Students of Environmental Engineering Technology and Biotechnology received Lam Minh Triet scholarship

(Admission Office – Van Lang, November 18th, 2018 ) – At Ho Chi Minh City Congress of the Association of Water and Environment, Duong Kim Hien and Huynh Pham Thanh Thinh – 4th year students in the Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology, Van Lang University have received scholarship from Lam Minh Triet Scholarship Fund for disadvantaged students who have strived for their studying.

The Ho Chi Minh City Association of Water and Environment is a professional social organization established in the 1990s, directly under Ho Chi Minh City Union of Science and Technology Associations and under the supervision of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Natural Resources and Environment. The association operates in the field of Water Supply, Drainage, Wastewater and Environmental Protection. 

People's Teacher, Professor, Dr. Lam Minh Triet is one of the scientists who founded  Ho Chi Minh City Water and Environment Association, and is the key person in the Association's board and the Chairman of the Association in terms 2006 – 2013 and  2013 - 2016.  The professor was very devoted to the profession, contributed much effort to found training institutions on water supply, drainage and environmental sector in the North and the South. In recognition of the dedication of the People's Teacher, Prof. Dr. Lam Minh Triet in the human resource training of for the sector, along with the support from his family and the support of many of his former students, Ho Chi Minh City Water and Environment Association agreed to grant the Lam Minh Triet Scholarship Fund to poor students who have tried their best in studying from the school year 2017 - 2018. Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology, Van Lang University was selected to award two scholarships on this occasion.

DH Van lang hocbonglamminhtriet 1aTwo students, Duong Kim Hien (second from left) and Huynh Pham Thanh Thinh (third from left) – 4th year students of Environmental Engineering Technology received scholarships for excellent achievement in study and overcome difficulties in life.

Lam Minh Triet scholarships are awarded to 3rd and 4th year students in the Environment and Water Supply and Sewerage sectors, with a scholarship of 3,000,000 VND / item. Students wishing to win scholarship must have a minimum cumulative grade of 6.0, with no subjects under 6.0  in 2017-2018 academic year, and they have strong will to overcome difficulties in life.

DH Van lang hocbonglamminhtriet 1

With the desire to work in the water treatment design department of an environmental company, and the love with 2 subjects: chemistry and biology, I made a decision to enroll to the Environmental Engineering Technology from high school. When studying at Van Lang, I felt I had chosen the right major for my study. Although my family is in difficult condition, my parents have to toil all day to have enough money for us to pursue college dreams, I have no feeling of worthlessness. I want to express my sincere thanks to Lam Minh Triet scholarship and Ho Chi Minh City Water and Environment Association. I am very happy to receive this scholarship. I hope the scholarships will continue to be given to many disadvantaged students who have tried a lot in their learning "- Student Duong Kim Hien. 

DH Van lang hocbonglamminhtriet 2a

First of all, I would like to thank the School and Lam Minh Triet Scholarship granted by Ho Chi Minh City Water and Environmental Association for giving me this scholarship. I feel very lucky because the scholarships support me a lot. Scholarship will be a great and meaningful incentive for students like me. My parents are retired workers, so my tuition fees are largely based on my parents' pensions. The scholarship has helped me to cover the tuition fee, and also motivated me to study and practice. I always remind myself that I must strive to learn better to reserve the effort my family has made, as well as striving to achieve higher results and achievements. "- Huynh Pham Thanh Thinh.

When you have dreams, and dare to follow them, all the best will come to you. Circumstances or family conditions are a challenge, but you will succeed if you can overcome the obstacles. On that journey, the scholarships from the organizations and sponsors will be the meaningful spiritual and material support and motivation for students so that they can achieve more good result in their future.

Ngoc Thi
Source: The Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology, Van Lang University
Translated: Pham Thi Hoai

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