message “BRING YOUR DRINKS” – which means not only bringing the unique new drinks to Saigon but also bringing the spirit of living it young, living it full, and living it great - to promote the communication activities for Monkey in Black chain stores.

Click PR 03Unlike the group name – BANH BEO (WIMPS), the girls chose a strong communication plan for their Monkey in Black coffee chain.

The POUNDS team brought to the contest the media campaign - “Together with YaMe to double your love”: every customer who buys any products at YaMe shops can contribute a small part to make great gifts for the people with difficult living situations, giving them the strength and the belief in love in community. Through the campaign, the members of the team wanted to convey the message: YaMe is a brand that not only focuses on revenue and sales but also has the responsibility to the society.

ClickPR 04Pounds team's communication plan for Yame was highly appreciated with the message of giving love to unhappy lives.

ClickPR 06

clickPR 05Besides the stressful moments of the competition among the teams, the audience had a chance to enjoy the deep melody of the song “Strange” by the guest singer Rickie Dat – the member of Duc Tri coach of the program Sing my song.

After nearly 4 hours of competition, the judges found the best communication campaign to receive the Click! PR 2018 cup. The final results were as following:

First prize: Pounds team.

Second prize: Can team.

Third prize: Banh Beo team.

Consolation prize: Bartenders team.

ClickPR 07The champions of the Click! PR 2018 program belonged to Pounds team

Click! PR has been considered a traditional academic program of Public Relations & Communications Faculty, Van Lang University. By all passion and enthusiasm, Click! PR was formed and has been developed so far. The contest has inspired many generations of PR students with a dynamic, studious and creative environment. Hope that after the Click! PR 2018 program, PR students will continue to make this academic playground better and better as well as more and more exciting.

Looking back at the Click! PR 2018 before final round:



Written by: Le My
Credits: Click PR 2018 Organizing Board
Translated by: Ngoc Thanh

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