Discovering Saigon in the "funny" way of Tourism students

(Admission Office   – Van Lang, 7th, December 2018) – With the theme "Saigon Past & Present", Tourism Skills Club- Faculty of Tourism, Van Lang University has organized a series of outdoor activities for members in the downtown area of Ho Chi Minh city on Sunday, December 2nd , 2018.

Having fun with games

DH van lang kham pha sai gon 01

Tourism Skills Club has put their heart and soul into "Saigon Past & Present" activity with great efforts and desire to bring something new to student activities at the University. The organizers have planned the ideas and made good preparations for this "brainchild". In addition to enrich more travel knowledge about Saigon, students of the Faculty of Tourism are also learning about photography skills in combination with improving communication skills – Reflective English learning. Games and challenges help students utilize their creativity and team spirit to win victory for the team.

DH van lang kham pha sai gon 02

On Sunday morning, December 2nd, 2018, 65 students of Faculty of Tourism gathered at 23/9 Park (Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1). Members meet the Escort of their team, share, get acquainted and make a strategy to "win" the awards of the program.

DH van lang kham pha sai gon 03The “funny” escort from 5 colorful teams

The organizers introduce activities taking place during the day and share knowledge and skills to capture a picture that covers all elements such as art - inspiration – transmitted messages. This is a challenge throughout the "Saigon" tour: Past & Present- take photos, record videos to convey the thematic messages.

Learn how to capture pictures to convey the messages

Theme: Saigon and  new advance towards integration

Applying the techniques of photography in the early morning, the students quickly acquire and practice with the first topic. The participants of the challenge take photos and film a "Viral Clip" at the center of Landmark 81 area. They are required to ensure full attendance of all members and insert music into the clip.  A pretty difficult challenge but all participants have overcome it very well.

DH van lang kham pha sai gon 04

Two impressive pictures taken by #BlueTeam, #YellowTeam, #PinkTeam: beautiful, right layer and full of emotional message

“From 2018, Landmark 81 Building has gradually been mentioned as the symbol of the modern Saigon more than Bitexco. With the architecture of skyscrapers, we can feel the prosperity of Saigon in the future, as a clear signal of Saigon's development.”

Submission from #BlueTeam

“Saigon is at the end of autumn and is about to start a winter. Today I have a chance to hang out in Saigon for a day. And Saigon is still the same, and is outstanding with high-rise buildings, shopping centers, bustling cafes ... But I accidentally catch the impressed street nameplates when " getting lost ”in Landmark 81 - which can be considered as Singapore miniature in Saigon. Unlike the usual white-blue ones, the street nameplates here have a white-black color that attracts my attention. I think these small details have created a perfect whole and the street nameplates have made the street corner livelier, Landmark 81 is more unique when we can have a look at it in reality.  I just love everything in Saigon!”

Submission from


DH van lang kham pha sai gon 04Behind the scenes of #GreenTeam  and #RedTeam.

Theme:A multicultural Saigon

After the lunch break, all teams continue their journey to a Japanese Town (Alley 15B, Le Thanh Ton, District 1) to visit, study and continue to take challenges. The next requirement is the photos from each individual and team that show the message: Ho Chi Minh City integrates into Japanese, Korean and Chinese culture. It is really a multicultural, bustling and casual Saigon.

DH van lang kham pha sai gon 05

“The subject of the photo is our team, forming a strong collective group even though each person poses a different style. Through that image, we want to convey a very simple message - solidarity.”

Submission from #GreenTeam

DH van lang kham pha sai gon 06
“When recalling the transformation of a modern Saigon, what will the Saigon people remember most? Some people remember the vendors’ sounds on the streets, the noise in labor living areas, the busy atmosphere of  Saigon during Tet days, the love stories under the green tamarind canopy on Ton Duc Thang street, and  many  more things ... memories come rushing  back like a breeze and then passes. But for me, every corner of ancient Saigon still remains memories forever.”

Submission from #RedTeam

***Some beautiful pictures of the teams on the streets of Saigon:

A day full of experience

After a day of discovering Saigon, students have gained a lot of useful knowledge and have fun after a week of intense learning. They gather at 23/9 Park to receice awards: : Amazing Group Picture (#GreenTeam), Amazing Picture (#BlueTeam), Original Picture (#PinkTeam), Impressive Viral Clip (#RedTeam), Teammate Award (#YellowTeam).


DH van lang kham pha sai gon 07In addition to taking photos and recording videos, students participate in team building games and interview foreign visitors about travel experience in Vietnam, and instruct them to sing Vietnamese songs too!

Outdoor activities "Saigon Past &Present" have given students good impression about university life and this is  also a memorable event of the Tourism Skills Club- Faculty  of Tourism - though it is growing, the club is extremely dynamic and creative. Hope the Club continues to maintain many useful activities, creates a friendly learning and living environment for students to exchange and develop specialized skills.

Hoang Huy
Photo: Tourism Skills Club
Translated by: Pham Thi Hoai 

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