Van Lang Green Summer Campaign 2018: more than 400 volunteers participate

(Admission Office Văn Lang, 17/8/2018) – Green Summer Campaign is the largest community activity in every summer of Van Lang students. This is also the chance to exchange and learn from each other between generations of students. Van Lang Green Summer Campaign 2018 started on July 16 and will end on August 12, 2018, with more than 400 volunteers participating.

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At the Green Summer Campaign 2018 departure ceremony, held on July 16, 2018 at Hall C001 - Campus 2, Van Lang University (233A Phan Van Tri, Ward 11, Binh Thanh District, HCMC), the campaign team leaders of seven teams have been presented themselves to the school leaders. More than 400 Van Lang students take part in the 2018 Green Summer Campaign with their enthusiasm and devotion. The campaign is organized into seven teams with the tasks assigned as follows:

1. The New Rural Team: Organizing children's activities, review lessons for children in summer, taking part in “When drinking water, think of its source” activities in the assigned areas ...

2. Facilities team: supporting the school to input data, do file backup, welcome new students enrolling.
3. Environmental team: dredging, clearing the polluted canals, protecting the landscape, and raising people’s awareness about the pollution.
4. The Youth Volunteer team: supporting the school's events; Representatives of Van Lang University participate in Green Summer activities organized by the city.
5. Social Practice Skills and Music Activities team: organizing playgrounds and performing arts; equipping social skills for children in the assigned areas.
6. Painting team: Beautify the walls in the assigned areas around the city.
7. Rental Rooms Survey team: seeking for cheap rental rooms, accommodation counseling for new students…

Volunteer teams and basic missions are similar to the previous years. However, since 2018, Van Lang University has added the Volunteer Youth Team and combined Social Practice Skills and Music Activities team into one team. According to the campaign team leaders, this "2 in 1" strategy makes it easier for students to choose to enroll in the campaign, as well as raises the total number of volunteers for Social Practice Skills and Music Activities team to the highest in total 7 teams of 2018 Green Summer Campaign

VanLang MuaHeXanh2018 18072018 2Campaign leader and deputy leader of 7 teams present themselves to the volunteers.

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In 2018, the New Rural Team will carry out its mission in Ly Son commune, Can Gio district. 30 volunteers will experience 15 days and nights here to help poor people in this remote area. Other teams are assigned to perform tasks in Binh Thanh District.

Photo: The local leaders gave the checkered scarfs to Campaign leader and deputy leader


VanLang MuaHeXanh2018 18072018 4Master. Dinh Xuan Toa- head of Office of Student Affairs and Pham Thanh Phuoc - leader of the Green Summer Campaign 2018 speak at the Green Summer Campaign 2018. The leaders are determined to lead the campaign successfully

mua he xanh 2018 van lang last

The Green Summer Campaign takes place from July 16th to August 12th, 2018. More than 400 Van Lang volunteers have been halfway through the campaign with helpful - memorable – safe memories of the Youth; and they look forward to meeting on the campaign closing day to tell each other about this summer with full of unforgettable memories.

Source: To Nhu
Photo:  Văn Lang 2018 Green Summer Campaign Public Relations Board
 Translated by: Pham Thi Hoai

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