VJ Dustin Phuc Nguyen shared “Television production skills” with PR students.

(Admission Office – Van Lang, September 8th, 2018 ) –Students from K21PR5, PR6 – Public Relations had a chance to talk with VJ Dustin Phuc Nguyen, who supported Ms. Truong Thi Hanh Dung with the subject “Video production”. The talk was on 1st January, 2018, in room C402 – Van Lang University, Campus 2.

Having intimate relationship with celebrities, lecturers from Public Relations often collaborate with them to organize and integrate talk shows in the syllabus with the purpose of enhancing students’ interests and motivations in studying. Then students can gain practical knowledge and multidimensional thoughts as well as can meet and learn from successful people who are also their idols.

dustin phuc nguyen 001Dustin Phuc Nguyen was a VJ of the channel for the youth MTV Viet Nam, who has gained impression by his natural speaking style. He created his own talk shows on YouTube. His talk shows “Caraoke with Dustin”, and “Bar Stories” received considerable attention from the public. With his style of natural and ad-lid delivering speech, VJ Dustin knows how to direct the narrative, experiencing and moving stories from the guests. (Photo: from Internet)

Beyond a shadow of doubt, the talk with VJ Dustin Phuc Nguyen has been very successful with the attendance of so many senior students from Public Relations. They raised a lot of interesting questions for the guest speaker, and Dustin enthusiastically shared his experience in program producing field, focusing on 3 main topics: (1) How to become a producer from the zero starting point; (2) How to create and implement ideas; (3) The commerce in television production.

dustin phuc nguyen 002

In his opinion, each person has different starting point. Those who are well-equipped can be easily successful, whereas you need to create your unique point with your hobbies, strengths,.. if you are not “lucky”.

Moreover, he also shared that it is inevitable to commercialize “the spirit child” if we cannot afford it. However, quality is our top priority when we produce a program, more important than the commerce.

Recognizing the students’ concern about their future career, he frankly spoke: “Never give up, but always be ready to explore new things. Let’s start from the smallest and combine them. Then, you can find your own way in pursuing your dream.” For students who cannot identify your aims and are still stuck in finding ideas for their projects, he suggested they read more books which are especially about living skills and find a partner to make ideas become real product.

PR students who may be his “colleagues” in the future were attracted by his friendliness and open sharing.

dustin phuc nguyen 003

Bạn Tạ Hùng Vĩ - sinh viên năm cuối khoa PR bày tỏ: “Bản thân em rất thích những buổi học mang tính trao đổi như thế này. Nó giúp em có thêm nhiều kinh nghiệm thực tế từ những đàn anh, đàn chị. Đó là điều mà bọn em đang còn thiếu”.

Ta Hung Vi – senior student in PR expressed his feeling “ I myself am interested in exchanging classes like this. We can learn more practical experiences from our predecessors.”

After the talk, a large amount of practical knowledge was added to PR professional knowledge, considerably supporting students who are going to take final exams about television. From that, students also know what they should and shouldn’t to and they can be more mature in life.

dustin phuc nguyen 004The talk ended happily and unforgettably between the guest speaker and Van Lang students

Knowledge from books is never enough. Such talks with professional guest speakers will help students to widen their horizons and accumulate practical knowledge.

These activities from Public Relations attracted a lot of students and can enhance students’ interest in studying and researching.

Nguyen Thi Chi
Senior student, Public Relations
Translated by Tran Thi Thu Ha

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