Send "Youth" to the family of Information Technology

(Admission Office – Van Lang, November 14th, 2018 ) –On November 10th, 2018, IT students (students from the Faculty of Information Technology) held the program "Thanh Xuan" (Youth) to welcome the younger generation at Hall C001 - Second Campus of Van Lang University (233A Phan Van Tri, Ward 11, Binh Thanh District, HCMC).

vlu thanh xuan 2018 001This year, the Faculty of Information Technology is overpopulated when opening a new major and welcoming more than 500 new students into 10 IT classes and 4 software engineering classes. The strong force makes the Faculty's activities stronger and more colorful. The image of hall C001 on the evening of November 10 covered with white uniform of IT students is so beautiful and cute

Admission Ceremony of the Students Association is full of meaning!

The program consisted of two main parts: Ceremony and Exchange. The program started with a series of activities called “Bai ca sinh vien” ( The Student Song).
vlu thanh xuan 2018 001Unforgettable images of the Admission Ceremony which marked the meaning time when the 24th batch of students of Faculty of Information Technology joined in the Students' Union.

In the ceremony, apart from introducing the main activities to help freshmen to practice in the university environment, the Executive Board of the Youth Union – Student Association (Faculty of Information Technology), Fanpage Administrations – VLU Information Technology Association were introduced to students of 24th course and answered the questions from new undergraduates. The numerous students created an advantage and a challenge for the association. The link between the two generations of IT students, more importantly, was still a top priority.

Guests from 3 Clubs of the school add "Thanh Xuan" more colorful

vlu thanh xuan 2018 001

From Music Club SOL, Huynh Ngoc Phuc Thinh - "Top 20" Van Lang's Got Talent 2018 stirring up the program with the song "Love story" made IT guys "fall in love". All of the boys in the "country" IT Van Lang are always polite if the girls visit the Faculty!

vlu thanh xuan 2018 001

Green Backpack Skills Club participated in the program, "trained" everyone with hard skills (morse, semaphore, knot, etc.) and soft skills (presentation skills, public speaking skills, etc.). This was very interesting because these skills could help people relieve fatigue after school.

vlu thanh xuan 2018 001

Guitar club could not miss the fun day of IT as the club has the largest number of IT faculty members. The beautiful and stylish melodies from two instruments associated with students - Cajon and Vocal – were plain but full of charisma!

vlu thanh xuan 2018 001

Through the program "Youth", the organizers want to send the message: 4 years of college will go very fast. Each person should seek their own hues, hobbies to be able to draw their own youth paintings. Hopefully, the new students will have abundant health, success in learning. In order to dissolve the prejudice “IT people are passive", the Faculty of Information Technology - Van Lang University will be a place full of passion and full of smile.

Ngo Viet Anh Khoi - Student Course 22, Software Engineering
Photo: Tinh Nguyen
Translated by Vo Thi Xuan Anh

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