“SYMPHONY” – the symphony of the Commercial – Administration brothers

(Admission Office – Văn Lang, 26/9/2018) - 23/09/2018, in the afternoon, at C001 Hall – Campus 2 Van Lang university, Commercial Business and Business Administration departments organized the welcome program for the new students - course 24.

As usual, every new school year, the sophomores of Commercial Business and Business Administration departments hold a program to welcome new students. Although each year has a different topic, the second-year students are always devoted to the program, looking forward to the integration of the freshmen into Van Lang family soon. Choosing the theme “SYMPHONY” for this year program, they wanted to share a message with new students: Each student is a single music note having different ups and downs; however, they can make a perfect symphony if they join together. Following the message was a meaningful slogan: “I can’t, you can’t, but we can”.

vlu symphony 2018 1Music ties people together in a natural way, erasing any distance. The freshmen and sophomores of Commercial Business and Business Administration departments together made a marvelous symphony.

The symphony of the Commercial – Administration brothers

“SYMPHONY” was the achievement coming from the collaborative efforts of the students of Commercial Business and Business Administration departments for 1 month. The key members of the Organizing Committee were the sophomores (students of the course 23) together with the support and encouragement of the juniors and seniors. A well-organized and detailed plan was made and assigned to each team. After that, everybody did their best for their tasks. During the whole process, everyone shared the experience and support timely. All members involved in the busy rotation of the preparing work for nearly 1 month, sometimes silently, sometimes excitingly.

13:30 p.m. on 23/09/2018, everything was ready. The stage was sparkling. The backdrop was done waiting the new students to check in. It rained a little bit outside, but the freshmen had gathered crowdedly with really fresh and eager faces.

This party was aimed to welcome the newcomers – “Người lạ ơi” (The strangers!) – the opening performance of the “mascot” Vô Diện made the whole hall full of shouting cheers. All performances were by turns shown in an exciting and fascinating way. Bright smiles appeared on the face of the freshmen with their fascinating applause.

This party was a present for the newcomers. They also contributed some impressive performances. On the stage, though still feeling quite unfamiliar, did the freshmen perform confidently their shows.

vlu symphony 2018 2The singing and dancing performances of the students course 24 were full of surprises.

The audiences were amazed at the performance “Cơn mưa tình yêu” (The rain of love) by Phương Linh và Minh Mẫn who had “burnt” themselves with the high note of the love song. Besides, the solo dancing show of the newcomer - Vũ Hồng Vân made the everybody in the hall seem to burst into flames with her strong steps despite her shy appearance. Her skillful dancing along with the flash effects and the melodies drove hundreds of audiences crazy. Commercial – Administration brothers together made a wonderful scene.

Meeting and exchanging with Alumni

The party was warmer and more meaningful with the sharing of the alumni. They were Ms. Bùi Thiện Ánh (the alumnus course 16, Commercial Business major), Mr. Trần Cẩm Nguyên (the alumnus course 18, Business Administration major) and Ms. Nguyễn Nguyễn Quỳnh Hương (the alumnus course 20, Business Administration major). As the role of inspirators, they told rememberable stories about their student life at Van Lang home as well as shared their experience to adapt the new environment and develop themselves at university.

Being the valedictorian course 18 in Business Administration major, Mr. Cẩm Nguyên had received the love of his teachers and the admire of his friends because of his outstanding academic achievements and dedication to the Faculty's activities. Speaking of some effective study methods at university, especially how to pass difficult subjects, he said: “Different from studying at high school, when you study at university, you need to play an active role. In class, you need to focus on the lectures, especially you have to pay more attention to difficult subjects. Studying in groups can help you have a better awareness and become more active. Group study can teach you about ways of connection and administration in a small model. The most important thing is that you should study seriously with your passion, then you will have good results.”

vlu symphony 2018 3aThiện Ánh, Cẩm Nguyên, and Quỳnh Hương have given their advice to the freshmen: be always active in your studying!

An enthusiastic former member of Ba Lô Xanh skill club – Ms. Bùi Thiện Ánh – shared some benefits for participating in the school clubs: “When you take part in the school clubs, you will have the opportunity to make new friends, learn some necessary soft skills for your life and your job in the future, such as group work, event organization, public speaking… These skills have helped me a lot since I worked at DigiX Marketing Communications JSC. Moreover, joining social activities can help you have a more empathetic point of view for living as well as be more aware of your duties for the society. I really felt grateful for the helpful playgrounds at Van Lang University.

Ms. Quỳnh Hương – another alumnus – talked with the freshmen about part-time jobs. She asked: “Have you ever thought of doing a part-time job in the first year at school? Do you want to go to work while studying? Doing a part-time job is a good way to improve you flexibility and activeness. However, you have to balance between your studying and your job.” Then, she introduced some interesting part-times jobs: “If you are interested in some positions in the field of games and software apps, you can contact me. I am the recruitment manager of Vinagame company (VNG)”.

The school clubs/teams introduction

At Van Lang University, the freshmen can feel free to choose a variety of useful playgrounds. As the alumni had shared in advance, in the next part of the program, the first-year students were introduced such lots of extra-activities at school that they were kind of “shocked”.

vlu symphony 2018 4In this occasion, the Executive Committee of HoChiMinh Communist Youth Union of the Faculty greeted the freshmen after their exciting video clip for activities introduction.

When the lights on the stage went out, the school clubs/teams greeted the freshmen by turns. As soon as the introduction video clip of Executive Committee of HoChiMinh Communist Youth Union of the Faculty finished, the interesting presentation of “Doanh nghiệp trẻ” (Young entrepreneurs) club was given, then the performances of “CBA” club continued the program, … All freshmen took part in the shows enthusiastically.

vlu symphony 2018 5b


The air calmed down in the last minutes when the seniors gave the juniors small gifts prepared by themselves: the bracelet with the words "Q ♥ C - C ♥ Q” which represents the connection and the succession of enthusiasm from the elders to the youngers

In the hall at that moment, there were only the sounds from the cameras which were taking memorable pictures.

Congratulations and thank you for coming to the welcome party organized by the sophomores of Commercial Business and Business Administration departments. From now on, you have become the members of Commercial – Administration family, and Van Lang great family. Wish you studied well and took part in helpful activities confidently as what you have performed today. Together with the seniors, let burn the traditional fire. And in the next year, let inspire the new comers course 25 with your enthusiasm.

Source: Minh Thuy – Giac Phuong
Translated by: Ngoc Thanh

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