Medical Psychology - professional ethics: a subject that appeals to students

(Admission Office – Van Lang, Dec 29th, 2018 ) – Each profession has different roles and positions in the society, but every field requires professional ethics, conscience and responsibility. In medical field, ethics is even more important. In 2018, students of the faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy-Van Lang University began to study Medical Psychology - professional ethics from the first academic year.

Since 2018, licensed by the Ministry of Education and Training, Van Lang University has enrolled and trained bachelors of Medical Laboratory Techniques, and bachelors of Nursing and Pharmacists. In addition to the requirements to train human resources with good knowledge and high professional skills and qualifications, Van Lang University's Medicine and Pharmacy training program focuses on training communication skills, medical ethics, psychology which are considered as the essential requirements in professional practice for a pharmacist, nurse or medical laboratory technician.

Medical ethics originates from the lecture hall

dai hoc van lang tam ly dao duc y khoa aStudents role-play to illustrate the lesson of Medical Psychology - Professional Ethics

Facing the alarming situation of moral degradation of some medical contemporary doctors, medical ethics education for students must start early from universities. At Van Lang University, the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy has put Medical Psychology- Professional Ethics into the training program from the first semester for freshmen.

There is only 15 periods (5 sessions) for this subject, but it has helped students understand the importance and role of ethics in medical activities. Ethics is not a very abstract concept, but rather specific principles that guide the behaviors and attitudes of medical workers. It comprises the standards which determine the requirements regarding the attitudes and actions of pharmacists, doctors, nurses, technicians, etc.

Understanding the principles of ethics and doing them right express good personalities of health workers.

dai hoc van lang tam ly dao duc y khoa b

Medical Psychology- Professional Ethics is like the first step into the path of training to become a true physician. The lessons are directly conveyed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Tho - Head of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy-Van Lang University. With fun gestures, and real-world examples that students may encounter, or with the stories the teacher experienced in the process of being a doctor, the subject becomes a handbook of attractive lessons to students. In addition to the principles of medical ethics, the subject has helped students understand the psychology of people, feelings of patients and their relatives, and how to be a good doctor in each specific case. More valuably, after the course, each student realizes that the virtue in medical care is not only a compulsory requirement but it is also the pride of the collective, the self and the rights of patient.

Students are interested in the new subject

dai hoc van lang tam ly dao duc y khoa c

Phan Thi Thanh Mo, a nursing student who had gained the highest marks in the university entrance exam in the course 2018-2022, shared: "After studying Medical Psychology - Professional ethics of Master Tho, I feel very interested. Through each lesson, I have drawn the meaning and gained experience for myself to carry out the future work well. At first, when I heard the name of the subject, I was worried and didn't know if the content was difficult; but thanks to the dedicated and enthusiastic teacher, I found it interesting and easy to understand”.

“The subject helps Dinh better understand what the image of a health care physician for others must be like, understand the psychological state of the patient; accordingly, it helps me to know that I need to cultivate morality and a high sense of responsibility when working in medical field”. - Mr. Ho Hue Dinh – the monitor of a nursing class in the course 2018 - 2022.

As the "little birds" of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy-Van Lang University, our students have been trying to accumulate lessons in order to build the "treasure” applied to the future. Through Medical Psychology - Professional Ethics, "treasure" means the respect towards the rights to have medical examination and treatment of patients regardless of their acquaintance and relationship, wealth or poverty, severe or mild diseases; the calm attitude even though health workers usually face pressure from patients and family members; the responsibilities for patients’ medical examination and treatment; and the will towards morality.

dai hoc van lang tam ly dao duc y khoa d

Like what Master Dean – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Tho - still mentions in each lesson: "Physicians who want to be proficient in their careers must be autonomous, accumulate experience, enhance medicine practice and ethics during the whole life to be better day by day, work with wholehearted actions and dedication to the profession.” That is the basic message sent to all students of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy.

The great medical doctor Le Huu Trac said: “A doctor is a person specializing in protecting human life, having to take care of people's worries, being happy because of people’s happiness, only saving people’s lives with the responsibility, not working because of any benefits and compensation”. Today, the medical ethics requirements are not much different. The sayings of the predecessor, the teachings of the teacher in the first year will be kept in students’ minds. Hope that all of them can become good physicians to make valuable contribution for the society.


News: Nguyen Hanh Nhu Quynh – freshman in Nursing
Photo: Linh Nguyen
Translated by Vo Thi Xuan Anh

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