Launch the contest “Asia Young Designer Award 2018" to Van Lang Fine Arts students

(Admission Office – Văn Lang, 4/9/2018) -  In the morning of September 22, 2018, students of the Faculty of Industrial Arts attended the talk show "Humanities in the new design standard" - the theme of the official launch for the Asia Young Designer Award (AYDA 2018) at Room C501, Unit 2 (233A Phan Van Tri, Binh Thanh District).

poster AYDAASIA YOUNG DESIGNER AWARD (AYDA) was launched in 2008 in Malaysia with the initial name of "Nipon Paint Young Designer". The competition targets a generation of young talents who dare to challenge every design constraint to define new interior design and architecture standards. To date, the contest has been in 15 Asian countries, with the topic of innovation each year, ADYA brings practical and useful experience to each contestant to promote his personal field, learn and advance his expertise. In Vietnam, AYDA competition launches take place at nearly 20 universities with training in Interior Design and Architecture.

In the morning of September 22nd 2018, the contest was launched to students of Van Lang University, with the introduction and inspiration of Architects. Khuong Van Muoi (Vice President of Vietnam Association of Architects, former President of Ho Chi Minh City Association of Architects).

The theme of AYDA 2018 HUMANITY IN NEW DESIGN LANGUAGE is aimed to direct students to the message of creating living space, work and play in which people are central to the main construction center and cultural values operate in a growing world.
The top three criteria for assessing AYDA 2018 are:
(1) Forward – Spirit of Design “Forward”: 
   - Create positive impacts on the environment;
   - Transfer new values to culture and society;
   - Promote a better living environment and lifestyle;
   - Encourage growth and progress in urban development;
(2) Humanity: 
   - Pursue the improvement of quality of life for members of society;
   - Maintain and bring awareness of culture, history, literature, art, music throughout the history of humanistic philosophy;
   - Make people better, respect our identity and our origins as well as the cultural and traditional values of other communities;
   - Incorporate of different ethnic groups;
   - Ensure environmentally friendly, sustainable and emotional elements.
(3) New Design Language - New design standards: 
  - Encourage students to break the frontier of creativity;
  - Design with the application of the traditional elements, identity, culture in a new and modern way.

Sinh viên Văn Lang bắt đầu tham gia dự thi AYDA từ năm 2015 và đã xuất sắc đạt 4 giải thưởng “mở màn”: 01 giải Nhì và 03 giải Tài năng – với đại diện sinh viên cả 2 ngành Thiết kế Nội thất và Kiến trúc.

van lang 2015 nippon awads DIY team 001CSV Tran Son Duong, Nguyen Thi Bay (K18NT6)– Green Nest – Second prize (left image);Giải Nhì; 
CSV Nguyen Thi Kim Ngoc, Nguyen Thi Mong Kieu, Pham Thi Ha (K19NT1) – Composite space recycled from container: Color Do It Yoursefl – Talent Award Color Ideas (right image);

van lang 2015 nippon awads DIY team 002 CSV Nguyen Thi Hoai Nhi, Vu Dinh Nguyen (K18NT1) –  Your Co-Working Space – Talent Prize Design Innovation (left image);
Pham Vu Manh, Phan Minh Kieu Khanh (K18A), Dinh Binh Nguyen, Dinh Anh Dat (K17A) – Molting: Model of Shrimp Farming in Binh Hung Island  Talent Prize Sustainable Design (left image);

layout 1In 2017, Van Lang marked the achievement of 01 third prize - architectural design of K20A students in Architecture (Nguyen Thi Cam Huong, Uong Dai Vu).
This project has also reached the "top 8" best project in the contest "Design of floating houses in the Mekong Delta" by the Vietnam Association of Architects and Institute of Architecture Floating House, Technical University Cottbus - Senftenberg (Germany) in 2017. 

AYDA 2018 Promising Contest for Asian Designers in Architecture / Interior Design is “gradually spreading heat” in Van Lang and launches the hopeful new school year.

The positive feedback that students give to teachers in talkshow somewhat expresses their interest in the profession, industry knowledge. The Faculty of Fine Arts always creates motivation to encourage students to participate in competitions outside the University for the purpose of receiving the opportunities to challenge themselves with the real environment and anticipating future work needs.

Students can join in individual or group of 2 members with unlimited number of projects. Last year's graduates can use the graduation thesis to submit. They only need to make sure the submission time of their first work to Organizing Committee before the graduation time on degree.
  - The maximum of 4 pages A2, submitted to Organizing Committee in soft copy, 300dpi pixel density, JPEG format.
  - Presentation tips: The design includes the ground area of the building, work surface, vertical, 3D perspective. Entries in the interior space need elements of material, light, and color.
  - Paint color code is converted according to the color code of Nippon Paint. Download color chips at:
  - Application for registration should be filled in form, with the most recent portrait of candidates in JPEG format. With a group of 2 members, each member will fill in an application form.
  - Design message board (max 1000 words, Microsoft Word format).
  - Contestants are not allowed to attach their photos and school names on the design so that the marking is done in a fair and impartial way.
Form of submission:
 - The design on page A2, from 1 to 4 pages, is shown by hand drawing or machine drawing. With the hand-drawing paper, students can scan the paper and send it to Organizing Committee.
  - Students can choose materials, colors to design.
Receive email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Title: Participation of AYDA 2018 Contest _ Name: [Name of Team] _ Architectural Design [or Interior Design]. 

In December 2018, the "top 10" in the National Finals will compete to win the championship, representing the continent round (expected in March 2019 in Singapore). In addition to the many cash prizes, the most rewarding prize for the first position in the continent round is 01 six-week course at  Havard University (Graduate School of Design).

Tra Giang - BP. (compiled)
Source: 12.10.BAI 1_PĐCT_NTKCHAUA_2018 done
Translated by Vo Thi Xuan Anh

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