VLU Fashion Design major's special graduation season

(VLU, 31/12/2021– For students majoring in Fashion Design, a graduation project is an opportunity for them to unleash their creativity, the result of four years of study and practice. The graduation season in December 2021 suddenly became more special when Van Lang Fashion teachers and students went through the process of implementing the entire project in the context of social distancing because of the Covid-19 epidemic. The Fashion Design Department is delighted to receive the results of 42 students successfully defending their graduation projects, more than 50% of their papers are graded well and are loved by the fashion-loving community.


To embark on a graduation collection, students must prepare from the first semester of their senior year, define their goals, and find a connection between their design motivations and their own interests. The days of making projects for fashion people are days of restless limbs. In previous years, each student had to go to the wholesale markets of raw materials to choose the right materials; to the sewing, printing, embroidery, or fabric dyeing workshop to work directly with the workers. However, in the context of this year's social distancing, the choice was somewhat more limited, and the approach and implementation of the project were modified by teachers and students to fit the real situation: spending more time studying, reflecting, and analyzing the topic, focusing on material handling and refining techniques.

vlu thoi trang van lang aThe graduation project of the Van Lang Fashion Design major this year is quite diverse. Instead of borrowing other cultures, today's young people get more inspiration from Vietnam itself. This is the result of applying ancient research to the training program of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design.

“I am Vietnamese” is a fashion attitude that has been strongly expressed in this December graduation, or more precisely, in the last 5 years. Instead of borrowing cultures around the world to carry out graduation projects, Van Lang students today tend to choose the original beauty as inspiration for their collection. This is a happy result of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design after applying the inherent research to the training program right from the second year of university.

vlu thoi trang van lang eOne of the designs comes from the collection "Girls with lilies" by student Nguyen Hong Thanh

Simple things in life, flea markets, fishing ports, parents' weddings, etc. have become an endless source of inspiration for Van Lang students to put into operation. In addition, Vietnamese patterns, textures, architectural works, famous works of art such as the painting "Girl with the lilies", the poem "Gem", are also taken as inspiration by the students. Then they did research, analyzed in-depth structures and forms, displayed professional material processing techniques to create new materials, and transform the traditional beauty on a product with a modern breath.


Me and the world is a topic that shows young people's concerns about the environment, the changes of the earth, and worries about humanity in the future. Most of the products in the collections in this group are made from recycled materials, second-hand clothes, and second-hand furniture, applying growth thinking from existing objects to the design to make a breakthrough.

vlu thoi trang van lang cPhan Thuy Van Anh's "Cave" collection is inspired by Saigon - The City that Never Stops.

On the journey to mark the creative map, designers always ask themselves: Who am I? During this year's graduation season, we see Minh Hieu, Thai Thuy Ngan choose to separate themselves from the relationship between designers and customers and market trends to open up views about themselves, using their time as a powerful personal expression tool. Although the collection might not offer solutions for specific customers, it opened up a new way of looking at fashion, creating breakthrough shapes.


The topic was a strong inspiration that dominated graduation projects, but there were still students who started their work with a passion for creating materials and techniques. Creative thinking from materials and from discipline are difficult topics to implement for design learners. Featured in this year's project season, Nguyen Huynh Nhat Thao and Nguyen Duy Trinh showed serious research, technical research, and practice when launching a collection of trained TR Cutting techniques from thematic and practical classes at the 11 AM Fashion Show in January 2021.

vlu thoi trang van lang dThe "Flea Market" collection completely contributed to Nguyen Thanh Hung’s valedictorian, graduating in 2021 majoring in Fashion Design.

As for the group implementing the topic of creative thinking from materials, you often have to go through a lot of experimentation during the project implementation. The time gap now becomes a favorable condition for students to have more time to study and perfect their work better. Many materials handling methods are applied expertly, bringing interesting effects and value to the collection. It can be said that this is a successful graduation project defense season for students who choose material handling as the design goal of the project.

Graduation project season in 2021 ended with many emotions and memorable memories of Van Lang University's teachers and students in Fashion Design. This was a precious time for you to live life to the fullest for your passions and ideals. It was even more emotional to see everyone joining hands to support 2 cases of F0 students successfully defending their graduation papers online via MS Team. All knowledge and skills in 4 years of university will hopefully be a useful tool to help them become more confident on their new path. Fashion Design Department - Faculty of Fine Arts & Design Van Lang University is proud of you, thank you for sharing your youth time with us. Wishing you a new journey full of exciting experiences!

MSc. Nguyen Vu Cam Ly
Faculty of Fine Arts & Design

Translated by Oanh Doan

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