Students of the Faculty of Graphic Design: Bring childhood into the Packaging Design blueprint

(Admission Office – Van Lang, October 30th, 2018 ) – In the morning of  October 20th , 2018, the Faculty of Graphic Design of Van Lang University (VLU) held a session to score and display the Packaging Design blueprints of 84 juniors (members of K22DH1) – studying the Graphic Design major at VLU , Campus 2 (233A, Phan Van Tri, Ward 11, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City).

Packaging Design is a familiar blueprint with juniors of the Industrial Design major – VLU. Annually, nearly at the end of September, our “future designers” think about the packaging and are busy preparing for the products. They all have 3 weeks to prepare for the process before sending to the viewers their first products: choose a topic, figure and analyze the product features as compared with the similar products available on the market, create new design ideas & present it, then consult their instructors. After that, they have to specify the designs and print it in the last step. This time, students’ work arts were guided and scored by M.A Nguyen Dac Thai – Vice head of the Faculty of Industrial Design, M.A Tran Cong Trong, and M.A Gim Tae Ho.

Packaging is one of the important elements in the promotion & media strategies of every companies. A good designed packaging not only sends the message of the brand, but also stimulates customers’ shopping needs, and from that packaging, the company can navigate its brand and find potential customers. With many unique and fancy ideas, they (students) made a good impression on viewers at the first sight, such as “Clean rice & shrimp”, “Olive oil”, “Co To dried squid and seasoned squid”, etc.

đại học van lang do an thiet ket bao bi aaProducts were displayed at room A106, A107 – Van Lang University its second branch.

Turn the childhood memories into product messages.

Every blueprint has its own special features, including distinctive personal imprints. Generally, all products were built based on good Arts background, creative designs, also send positive messages to the society, following environmentally-friendly design principles.

đại học van lang do an thiet ket bao bi a

With the desire to create a “folk” packaging that reminds people of their childhood, and show the gratefulness to a Vietnamese brand of milk, student Nguyen Tran Bao Tran designed her blueprint about Vinamilk. Her product “Ong Tho Sweetened Condensed Milk by Vinamilk” showed the creation because she successfully depicted the familiar folk cultures with a unique appearance. She took inspiration from Dong Ho paintings. Colors and messages on the packaging were simplified, which were different from packages available on market. That packaging design told a story that “Ong Tho Milk was circulated among the people a long time ago - the stories about the quality and its journey with Vietnamese”.

Besides the idea of bringing traditionally customary images to children nowadays, she make the decision to choose the packaging for the canned product - Ong Tho milk because “the can” reminded her of her entire childhood. “After some family troubles, I had to live far from my family in an orphanage till the age of twelve, I only “communicate” with canned toys every day (nothing else to play). I observed and saw that, my aunts (aunt here means the women who lives in the orphanage and takes care of children) planted trees in cans, uses cans to measure rice, and above all, at that time I didn’t have my own table, I can just only put my pencils (or pens) in a can and put it on the shelf after sticking my name onto it. My whole childhood sticks with the “throw away” can, so I recycled it. That’s the reason why when I was given the topic, I immediately thought about that memory” – shared Nguyen Tran Bao Tran.  

M.A Nguyen Dac Thai – Vice Head of the Faculty of Industrial Design, highly rated her blueprint (for the idea).

đại học van lang do an thiet ket bao bi b

The “Co To dried squid and seasoned squid” blueprint of Tran Nguyen Thao Uyen is considered as a boldy one when she chose silk screen printing applying for her design. The silk screen printing technology is very difficult with students’ ability, especially when they haven’t ever learned about this subject. However, Thao Uyen wanted to preserve folk culture and conveyed the regional food images through the product packaging designs. She decided to portray the stylized image of the squid and then integrated into the ocean space. All were reproduced in the form of silk screen printing on packaging design.

From my very first days of learning the Packaging subject, the teacher introduced about the blueprint clearly, I realized that I wanted to design packages for cultural products – the kind of products that people don’t focus too much on the packaging. I spent much time figuring and then I decided to choose the “squid” topic, I strongly believe that this product has its own regional culture and Vietnamese cuisine favor .In addition, it also has the potential to export to all around the world. However, the packaging is very simple and can’t show the total of Vietnam cultural values. When I were doing my blueprint, my biggest disadvantage was that I hadn’t learnt about Silk screen printing subject. Due to my choosing a new technology with a small number of printing paper, the photocopy store didn’t agree to print it for me, I had to hand-made it myself. Luckily, my teacher – Mr Ca Le Dung guided me dedicatedly and helped me with my blueprint. As a result, I entirely finished my blueprint.” – shared Thao Uyen.


đại học van lang do an thiet ket bao bi dFrom the past, rice is considered the quintessence of Vietnamese. However, the outside packaging of this product has not been focused. With the pride of Vietnamese rice, Tran Hoang Phuong Vy launched the packaging design blueprint “Clean rice & shrimp (Vie:Gao sach lua tom)”, in order to build a whole new look about Vietnamese brand of rice, bringing pure clean rice closer to people. Besides the beautiful and presentable designs creating sympathetic to customers, Vy also use environmentally-friendly Kraft paper material to create the box, enhancing the image of Baka Food – a brand specialized in specialties of Viet Nam.

đại học van lang do an thiet ket bao bi c“LOVE concept” blueprint of Dao Thi Thanh Truc guided by M.A Gim Tae for implementing packaging for Cao Bang’s noodles and vermicelli. Taking the idea of love stories among generations, Thanh Truc made 2 versions of product packaging: old & young. This is the way she sent her message to connect people closer together thanks to love.


Impressive Brand identity – enhance your brand.


A good designed packaging will have a lost-lasting value if it is really meaningful and close to human life. Every product is created, designers always “change” themselves to create priceless details related to product and to develop the product brands that positively affect the whole society. The product not only attracts others’ attention and changes the shopping behaviors, but also evaluates the brand value. Generally, all the blueprints of students showed the environmentally-friendly awareness, conveyed the carefulness, meticulousness & innovation in each product.

Through these blueprints, students of the Graphic Design major of Van Lang University partly affirmed their capacities as well as the innovation in arts creating in order to convey the awareness value.


Other products

đại học van lang do an thiet ket bao bi e

Blossom honey” – Pham Thi Thuy Tien’s blueprint.

đại học van lang do an thiet ket bao bi f

Ly Son garlic – Pham Thi Kim Hong’s blueprint.

đại học van lang do an thiet ket bao bi g

“Ca Mau dried shrimp” – Tran Khai Thanh Hien’s blueprint.

đại học van lang do an thiet ket bao bi m

“1 in 1 instant coffee” – Tran Thi Thanh Hien’s blueprint.

đại học van lang do an thiet ket bao bi n

“TH True Yogurt” – Trinh Dieu Ly’s blueprint.

đại học van lang do an thiet ket bao bi o

“Prawn crackers” – Vu Ngoc Thao Nhi’s blueprint.

đại học van lang do an thiet ket bao bi i

“wood roasted cashews” – Do Thai Bao’s blueprint.

đại học van lang do an thiet ket bao bi hh

“333” – Nguyen Vu Hanh Phuoc’s blueprint. 

Le My.
Translated by Le Huynh Ha Van.

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