Van Lang students experienced Thai’s art and culture.

(Admission Office – Van Lang, September 20th, 2018 ) – At the end of August, the delegation of Vietnam Fine Arts students (from Van Lan university and Ho Chi Minh University of Arts) attended “Art and Culture Summer Camp Program”, organized by Silpakorn University, Thailand.

Silpakorn University is one of the universities, which is sponsored by Thai royal family, located in Bangkok. It is one of the leading universities for fine arts in Thailand particularly and Asia in general. Therefore, the trip attracted a large number of Industrial Arts students in Van Lang University and left them with full of emotions.

The field trip aimed to enable students to approach the reality, improve their vocational skills as well as enhance the partnership between Silpakorn University and universities in Vietnam, Laos, Japan. The delegation was led and guided by M.A and artist Dao Chi Dac – the lecturer of Industrial Arts in Van Lang university.

Go for learning and experiencing

DHVL sv MTCN giao luu nghe thuat thailan 1The tour around Silparkorn University offered practical study opportunities for 5 students of Industrial arts in Vietnam. Ton Nu Van Anh – a junior in Graphic Design of Van Lang university said “The visit helps us understand Thai’s art and culture in general and fine arts as well as archaeology of Silpakorn in particular.

During 10 days, the delegation visited Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts in Silpakorn University, and explored lots of popular cultural attractions in Thailand such as Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall; big museums and art institutes, for example, National Museum, National Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Art, the capital Bangkok. Moreover, they also participated in the conference on Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Art, Tradition Art, Contemporary Art. They, in addition, could learn about traditional painting techniques on various materials, and were introduced the beauty, innovation along with the variety in Thai’s art and culture through paintings, meticulously sculptured handicrafts, skillfully tailored conventional costumes.

DHVL sv MTCN giao luu nghe thuat thailan1Painting reflecting Thai’s traditional cultures

DHVL sv MTCN giao luu nghe thuat thailan2Thai traditional costumes, which are normally made of silk with fine line, various, attractive colors, and convenient, are regarded as Thai’s pride.

One of the most remarkable points during the tour is Batik. Batik is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to whole cloth, which was so popular in Thailand, but still new to artists in Vietnam. The process, wax resist then dye, can be repeated over and over to create complex multicolored designs. One small mistake can destroy the works. Tourists are attracted by new patterns such as flowers, leaves, trees, ocean life and by warm and harmonious colors in Basik silk paintings.

DHVL sv MTCN giao luu nghe thuat thailan thum vlThe delegation with their own Batik silk paintings under instructions from students of Silpakorn University.

Go for cultivating themselves

One of the most attentive students during “Art and Culture Summer Camp Program”, Ton Nu Van Anh shared that “ For me, I gain a lot of meaningful and great lessons from this visit. I can approach more new and unique arts, so that I have the motivation for cultivating knowledge, train more for my career skills. I can also learn from Thai students the spirit of details and perfection and the responsibility in work.”

She also mentioned that the most special success of the trip is the connection among the members. In spite of the differences in languages and cultures, but within 10 days of cooperating, and experiencing together under the instructions from lecturers and students in Silpakorn University, there is no more gap among the delegation members. Thanks to the trip, Van Anh has had more friend to share about study and life. 

DHVL sv MTCN giao luu nghe thuat thailan 4The delegation from Vietnam, Laos, Japan and Thailand before leaving Silpakorn University

The visit to Silpakorn University aimed to exchange cultures among students in Arts, and help to widen their knowledge about traditional and contemporary arts in Thailand, experience interesting and innovative arts. It is considered as a good opportunity of studying for Van Lang students.

Source: Lê My
Phots: Tôn Nữ Vân Anh, a junior in Faculty of Graphic Design.

Translated by: Tran Thi Thu Ha.

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