Freshmen of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting have just adapted to online learning method

(Admission Office – Van Lang, Dec 27th, 2018 ) – On 26th of December, 2018, General Informatics Department - Faculty of Basic Sciences organizes an introduction session on online learning with Basic Informatics for freshmen of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting.

Online learning (also known as E-Learning) is a "virtual" learning method through a computer or a smartphone which is connected to a server in another location that stores electronic lectures and a software needed to exchange, request, and deliver tests for e-learners. At Van Lang University, online training program has been organized in parallel with traditional training program since 2007. This combination will promote the advantages of two methods of training, aiming to innovate teaching and learning style, promote the activeness and dynamism of students and encourage teachers to exchange specialized knowledge and adapt to technology transfer in the field of education.

For freshmen, online training is actually quite new. Therefore, at the introduction session, M.S. Nguyen Thu Nguyet Minh and  M.S. Nguyen Thanh Huong - two lecturers of General Informatics Department thoroughly explains about the benefits of online learning for Basic Informatics.

vlu bo mon tin hoc 0013M.S. Nguyen Thu Nguyet Minh introduces the benefits of online learning, Room 10.4, Campus 3 of Van Lang University. Online learning method has outstanding advantages: students are able to learn anytime, anywhere and don’t need to follow fixed class and schedule; they can do exercises according to the teaching schedule, learn through watching online video tutorials. Learners can actively plan their learning: book an appointment and talk with consultants, take tests according to the teaching schedule. Two instructors guide students how to learn effectively in online classes, introduce the program content, and how to evaluate at the end of the course, and the requirements to attend the course.

CMs. Nguyet Minh and Ms. Thanh Huong also give warnings for students: online learning is only really effective if students are autonomous and actively interact with lecturers. This method of learning will reveal limitations if students do not self-study and take their own e-lessons; there is also a lack of interaction and exchange between students and lecturers.

vlu bo mon tin hoc 002This is online learning interface when you log in with your registered account. Electronic materials for lectures, readings, assignments, textbooks, lecture videos, reading recordings, etc. can be stored here. This is also the virtual group room for students and lecturers to exchange and discuss; and online exam room and so on.

Students are encouraged to enroll in online classes because this method will help them save time but still achieve the best results, help to train their habit of self-study, self-research and self-discipline. However, two instructors strongly recommend students to take a trial before deciding. Students are advised to take the quiz to see if they want to attend online classes here.

Either the traditional or online learning method has its own advantages and values. Choosing which method is not as important as understanding the nature of the issue because you need seriousness, investment, discipline and diligence in order to be successful. You have a long journey ahead. Hope you will have more fun to discover a more effective way of learning for yourself.

Source: General Informatics Department - Faculty of Basic Sciences
Translated by: Pham Thi Hoai

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