Van Lang fellows’ bookcases: launch the program “Book donations for greetings” 2018

(Admission Office – Văn Lang, 21/08/2018) - Freshmen K24 are getting used to Van Lang University’s environment before the start of the new school year. During the study time, they will be supported by the school and the earlier courses’ students. One way of the assistance is the Fellows’ bookcases of the School library.

vlu book donation 7“Book donations for fellows” - a meaningful program of Van Lang University Library launched in the school year 2008-2009 has been maintained for 10 years. Its purpose is to invite collection of books, textbooks… from the earlier courses’ students for the later ones. Thousands of textbooks, reference material, literary books, magazines… have been circulated among student generations at Van Lang University.

In the schoolyear 2017 – 2018, the Fellows’ bookcases received 1,743 books from 572 donation times, supplying 1,021 books for 607 student requests.

To welcome the new schoolyear 2018-2019, the School library has organized the program “Book donations for greetings”, expecting to collect documentary resources shared by the alumni and the current students for the freshmen K24. The library will play the role as an intermediary who will receive books from the contribution of the earlier courses’ students, then classify them by different subjects and introduce them to the freshmen during the Orientation week at the beginning of the new course (06 – 09/09/2018). Besides, for many years, the Fellows’ bookcases placed at the School library at campus 1 and campus 2 have accepted used materials from readers’ donations, being willing to offer them to those students who need.

vlu book donation 2On the talent examination held by Van Lang University in 07/2018, a lot of students of Architecture – Arts departments had a chance to know about the Fellows’ bookcases. 46 books and 69 magazines of the Fellows’ bookcases were given to the examinees and their parents. Although these were just “small gifts", the activity introduced to the examinees the tradition of sharing and concern among Van Lang University members.

Heading into the first year at university, a lot of freshmen are worried about the fees of textbooks and study material. Understanding this fact, the School library wants to develop the quantity and the variety of material of the Fellows’ bookcases, which will make the activity become more supportive to freshmen. This material resource has been selected and used effectively by the “former owners” during their time of studying, working and improving themselves. Any alumni and current students want to contribute to the Fellows’ bookcases – the program “Book donations for greetings”, please contact the School library by phone. They will come to your home to get the books to the end of 10/09/2018. The program hopes to receive textbooks and reference books of survey courses, basic professional courses, specialized courses, English courses, Computing courses, and novels, magazines as well as CD, DVD, …

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Contact to contribute to the Fellows’ bookcases of the School library:
Reading room: 001C, 45 Nguyen Khac Nhu street, Co Giang ward, district 1, HCM city. 
  - Reading room: 001C, 45 Nguyen Khac Nhu street, Co Giang ward, district 1, HCM city.
  - Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  - Facebook: Thư viện Văn Lang
  - Phone: 028.38369839

In addition, the School library usually provides a supplement of textbooks and reference books as well as the computers with the Internet available to meet the students’ needs. The expense of books and study material can be considerably saved up if students usually borrow the books from the library. If there are any books not available currently, students can ask the library to supplement them by writing on the Book requesting note at the Circulation counter or sending the requests online on the website of the School library.

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The School library at Campus 1 (room 001B, 45 Nguyen Khac Nhu street, district 1, HCM city): 518 square meters, 201 seats.

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The School library at Campus 2 (room C201, 233A Phan Van Tri street, Binh Thanh district, HCM city): 268 square meters, 232 seats.

(*) During the first semester, students studying at Campus 3 (ward 5, Go Vap district, HCM city) can use the services of the library through the websites. Readers can use nearly 4,000 ebooks, videos, audios, tests, answer keys, science journals, legal transactions, … of Van Lang electronic library at with the email accounts provided by the school (


Source: School library

Translated by: Ngoc Thanh


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