Graduation Project Defense for 45 final year students of Industrial and Product Design major: 17 job offers from enterprises

(Admission Office – Van Lang, June 9th, 2018 ) – 45 final year students of Industrial and Product Design major defended their graduation projects at the hall C001 of Campus 2, Van Lang University in the 30th and 31st of May 2018. These projects would be shown in the hallway in 1 week.

Making a graduation project is a requirement for senior students of Industrial and Product Design major, which will demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have gained throughout their years in the educational system. Although they are from various regions and have differences in age and also life goals, 45 young people share a passion in the art of shaping products and a common interest in designing beautiful things for life.

Familiar topics, creative projects

In 2018, 45 students of K20 majoring in Industrial and Product Design presented their graduation projects after more than 5 months of analyzing the topic, sketching, designing and producing.  They mostly chose familiar topics in the designs, like furniture and household items (23 products). Some of them sparsely chose to design jewelry (7 products), lamps, fans, helmets, or backpacks (10 products). Very few students chose difficult topics with technological elements or sophisticatedly technical requirements like medical products, means of transport, or multi-purpose products. However, the quality of these projects is relatively uniform, and some of them have been developed in a very different way based on the old themes.

van lang thiet ke san pham tot nghiep 2Pham Thi Thu Ngan is defending her project of a beach-inspired sofa for a lobby of a spa.

ghe truong kyThe project of a nature-inspired Chaise Lounge

Prominent among interior design products are the nature-inspired Chaise Lounge by Phan Vu Thien Nhien (instructor: Ms. Duong Thi Thuy Hien) and the Compost Bin by Phạm Nguyen Phuong Nguyen (instructor: Duong Van Khiet. These products are in line with international trend of green design when the students drew their inspiration from nature to bring soul into the designs. The Council judged that these projects not only had unique designs, good aesthetic sense, highly artistic value but also are durable, beautiful, and affordable. A lot of students pursue this creative approach, but they need time to perfect their techniques of designing and producing as well as to enhance the utilities of the product if they would like to highlight their project. 

Students in the group of jewelry design topics have also found their own way in designing, such as jewelry integrated with the function of containing perfume (by Nguyen Hoang Anh), jewelry inspired by Samurai (by Tai Thien Dinh), jewelry inspired by patterns on bronze drums (by Le My Hoa), or jewelry with spiritual self-defense of Vovinam martial arts (by Bui Thanh Phong). However, the most outstanding project was the jewelry complementing the skin tone by Doan Ngoc Thuy (Instructor: Mr. Tran Ngoc Tri). Jewelry Design has proved to be a considerable investment and also the right way of the Industrial and Product Design major over the past few years when our students have become one of the main recruitment sources of many popular jewelry design companies. The Jewelry Design also brings a softer perspective to the Industrial and Product Design major – the one with diverse applications to meet the beauty needs of all daily products.

van lang thiet ke cong nghiep tot nghiep 3The project of Compost Bin

Some projects tended to exploit topics about smart technology, like Energy-saving street lamps for urban square by Nguyen Thi Thuy Huong (Instructor: Ms. Le Ngo Quynh Dan), Multi-purpose baby cradle by Pham Nguyen Hoang Vu (Instructor: Mr. Thai Long Quan), Sports playground assembled from basic modules by Le Thi Thao Uyen (Instructor: Ms. Nguyen Thi Uyen Uyen), or a challenging project of Prosthetics combined with swimming function by Le Thi Cam Tien (Instructor: Mr. Pho Duc Minh). All of these are highly appreciated by the Council.   

General comments on the graduation projects of students of course 2014-2018 from all instructors and the Evaluation Council were that the majority of works have shown aesthetic thinking and design capacity of a graphic design artist; students mastered the process of designing and making a product; the final products ensure both the aesthetic requirements and value in use.

17 students got job offers right after the graduation project defense

On this day, the talented final year students of the Industrial and Product Design major shook off their dirty costume when working in the workshop and stood confidently on the stage to present their “spiritual child” in front of the Council. Below them are their parents with both pride and worry in the eyes. 


giuong ngu da nangThe Council is judging the project of A multi-purpose bed for small spaces (made by Tran Anh Khoa).Graduation project Evaluation Council Members:
hair: Nguyen Van Hao, Graphic design Artist
Secretary: Nguyen Thi Uyen Uyen, M.A., Graphic design Artist
Councilor: Nguyen Chanh Phuong, M.A.
Councilor: Giang Van Khiet, M.A.
Councilor: Le Ngo Quynh Dan, M.A.
Councilor: Kien Huu Hiep, M.A.
Councilor: Tran Ngoc Tri, M.A.


Each student had 17 minutes to present the idea, convey the message of the design, and refute the Council’s opposing arguments. For the purposes of training the generation of graphic design artists who can apply their design ability in many different working environments, the Council judged students’ graduation projects not only on criteria of aesthetics, techniques, approaching and processing the topic but also particularly on practical application of the product. In the defense session, together with compliments for excellent projects are professional suggestions from the Council so that students can perfect their knowledge and design skills and avoid making mistakes in their later job.

The graduation project defense was a milestone of the maturity of these students. Some of them made a joke of being able to breathe a sigh of relief after 5 months of “studying, eating, playing and sleeping with the project” and relax before working.

However, it was not as fun as they expected because jobs actually came right after the session of graduation project defense. Some enterprises offered the job to 17 students after visiting the product exhibition at our school, which shows that the training program of the Industrial and Product Design major gradually approaches the labor market requirements.  

Some photos of other graduation projects:

The Industrial Design major in Van Lang University aim to train students to make products at the design workshop with specialized equipment, like semi-industrial paint system, specialized clay, modern kilns, laser engraving machines, CNC cutting machines. Students are also oriented towards their future careers through conference of experts or industrial visits to large design companies (SYM, PNJ, or pottery factories in Dong Nai). And then the designs of students will be immediately accessible to the market through annual exhibitions with the attendance of enterprises or specialized competitions.

During the learning process, students are equipped with basic art knowledge, specialized skills, manual drafting techniques as well as graphic design software. Through the series of projects and topical exercises, they develop their thinking ability, associate creative ideas with practical, and soon become familiar with manufacturing and using materials during the process of designing and making new products.

After completing the graduation projects, they have the opportunity to work for design companies, factories, manufacturers, printing houses, publishers, and cultural agencies, or they can even open their own private design office to take on the work according to customer needs.. 

Source: Lê My
Photo: Nguyễn Linh
Translated by: Như Duyên

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