New regulations on Van Lang University English Proficiency Test for students of Course 23 and 24

(Admission Office – Van Lang, Nov 27th, 2018 ) – On August 13, 2018, Van Lang University Principal issued Decision No. 573 / DHVL-DT regulating the English teaching and English Proficiency Test for students of course 24, full-time university. Accordingly, this decision also resulted in amendments and supplements to the Regulations on Teaching of English and English Proficiency Test for students of course 23.

Van Lang University - English Proficiency Test (VLU-EPT Test) for students when leaving the University is the English language ability of students after completing the university’s training program, including general English skills of level 3 on the 6-level scale of foreign language competency framework and skills in using English for specific purposes as stipulated in Circular 7 (stipulated by the Ministry of Education & Training).

Regulations on general English teaching programs and volumes

The general English curriculum is applied uniformly to all non-English language majors throughout the school (except for the specialty with specific English program and English language proficiency criteria already approved by the Rector).

The total volume of general English for each major/ course is 12 credits (each unit counts 3 credits, including: English 1, English 2, English 3, English 4).

DH van lang qd chuan trinh do 1

Van Lang University agrees to use the JETSTREAM textbook of Helbling Languages ​​Publisher to organize the general English teaching curriculum. Students use original books and textbooks provided by the Library to the Faculties.

In the morning of August 27, 2018, the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​organized a training course to use JETSTREAM textbook for teaching preparation in the new school year 2018 - 2019.

Regulations on English proficiency Test

Students are recognized to meet the English proficiency Test when having a general English score of 5.00 points or more (on a scale of 10) and have an English proficiency certificate of B1 (level 3) on the 6-level scale or equivalent foreign language competency framework under the following conversion rules:

DH van lang qd chuan trinh do 2Students who meet the English Proficiency Test will receive a Diploma.

Test the general English proficiency at the beginning of the course

DH van lang qd chuan trinh do 3

Before officially studying the first semester's training program, new students take the general English proficiency test at the beginning of the course. Test results are grounds for students to register for each level.

  • Students with satisfactory test scores will be enrolled in one of the classes corresponding to each level.
  • * Students with an unsatisfactory test score or failing to attend the General English test at the beginning of the course will take an English preparatory class organized by the University before being recognized as an English language learner 1.

At any level, students who are exempted from the general English language study will receive a transfer from the general English test results to the module corresponding to that level. Students who transfer points will be refunded the tuition fee after the deduction of transfer fee. After the first week of study, if not keep up with the program, students may request to transfer to lower levels. Application submission time is 3 days (from the end of the first week). The Faculty receives the students' requests and sends them to the Academic Affairs before the end of the semester’s second week.

Students of course 24 in all majors (except English Linguistics and Literature) will take the general English test at the beginning of the course from 4th- 8th September, 2018, at the computer rooms of Campus 1 and 3.  Students do multiple choice tests on computers with an allotted duration of 40 minutes.

The school sent notice of test schedule and examination room to each student’s individual email. You can see a specific list of each exam room at the University's Training Portal:
Wishing you all the test results as expected!

Bich Phuong
Source: Academic Affairs
Translated by: Vo Thi Duyen Anh

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