Van Lang Film Festival - an ending to start a new

(VLU31/01/2022– Van Lang Film Festival - a long journey ended with the excitement and happiness of the contestants. The first film festival season has passed, leaving many memories for the contestants and attendees. Let's listen to the sharing of excellent teams that won awards to better understand the process of pursuing passion for the 7th art!

Numbers – continue the new animation project after the Van Lang Film Festival

Numbers by director Nguyen Le Hai Yen - Alumnus of Course 22, majoring in Interactive Media Graphics (Digital Art Design) - Van Lang University has probably left a deep impression on the Board of Directors, reviewers and viewers by a student cartoon but being extremely meticulous and elaborate in every detail and frame.

Although she has fought in the international film arena, as soon as she heard that Van Lang University launched the film festival, Hai Yen was very excited and ready to bring her "brainchild" to the show. With this challenge, in addition to the Best Animated Feature award for Numbers, Hai Yen also successfully completed the role of Director and brought home the "Excellent Director" award.

vlu lien hoan phim van lang aWith Numbers, Nguyen Le Hai Yen was honored to receive the Best Director award in the animation category.

Taking on many roles from director and screenwriter to design and production at the same time, Hai Yen said that with Numbers, she has accumulated more skills and experience – things that only when she starts working on it, she can do it. Also from the Van Lang Film Festival, having realized the harmony and talent of the juniors (the Dsnake group with the cartoon The White Chrysanthemum color), Hai Yen shared a plan to work together to continue making stop motion animated films revolving around the theme of the Vietnam war. "Because I'm very impressed with the design of the Dsnake team, and are also students of the same major, we will work together to create a more thoughtful product" - Hai Yen shared. The product is currently under construction and is expected to launch next summer. Wish the project of Van Lang Fine Arts students continue to be successful.

The VR - from freshman experiences

TVC advertising The VR won the second prize (top prize) in the TVC category, viral clip of Van Lang Film Festival 2021. This is the contest product of a first-year students group majoring in Digital Fine Art & Design - VLU, director: Nguyen Phu Trong.

From the early days of building script, the team has put themselves in the role of a user to understand the needs and purposes of the product. As a TVC advertising robot vacuum cleaners, viewers are led from playful emotions to "a little horror" and finally bursting with smart solutions. The meticulous investment has helped the work get closer to the audience and receive the audience's warm support. The key point of TVC's "score" is the novel idea and the feeling of comfort and humor when enjoying, so that before receiving the second prize in the TVC category - viral clip, The VR also won it "Most Favorite Work" after the week of its premiere on the Fanpage of Van Lang University.

vlu lien hoan phim van lang dFor many young people, Van Lang Film Festival is an impressive first art playground, a launching pad for them to dare to dream farther and fly higher on the artistic path.

It's the first time together to build a drama, film, post-production, etc every step is a surprise and a challenge. “We are all freshmen, so when we participated in the competition, we were very excited to fight with the spirit of having nothing to lose” - Nguyen Phu Trong shared. The impression of The VR at Van Lang Film Festival is the premise for your group to continue to cherish and implement the next film projects in the future.

Yesterday – The journey of realizing ideas

Yesterday was the only short film in the Science Fiction category to participate in the Van Lang Film Festival, winning the First Prize in the Best Short Film category. The screenplay was developed specifically for the contest, directed by Do Ha Tieu Phuong (student of the University of Theater and Cinema in Ho Chi Minh City) and Nguyen Van Tu - Alumnus of Course 23 of Public Relations major (VLU) co-wrote the script.

Participating in the contest with the original goal of realizing ideas on paper and meeting friends in the film industry, Yesterday not only won the first prize in the short film category, but also won awards for art design and cinematography. Remembering the moment her work named for the top prize, Tieu Phuong still has a feeling of suspense and happiness.

In the process of being forged in the professional environment at the University of Theater and Cinema in Ho Chi Minh City, the group also participated in many other film-making projects. However, the young director said: "Particularly at the competition in Van Lang University, I clearly felt the close attention and evaluation of the Organizing Committee, making me feel that my product was recognized, care and respect.”

Phuong also shared with students who are passionate about filmmaking but are afraid to try: “If there is a story you want to tell, try to think about it a lot and think about things that are experienced by yourself. Do it without any hesitation.”

Unexpected – “unexpected” plan after the Film Festival

vlu lien hoan phim van lang cThe first prize in the Short Film category this year belongs to the works "Unexpected" and "Yesterday".

Incubating the idea of ​​​​the movie "Unexpected" for 2 years but still did not have the opportunity to do it until the Van Lang Film Festival, the idea of ​​​​the young people was officially launched.

Remember during the New Year holidays, I and the team's scriptwriter just started to sit down to discuss, elaborate little by little from each scene, actors, way to build the details to create a complete script.” - Nguyen Cao Nghia - a student at the University of Greenwich, director of the film Unexpected (First prize in the category of Best Short Film) shared.

From the early days of preparing for filming, Kao team made an impression when choosing a rather special filming location. The group said that the original plan was just to stop somewhere in Saigon. However, the more they worked, the more excited the group got together, they determined to bring the whole team to Bao Loc, Da Lat to tell everyone the most thoughtful story, showing everyone the "poetic" and unique frames. The work "Unexpected" is the result of the team's efforts; from brain, mental, finance investment to a large team size with more than 30 people who have been together for a long time.

Coming to VLU's 7th art playground, besides the opportunity to learn how to work professionally with teachers and seniors; listen to wholehearted comments from the Advisory Board; the group is also lucky to make friends with "new colleagues". After the success at the Van Lang Film Festival, Nghia said that the group will have a project to cooperate with the Fly team competition team (Consolation prize for short film - Network) to produce a sitcom series with many episodes.

vlu lien hoan phim van lang bProud for a bunch of prizes of the competition teams.

Congratulations to the first winners of Van Lang Film Fest 2021. Hopefully, in addition to the awards achieved by the teams, your knowledge and experience will also be the fruit of your filmmaking journey. Hopefully in the following seasons of Van Lang Film Festival, the scale can be expanded, creating more opportunities for students and the filmmaking community to learn and try.

Tuyen Nguyen - Mai Thy
Translated by An Pham

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