Voluntary blood donation - the noble gesture of the Van Lang family

(Admission Office – Van Lang, October 11th, 2018 ) – The Voluntary Blood Donation Movement is a meaningful, humane activity which has become a great movement of the society and becomes the annual activity of Van Lang University. In November, 2018, Van Lang successfully organized voluntary blood donation for cadres - lecturers – staffs and students of the University at campus 1 (45 Nguyen Khac Nhu, Co Giang, District 1) and campus 3 (80/68 Duong Quang Ham, Ward 5, Go Vap District).

With the tradition “do as you would be done by”, the blood donation movement has received the response of the people in the community. Over the years, Voluntary Blood Donation has become the annual activity of Van Lang University in each semester. To back up an appointment, this year the university  combined with the blood donation center of Ho Chi Minh City and mobilized the support of the Van Lang Social Work Team to organize Voluntary Blood Donation Day at campus 1 (1-2 November 2018) and campus 3 (6-8 November, 2018).

dai hoc van lang sv van lang hien mau tinh nguyen aStudents registering for volunteer blood donation checked their health by doctors before being taken blood.

Voluntary blood donation spirit in the Van Lang family spread and attracted nearly 1,000 students to register to participate in blood donation. After 5 days of blood donation at the university, the number of blood units (DVM, 1 DVM = 250ml) is 717 DVM. (campus 1: 180 DVM and campus 3: 537 DVM).

Nearly two months ago, the Van Lang University Social Work Team together with 50 volunteers actively promoted the propaganda work, helped the cadres - lecturers - staff and students understand correctly, fully aware and willing to participate, built voluntary blood donation movement in the university in particular and in the community in general. However, the operation was also very difficult when it was first organized in the new campus 3. The new campus was built and put into operation, it  is not 100% complete so the process of building the blood donation according to the standards are still difficult, the arrangement of subdivisions are not as favorable as expected. However, with the spirit of "solidarity", understanding blood is a priceless gift, blood can save many people, students in campus 3 still actively participate, Volunteers Social Workers have also organized activities smoothly as intended.

dai hoc van lang sv van lang hien mau tinh nguyen b

dai hoc van lang sv van lang hien mau tinh nguyen c

dai hoc van lang sv van lang hien mau tinh nguyen dNot only students, teachers and staff also participate in voluntary blood donations for the community.

Students participating in voluntary blood donation, having free medical examination and counseled to ensure blood pressure, weight; The medical team checks and reports the results of blood tests in a "private" way (if blood donors get sick). After participating in the blood donation, students move to the care area - food court – refreshment area (receive gifts after blood donation) to receive support from the volunteer team in accordance with current regulations of the goverment. Blood donors will also be issued a blood donation certificate by the Humanitarian Blood Donor Board.

"Give a drop of blood - a life back"

Following the tradition of "a drop of blood - a life back" - "the same youth blood flow - For public health", Voluntary blood donation program at Van Lang has contributed to raising awareness of responsibility and love of the members of Van Lang house towards the community and society.

dai hoc van lang sv van lang hien mau tinh nguyen f
“The feeling of donating blood is very happy to contribute a small part to the blood bank to help those in need of blood transfusions. I donate blood for the fourth time and it is no different from the first time, a little shivering fear of needles, but I feel very happy about this action.”
Student Cao Thanh Son – third-year student, Business Administration Falcility


dai hoc van lang sv van lang hien mau tinh nguyen g
“Yes, in the early days I saw senior students sitting at the counseling desk located in campus 1, I found them enthusiastic, cute, they answer the questions of everyone. Since I was afraid of needles when I was a child, my health was not so good, so I kept counting so much and then registered to donate blood. But it seems that all the worries about the first blood donation disappear because of the enthusiasm of the collaborators and senior students in the social work team. I was guided step by step, everyone is happy and cheerful, which makes me, a shy person afraid of pain, also no longer afra.”

Ho Ngoc Thuy Vy – sophomore student, English Language Department 


dai hoc van lang sv van lang hien mau tinh nguyen h“When I was supporting the Social Work Team in organizing blood donation activities, I was very happy that I was able to contribute something to the university, to the blood donors and to the community. We support the health as well as the spirit of blood donors, propagate the benefits of blood donation. Their response is very positive. Besides, I also participate in blood donation. When donating blood, I do not feel afraid of anything, just think of donating blood to help people who is  less fortunate than me, not only help others, donate blood also help myself have better health.”

Le Tran Bao Tram - sophomore Student, English Language Department

Being freshmen of the course 24 but  they are also very active and have volunteer spirit. During the blood donation campaign in November, 2018, there are more than 150 students of 24th course participating in donating blood, which collected 150 blood units for blood transfusion.

Truong Hoang Thai Khanh, the freshman of the Commercial Business deparment, shared: "Knowing the blood donation information through the models located in the campus 3 and Ms. Xuan Mai (propaganda blood donation volunteer) gave good advice. I see this is a noble gesture. I have the condition to donate blood so I want to help the less fortunate. When donating blood, I was supported by some enthusiastic student volunteers. I feel happy and do not waste time. "

"Being a student of Heat Engineering facility who is dry and difficult, but when the blood donation comes, I feel Van Lang warm. Blood donation is to save people, parents have raised me for 18 years , which is also eligible for blood donation, so I donate blood to wait for patients. The junior students support me a lot of good things, everything is in accordance with the process, the team of social work is professional and trained in first aid skills so I do not worry. The next year I will participate . "- Le Quang Dat - freshman in Thermal Engineering - shared.

Through the Voluntary Blood Donation Program, Van Lang University contributes a small amount of blood to the community's hematology fund, to provide emergency care and treatment for patients. In the second semester, volunteer blood donation will be held in March.

Source: Van Lang University Social Work Team
translated: Pham Song Thuyet

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