The first practical training session of the twenty-fourth batch of tourism students in Capella Holdings

(Admission Office  – Van Lang, Oct/29th/2018)In the afternoon of October 23rd 2018, over 700 freshmen of the Faculty of Tourism, Van Lang University attended the first practical training session at Capella Park View of Capella Holdings (No. 3 Dang Van Sam, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC).

DH van lang du lich kien tap tai capella holdings 01The exchange of Van Lang students with leaders of Capella Holdings in the morning of October 23rd 2018 at Capella Park View

Capella Holdings is a multi-disciplinary economic group, well known in the hospitality industry. The Group owns the famous brands including Chill Sky Bar, Air 360 Sky Bar; Riverside Palace Convention Center, Claris Palace, Capella Park View, Capella Gallery Hall; Restaurant San Fo Lou (China), Sorae (Japan), Di Mai (Vietnam).

Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri - Chairman and CEO of Capella Holdings, vice president of the board and head of the Faculty of Tourism - Van Lang University is an expert in tourism; therefore, he has profound understanding on the features of the tourism industry in which students’ involvement in the reality is very important. In addition, there is nothing better than observing, hearing from people who work in this field. This has been also the training orientation of Van Lang University for students in Hospitality Management and Tourism Management for many years. With the motto of "study goes as a pair with practice" from the first year, the students can participate in the practical training sessions and real life surveys to step by step get familiar with the future working environment; thereby best responding to the actual demand of the society.

There was attendance of the leaders of Capella Holdings Group in the meeting including Nguyen Cao Tri - Chairman and CEO of Capella Holdings, Mrs. Than Thi Thu Thao - Deputy Director of Capella Holdings and General Director of Capella Hospitality; Ms. Tran Thi Thanh Thuy - Deputy General Director of Capella Holding, Mrs. Ngo Thi Lien Kieu - Deputy General Director of Riverside Palace and General Director of Capella Park View; Ms. Bui Thi Van Anh - General Director of Capella Gallery Hall; Ms. Nguyen Thi Thong - Deputy General Director of Claris Palace; Mr. Tran Minh Tam - Deputy General Director of Claris Palace; and leaders of the faculties of Van Lang University: Assoc. Prof. Dang Ngoc Le - Dean of Faculty of Society & Humanities; Dr. Mai Binh Duong - Deputy Dean, Faculty of Finance and Accounting, Dr. Tran Cam Thi - Deputy Head of Tourism; lecturers and over 700 faculty members.

Learning from the real world

In his capacity, Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri helped students have an impressive visit at Capella Park View - one of the chains of Capella Holdings. The Board of Directors designed a program for Van Lang students with many exciting shows.

Van Lang students were also warmly welcomed at Capella Park View. They was able to see the workplace, interact with people who were doing specific jobs, experience the role of a bartender, a customer, and hear the stories of people in the field talking about their passion, the ways to overcome difficulties and achieve happiness from their career.

DH van lang du lich kien tap tai capella holdings 03(From left): The show about how to prepare cocktail of bartender Du Nguyen Gia Hoai Thuong, Vo Van Nam (Chill Sky Bar); Le Van Hoai (Air 360 Sky Lounge); Processing shrimp sauce of Chef Capella Holdings System - Khai Hoan.

DH van lang du lich kien tap tai capella holdings 04They had a lot of experience when they tried taking the roles of a bartender, a client, etc.

DH van lang du lich kien tap tai capella holdings 05

The lecture by Nguyen Van Nga - Executive Director of Capella Park View, provided students with a background in the skills of a person involved in tourism related activities, party models, party setup, as well as administration and personnel

55,000 internship opportunities, jobs awaiting students

According to Capella Holdings' management, the entire system currently has 1,200 full-time employees, but the number of part-time employees is expected to reach 4,000-5,000. Therefore, the Capella system is ready to accept Van Lang students if they wish to learn more.

DH van lang du lich kien tap tai capella holdings 06

In order to relieve worries of some freshmen regarding work experience, Capella Holdings' Human Resources Director said: "If students are passionate enough to stick to and meet the job requirements, Capella will create opportunities for them. The Group has a system of recruiting and training part-time employees to become Capella's employees. During the learning process, they should take the initiative to work more. This is not only to earn more but also get more. In other words, through direct experience, students have opportunities to apply the knowledge they have learned in the classroom, and to train more skills. The work experience will also be a highlight in the student's resume”.

Making the most of the opportunities

If we learn from the experience of the former, we will shorten the time to reach the same destination, and can reach a higher peak in the same time. Probably in recognition of this, Capella Holdings Board of Directors spent a lot of time asking students to answer their questions and share their experience. However, a majority of freshmen were shy because it was the first time they participated in this activity.

DH van lang du lich kien tap tai capella holdings 07

DH van lang du lich kien tap tai capella holdings 08Some students boldly questioned the teachers and members of Capella Holdings' board of directors.

Exchanging with students, Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri frankly shared that the worst of his students was passive. Sometimes they wanted to ask a question about something but also did not know who to ask. However when they sat in front of me, who was willing to answer all the questions, students did not know what to ask. Travel agents must be very active, ask questions and ask key questions, ask to change their lives. Asking good questions and thinking quickly determined the success of a person.

In sympathy with the shyness of the first year students, Than Thi Thu Thao, Deputy Director of Capella Holdings and CEO of Capella Hospitality, warmly said: "I hope that Van Lang and Capella Holdings will be further connected, not only today, through the accompanying program of internships, practical training, and even when Van Lang students become members of the Group. I hope that a few years later, the person standing on this stage will be one of you and take our roles to share with the next generation”.

DH van lang du lich kien tap tai capella holdings 09Ms. Thu Thao (holding the mic) shared with students at the exchange.

Mrs Ngo Thi Lien Kieu - Deputy General Director of Riverside Palace and General Director of Capella Park View - showed the students the luck of being a Van Lang student: “I was also a freshman with full of concerns like you. You are lucky because your parents have good financial conditions and you are learning in one of the best schools of Ho Chi Minh City in the field of Tourism. Dean of your faculty is the owner of restaurants, hotels, entertainment, and weddings; you have the opportunity to expose yourself to your profession very soon. Moreover, the technology benefits today will greatly support you to self-study. Make the most of the opportunities to learn, cultivate knowledge, develop your career and get success. "

Hopefully, from the share of the precursors and what was seen, what was heard, what was recorded, freshmen will "open" a clearer view of future career. The practical training session in Capella Holdings is an opportunity to study, to open up the practical knowledge, and to orient the freshmen to understand and catch up with the new learning method at university, preparing for future life.

News: Nguyen Lien
Photos: Nguyen Linh
Translated by Vo Thi Xuan Anh

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