NEON LA RISA 2018 - spread the smiles

(Admission Office   – Van Lang, 7th, December 2018)On 01/12/2018, at the second campus of Van Lang University, the students of the Faculty of Public Relations and Communications organized successfully the traditional program - NEON 2018 - LA RISA.

Every year, on the occasion of Vietnamese Teachers’ Day, the lecturers and the students of the Faculty of Public Relations and Communications are full of joy and happiness when they immerse themselves in the warm, bustling and colorful atmosphere of the featured program NEON – an entertaining activity by the students is especially for their lecturers.

Looking back on NEON 2013 - the first show of the brand "NEON - PR" had a lot of confusions and mistakes. After 5 years of development, NEON 2018 has become professional and shining. As time goes by, the program has increased the “brand equity" of the small family -Public Relations and Communications in the great family of Van Lang University.

Each year, NEON has a different color scheme; however, the emotions of the attendees about each program are always as fresh and intact as the first time because everything is made with love, passion and the enthusiasm of the students for their lecturers. Besides hundreds of current students of the Faculty participating in the program, the alumni always remember to return to the School on this special meaningful occasion.

dai hoc van lang neon lisa noi lan toa cam xuc aaStudent Association of Public Relations and Communications were grateful for the unceasing support of their lecturers.

The program this year was more special when the NEON banner was released for the first time at the campus 3 of Van Lang University, which emphasized the distinction of the students from the Faculty of Public Relations and Communications. Moreover, before the NEON 2018, T-shirts had been printed carefully and uniquely for free, which was a completely new experience for attendees. Besides, the gifts, stickers, logos had been also prepared so that they could bring the attendees joys and laughter, making them forget their worries to fully enjoy the LA RISA.

The stage where NEON La Risa 2018 took place was carefully set up, bringing the festive atmosphere to the audience in a colorful space of the Hall C001 – Campus 2 of Van Lang University. The show had various exciting performances of dancing and singing under the brilliant lights of 3D technology. The audiences were also impressed by the unique designs performed by the PR students on such a modern catwalk. All had been carefully prepared, stirring the exciting atmosphere and bringing memorable moments to the lecturers and students.

dai hoc van lang neon lisa noi lan toa cam xuc aThe opening performance - "Fire work” by K23 students

dai hoc van lang neon lisa noi lan toa cam xuc dThe second performance - "The Greatest Showman" by K23 students


While the exciting musical performances made the hall hot and bustling, the fantastic play of NEON 2018 which had been invested carefully and thoroughly by the PR students of Courses K22-23-24 with elaborate scripts, beautiful costumes and professional performance brought audiences different emotions from joyfulness to contemplation. And as the name LA RISA (which means smile in Spanish), the program also had vibrant Latin songs with the festive style of South American, making a great authentic night of music of Public Relations and Communications students.
dai hoc van lang neon lisa noi lan toa cam xuc ddThe excellent play by the PR students of Courses K22-23-24

dai hoc van lang neon aThe fashion performance with meaningful messages.

Beautiful Youth

NEON LA RISA 2018 closed, leaving the impression of “It’s only PR” of the Faculty of Public Relations and Communications. The program only lasted a few hours but might make many audiences have deeply memories. One day, on the occasion of November 20th,

dai hoc van lang neon lisa noi lan toa cam xuc ee


“To me, this is the 4th NEON I have participated in, and it is also the last NEON of my student life. All of the NEONs are my great experiences in my youth. No matter where I go or what I do, the NEON image still gives me the most special emotions. Accompanying NEON is accompanying with enthusiastic friends and talented partners. I hope that after becoming an alumnus, I can see the development and the growth of NEONs in the following years. The most important thing is that NEON belongs to PR and also those who love NEON”

Vo Hong Hai - Head of the NEON 2018 Organization Board

 “Many thanks to the Faculty of Public Relations & Communications for allowing PR students a chance to show our personalities, our “ego”, we want to express the sincerest gratitude to them. And many thanks to “ourselves” - who are always looking forward to NEON. No matter how many difficulties we have, we still try our best to support our show, creating a space filled with youthful love. As a result, we have created a successful NEON season. Saying goodbye at this moment is not the end but a promise to meet again at NEON 2019 – our great musical festival to show our respect to our lecturers. Please wait, keep dreaming, and hope once again we can create a miracle.” – NEON 2018 Organization Board.

At the end of the show, "PR SONG" - the traditional song that is indispensable in the NEON festival was sang. This was also the time when tears from the members of Organization Board and the groups of Content, Communication, Design, Production, Media together with the actors and hundreds of PR students in the hall fell down. All burst out because they had lived for every single minute of the program since the NEON 2018 started. Your enthusiastic support is always the motivation for NEON to shine again.

By NEON 2018 Organization Board
Translated by Ngoc Thanh
Edited by Ha Van

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