Spring calendar design by Van Lang students - continue a blooming season

(Admission Office  – Van Lang, Oct/15th/2018) - In the morning of October 17, 2018, Phuong Nam Spring Calendar Company launches the calendar products of 2019 spring with the theme "Truong Sa in my heart”. Nearly half of 34 samples of calendar featured in the catalog and 25 samples exhibited were designed by Graphic Design students of Industrial of Arts- Van Lang University. 

In recent years, the spring calendar exhibitions of Phuong Nam Calendar Company have always been the annual destination of the 3rd and 4th year students of Graphic Design at Van Lang University. Phuong Nam Calendar Company has shown great enthusiasm in blowing the new, more artistic and cultural trends for the spring calendar market in the South. There are a variety of topics for each year: theme "Thuan Viet" in 2015, “Dragon fish” in 2016. And now the exhibition of "Truong Sa in my heart" has launched the exclusive calendar designs of 2018. These exhibitions will introduce the design of 3rd and 4th year students of Van Lang to the market. Many big businesses have chosen students’ calendar designs as their exclusive calendars each year.

DH Van lang lich 2018 mtcn 1aExhibition of spring calendar 2019 "Truong Sa in my heart" takes place on Nguyen Van Binh Book Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC.

DH Van lang lich 2018 mtcn 2Master. Artist. Nguyen Dac Thai - Vice Dean of the Faculty of Industrial Arts – said: “After each year, the student's work is raised to a new level. It is the effort of research, creativity in design; intelligence and sensitivity in the designers’ thought. Taking part in such exhibitions, we have captured the market needs and the requirements of enterprises in order to orient our training program to closely meet the reality of enterprises and markets. The collaboration with the businesses not only creates employment opportunities for students but also creates a "playground" for students to freely create, and experience new things –which may be useful for them in the future”.


DH Van lang lich 2018 mtcn 3Mr. Nguyen Ha Quoc Anh - Director of Phuong Nam Spring Calendar Company – shared: “In this Information Technology era, you can easily view your calendar and time on your modern mobile devices, if there is no change, the traditional calendar will disappear. Nowadays, the calendar is not just about dates, it's also a piece of art, a decorative piece in every home, so a calendar maker needs innovative designs to meet that need.  And of course, no one can be as creative and innovative as young people, who are always full of ideas and should be exploited. We always wish to realize the ideas of the students and bring them to the "public" through the exhibition like this”.


DH Van lang lich 2018 mtcn 4The works of Van Lang students receive the great interest of visitors because of the creativity, fun, and revolution in the designs.

After 15 months of designing and editing, there are 15 unique works by students of Graphic Design at Van Lang University are "introduced" in the official 2019 catalog of  Phuong Nam Calendar Company. There is a variety of themes from the culture, the identity of the world's ethnic groups, cuisine and customs on Tet holidays to the fairy tale theme; In addition, many works oriented family: the warm family gathering in the traditional Tet holiday of the nation. With the creativity and quaintness, the works have been highly appreciated by experts and a large audience. 

The following 15 works are chosen for the official catalog of the Phuong Nam Calendar Company 2019:

DH Van lang lich 2018 mtcn 5

Nguyen Hien Lau – The World's Cultural quintessence 
Inspired by the new lands and their cultural characteristics, Hien Lau has the designs in a creative and breaking way. The Calendar set guides us to "go around the world" through creative extracted drawing lines.

DH Van lang lich 2018 mtcn 6

Nguyen Ngoc Chom – World Food calendar 
With the harmony of color and the striking features of the world cuisine of a person with "unlimited appetite ", the author has condensed the culinary world through a 365 day calendar block, and each day is a different and interesting dish.

DH Van lang lich 2018 mtcn 7

Le Ngoc Thanh Truc – Vietnamese Cuisine 
The calendar set-Vietnamese Cuisine with delicious dishes that are familiar to any Vietnamese: bitter gourd soup, pho, bread, etc. - is featured distinctively and clearly. This is also an affirmation, an introduction to the rich diversity of Vietnamese cuisine.

DH Van lang lich 2018 mtcn 8

Ha Bao Thy - Japanese Traditions 
Inspired by the traditional culture of Japan, the author introduces and depicts this country through traditional items such as wind chime, fans, wooden shoes or mascots such as carp and crane. The calendar is the combination of red and black colors on the background of the Japanese national flag and of selective idioms to match each calendar page.

DH Van lang lich 2018 mtcn 9

Huynh Ngoc Yen – A Calendar of Tea Culture
Calendar of Tea Culture is a collection of tea culture from all over the world, from the "famous tea culture" of Japan with matcha green tea, to the Yunnan-Chinese Golden Tea, or "distant" roobos tea - South Africa ...

DH Van lang lich 2018 mtcn 10

Tran Quoc Tien - Around the World calendar 
With cute and lovely drawings, calendar is a story around the world of two brothers illustrated through the architectures and sketched in a very cheerful and quaint way.

DH Van lang lich 2018 mtcn 11

Tram Nhu Ngoc- 365 interesting questions about the nature
Why are there mountains? Why are there icebergs? Why are there volcanoes? The "why" questions always wake up people’s curiosity and desire to learn more. From the intriguing and familiar natural phenomena, 365 days is 365 “why” questions and answers. In particular, the answers are in English- which helps viewers improve their foreign language.

DH Van lang lich 2018 mtcn 12

Pham Minh Thu - The World of Bird calendar 
The work was completed in 2 months, inspired by birds all over the world. With creative drawing lines, the work really impresses the young audiences in the exhibition.

DH Van lang lich 2018 mtcn 13

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Nhi – Loving Home calendar
The more modern life it is, the less time each family spends with each other. The work is inspired by the moments that family spends with relatives in loving meals, the moments with father of at dawn. These are loving messages about precious family moments.

DH Van lang lich 2018 mtcn 14

Vu Kim Oanh - 12 Animal Designations 
The theme is not new, but the calendar is creative in the way it shapes the characters by the unique drawings and makes 12 traditional Animal Designations became so funny, witty and close to the viewers.

DH Van lang lich 2018 mtcn 16

Cao Thi Minh Nguyet - Pocket Tips calendar
Inspired by life, tips which many people may not know: how to choose watermelon for Tet holiday, how to remove the labels on glass, how to use wifi for the phones, etc. help a lot for our life and health.  How creative Van Lang students are!!!

DH Van lang lich 2018 mtcn 18

Vo Van Tuan - The Magic of Leaves
This simple but extremely profound theme- each leaf is a different color, a separate shape- has created a rich variety of nature that is granted to people. Each person is a distinct entity and personality, an indistinguishable style in this life.

DH Van lang lich 2018 mtcn 19

Nguyen Thi Hoai Thuong - Colorful Flowers 
From the magic colors, the unique shades, and even the uniqueness of the flowers, Hoai Thuong has created a lively and colorful calendar.

DH Van lang lich 2018 mtcn 17

Kim Chanh Soda - Blue Ocean calendar 
It is not a new topic, but the author knows how to make it impressive through artistic creation from stylized drawing and decoration to shaping marine life.

DH Van lang lich 2018 mtcn 15

Me Thi Ngoc Chau -Zodiac Signs calendar 
The Zodiac Signs which was created by ancient Babylon astrologers dated back to 1645 BC. The perfect twelve Zodiac Signs correspond to four seasons and twelve months of the year. This is a topic that appeals to young people, and the author has grasped this trend to create the work.

Source: Ngoc Thi
Photo: Ngoc Thi, Ngoc Nhi – 3rd year students of Graphic Designs
Translated by: Pham Thi Hoai

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