The first exam of the 24th course at Van Lang University: Basic Informatics Placement Test (stage 1)

(Admission Office – Văn Lang, 21/08/2018) - Yesterday, August 20, 1818, Van Lang University organized the basic informatics examination for 632 new students of the 24th course in the computer labs at Campus 1( Nguyen Khac Nhu street, Co Giang ward District 1) and at Campus 3( Duong Quang Ham street, ward 5, Go Vap district)

In order to streamline the curriculum and help students become more interested in a reality-oriented program which is suitable for themselves, from 2018, Van Lang University has organized the basic Informatics placement test for new students of the 24th  course. Students who meet the requirements of the school's output for the training program don’t need to take classes in this module. The school has offered two options so that students can be flexible to register for the exam: 1st option: students can take exam on 20th  of  August, 2018 and the 2nd option: students can take exam after  4th of  September, 2018. 

In order to prepare enough computer labs for  632 "new comers" to check the level of Informatics subject, the IT Department has distributed the test schedule throughout the day (20/08/2018) at 2 university campus ( Campus 3: 4 shifts and Campus 1: 1 shift)

vlu lang thi tin hoc co ban dat 1 2018 1New students are taking placement test of Informatics at Computer labs in Campus 3 and 1

Students are given 210 minutes to finish the placement test of Informatics, including multiple choice items (40 minutes). If they obtain expected result (>=5), students then continue to take Word and Excel test. Word and excel test lasts for 80 minutes. The result will be announced 7 days after the exam. Those who can acquire 5 or over in the Word and Excel test will be eligible for a PowerPoint test (90 minutes). The schedule for the PowerPoint test is announced right after the students have received their Word and Excel test. While waiting for the result of Word and Excel to be published, students still attend the Basic Informatics course if they have registered for it.

Different to the cutthroat competitions in the National High School Examination, which had caused students to study days and nights, the Informatics placement test which aims to test students’ level did make students feel relaxed when they enter the labs. But this feeling seems to be an exception to Nguyen Ai Bang (a new student of Public Relation faculty). He rushed hurriedly, worriedly to find his designated lab with a very cute reason: The campus is so big that he couldn’t find the examination room! He added, in a hurry, “Before going to the exam, I tried to review what I had learned so that I could take the best exam, hoping that I would be exempt from this course in this school year.” At the end of the multiple choice test, there were students waiting happily for the next test because they had finished the first part satisfactorily. However, there were some students regretfully coming home after the first 40ms regretfully because they lacked a little luck.

vlu thi tin hoc co ban dat 1 2018 3Those whose test results over 5,0 can continue to take the Word and Excel test

When Informatics placement testing day is not simply a testing day

vlu thi tin hoc co ban dat 1 2018 2The Informatics placement test (stage 1) day at Van Lang university comes along with the excitement of the whole city for the back-to school day. This is also the first day for the new freshmen to meet and make friends with those who will accompany with them over 4 years at a place called “home”. They get acquainted, talk to each other accidentally while waiting before the exam time, or, they discuss, share the regret after the end of the multiple choice test items. Some of them have known each other through the Fan page of Van Lang University but have not had a chance to meet, now they have the opportunity to take the test together, then they don’t waste any time to meet!

vlu thi tin hoc co ban dat 1 2018 4Both Dieu Linh and Thuy Diem are studying Business Administration. They have known each other but have not had the opportunity to meet. Then, they have come to the decision that they will just meet on the day of basic Informatics Placement test. Though it is the first time to meet each other, our two friends seem to get on very well. Dieu Linh (one in the white shirt, on the right) shares “"We have known each other through a group of our university, today I took  the first round and Diem is taking the second. I’m waiting for her to finish her test, then we will have lunch and some milk tea and then we will visit our university library in campus 1 to read some books.


vlu thi tin hoc co ban dat 1 2018 5Quoc Bao and Anh Tho who have been friends since their childhood and studied at the same high school, and now they continue to study together at Van Lang university. In order to get to the school in time for the test, they “pack their bags and go” from  the very early morning- taking the earliest bus from Ninh Thuan to Ho Chi Minh City. “We arrived at Mien Dong bus station very early in the morning, and we didn’t know where to go, so we decided to go straight to school waiting for our turn to take the exam. So as to prepare for the exam, we did have a quick look at what we had learned before. After finishing the test, I will go to have a look at my rental room while Bao will be looking for a room to rent. We will come back to our hometown waiting for the school day. “ Anh Tho (student of  Commerce Falcuty) shares about their 2 day plans in Ho Chi Minh city. 

• Those who can pass the Informatics placement test successfully can have their test result assigned to the credits in General Informatics module of students of course 24. Those who are exempted from General Informatics module will have their tuition fees refunded.
• Those whose score is >=5 expect to have higher mark for this module may request to cancel the test results and register for the General Informatics module.
• Those whose score is <=5,  or didn’t take the placement test are required to register for the General Informatics module.
• Students of IT and Software Engineering are exempt from basic Informatics placement test
• Examination schedule for the first year students- stage 2 will be announced after 04/09/2018.

Writer, photo: Lê My

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