FLAME ON! -A magnificent greeting for the 24th course of Public relation

(Admission OfficeVan Lang, 5/10/2018) – On 29th of September, the students of 23rd course of Faculty of Public Relations - Media & Arts organize the FLAME ON! welcome the freshmen at Hall C001 – Campus 2 (233A Phan Van Tri, Ward 11, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City) with the participation of more than 700 freshmen of course 24.

dhvl flame on chao don sv k24 pr 1Welcoming new students is a traditional annual program of the Faculty of Public Relations - Media and Arts, which is organized by 2nd students to “guide” the freshmen to start their new journey at Van Lang. At 3:30 p.m. on 29/9/2018, students of 23rd course of Public Relations Faculty welcome new students of 24th course with an extremely great program named FLAME ON! The faculty members, alumnus and more than 700 "youngest" members attend the program.

The opening of the program is an activity by the new 24th course students. The exciting and passionate performances quickly heat the hall. The program consists of two main parts: Ceremony and Festival. This year’s Ceremony is different from the one last year. In addition to the introduction of faculty’s clubs such as Listening Thinking Speaking Club (3N), English Club MIS (Make It Simple), Press and Media Club, Digital Club, the ceremony also provides an overview of the history of the Faculty from its formation up to the present time - when renaming the faculty from the Faculty of Public Relations & Communication into the Faculty of Public Relations - Media & Arts.

FLAME ON! Like a Broadway stage

dhvl flame on chao don sv k24 pr 2

The Festival FLAME ON! sets the context at the most modern factory - factory 24 in the 1970s.The show is the story of the character Thien since he is promoted to head of the spacecraft's fuel department. With the color of the Broadway, the performances of FLAME ON! bring audiences at hall C001 with extraordinary scenes and unique melodies.

dhvl flam on chao don svk24 pr3 Factory 24 starts a new day with the performance “Another day of Sun". When “FLAME ON!” was heard, a new day begins and the workers continue to work zealously.

Today is probably a normal day for everyone in the factory, but to Thien, today is different, the sky is clearer because he has become the head of the fuel department of the spaceship, which marks 5 years of working hard and tirelessly. At the same time Thien is coming closer to his childhood dream. Today is really a "pristine day".

But everyone wants to be the best, everyone wants to fight to the end for themselves; therefore, there come the difficulties and challenges. When the musical of FLAME ON! comes to the climax, people start to understand more about Thien, about the difficulties that Thien has suffered for so long. Blinded by his own dream, pursuing impossible fuel made the ship unable to fly into space for 5 years.

dhvl flame on chao don sv k24 pr 4

In the end, Thien realized that the power of teamwork would be the "special fuel" to help the aircraft fly higher and further. FLAME ON! conveys the core message of this year's program: Dreams can only come true when we find the right place to free ourselves. And as the name FLAME ON!- the flames of dreams and ambitions will never be quenched, will help people to aspire and succeed.

Passing Fire ceremony – light up the future

dhvl flame on chao don sv k24 pr 6

Passing Fire ceremony is still the most anticipated moment in the program among students of Faculty of Public Relations & Communication. This year, with the image of the spacecraft taking off from the ground, students of the previous courses would like to inspire new students of dreams and ambitions for a new future, a "new life" owned by them – the future written by course 24th students - Send To Future.

Send to Future is a "long-term" idea, where the 24th friends write the messages for their own in the future, send best wishes and emotional moments to the future. Those dreams will be rearranged by the organizers, kept in the office of Faculty of Public Relations - Media & Arts. Four years later, on the graduation day, the 24th graduates will receive the “postcard” they wrote in the past, and the emotion of that day is still the same as the day they received the strengthening aid from students of 23rd course. All these things are motives and supports for them to prepare for the future.

The last performance of the program is Welcoming the Dawn. To workers at factory 24, the moment when the ship is launched, they can see the dawn and their dreams become a reality. As for the new students, your future is just beginning; do not stop trying so that you can achieve your dreams and targets. You should believe that Van Lang will be a place where you can find yourself, experience 4 years of meaningful youth, and become what you want to be.

dhvl flame on chao don sv k24 pr 5FLAME ON! Closing Ceremony and the journey of 24th course Faculty of Public Relations - Media & Arts starts.

Source and Photos: Department of Communication-Faculty of Public Relations - Media & Arts
Translated: Pham Thi Hoai

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