17 students of Van Lang won the program of potential trainees 2019 of Sacombank

(Admission Office   – Van Lang, 6th, December 2018)November 24, 2018, Faculty of Finance – Accounting of Van Lang University in coordination with Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank - Sacombank launched the program " Potential trainee 2019 ". Results after the rounds, 17 students of Van Lang were named in the list of 281 candidates from 17 universities, colleges in Ho Chi Minh City.

DH van lang thu tap vien tiem nang sacombank 01

This is the second consecutive year, the program "Potential Trainees" of Sacombank is organized to round up to submit directly application at the university for senior students of the economic sector.

In 2017, the recruitment round attracted about 100 senior students from the Faculty of Banking and Finance .

In 2018, the program is held in a larger scale and expands the student objects in Finance, Banking and Accounting and Business Administration; It brings more opportunities for students to practice.

DH van lang thu tap vien tiem nang sacombank 02The program took place on November 25, 2018, at Room 10.1, Campus 3 of Van Lang University, attracting more than 300 students to participate and take the test, and submit applications at the end of the session.

The Program “Potential Trainees 2019” enters its full 10th season, after 9 years of successful organization, it has become a companion program for students of many universities. Sacombank is affiliated with the Faculty Board of Finance and Accounting of Van Lang University through specialized seminars, Job Day, Scholarships granted to students, alumni of faculty is currently holding many positions in the Sacombank system.

DH van lang thu tap vien tiem nang sacombank 03Mr. Vo Van Tu - Recruitment Manager of Ho Chi Minh City sector, Sacombank – gives flowers to thank Dr. Mai Binh Duong - Vice Dean, the faculty of Finance - Accounting. Dr. Mai Binh Duong confirms: connecting with the business, connecting knowledge with reality to increase the advantage for students after graduating from the University is the training direction of the Faculty of Finance - Accounting.

DH van lang thu tap vien tiem nang sacombank 04At the beginning of the program, Vo Van Tu spent much time with Van Lang students about the reasons for the failure of the candidates when they apply for the job: 61% lack of skills and English; 37% lack knowledge and expertise; 60% businesses are unsatisfied with the training quality of colleges, universities, postgraduate (statistics from the report by VTV1). Internship programs in a professional work environment will contribute to a strong career orientation for students, improve their soft skills, accumulate experience and extend their chances for advancement afterward.

DH van lang thu tap vien tiem nang sacombank 05
Sacombank's potential trainee program is not just about training trainees for three months, but also extends the opportunity to join Sacombank. More than 70% of the interns have become full-time staff. This information really attracts Van Lang students to join the program.

bullet 1" Potential Trainees 2019": More Opportunities!

DH van lang thu tap vien tiem nang sacombank 06

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the program offers more incentives for trainees.

  • Recruiting 800 potential trainees for 5 positions (2 new positions): Personal customer Specialist, Business Customer Specialist, Expert Advisors, Banking Card Dealer, Transactor.
  • For the first time, students have the opportunity to practice at offices, the Headquarters with 05 units applied (Card Center, Insurance Services Center, Personal customer Department, Medium & Small Business customer Department, , Large Business customer department & FDI Office)
  • Increase the level of support for trainees (3 months): 6 million VND for the title of Personal customer specialist and Business customer specialist; 4 million VND for the remaining positions.

bullet 117 students of Van Lang were admitted "Potential trainees 2019"

 DH van lang thu tap vien tiem nang sacombank 07Recruitment Program “Potential trainees” was fully organized in rounds: application, recruitment, interview and 3-month training. Van Lang Student directly took the test to submit the application on the afternoon of November 25, 2018.

 Through the interview round, 17 students were admitted, at 04 job positions: 09 personal customer specialists; 04 Consultants; 03 tellers; 01 Corporate Customer Specialist. They will spend 3 months apprentice (8 sessions / week) according to the registration. Wishing Van Lang students to experience a useful internship in a positive manner, prove themselves to be the "real potential employees" that Sacombank is seeking.

DH van lang thu tap vien tiem nang sacombank 08

In fact, students of the faculty of Finance - Banking at Van Lang are not obliged to go to the final internship (except for students who do graduation thesis). In the first semester of the 4th year, students study two subjects: Business Simulation and Banking Simulation, providing and training many professional skills. In addition to focusing on the application in the training program, the Faculty of Finance and Accounting always encourages students to actively seize employment opportunities from outside to gain more practical skills, help the career.


Source:  Bich Phương
Translated by Pham Song Thuyet

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