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(VLU, 31/01/2022– Life is a journey and, an experience. Traveling is to know what you have learned and love this life even more. Indeed, our country has many wonderful destinations. As a 4th year student of Tourism & Travel Service Management, Phat has experienced many interesting trips, but perhaps, it was the honor to be a guide of 16 VLU teachers to visit the country Bao Loc last January 2021 - one of the memories Phat remembered and cherished the most.

"Stop to visit the land of B'lao - The call of the mountains and highlands". Bao Loc city is located in the southwest of Lam Dong province, spreading itself on the Di Linh plateau with an altitude of more than 900m above sea level. With the favor of mother nature, Bao Loc is known as a "climate paradise" when it is temperate and cool. Not only fully converging the typical beauty of the majestic mountains, the beauty of this place is also adorned with magnificent waterfalls, immense tea hills and coffee fields.

Traveling on Highway 20 connecting the city named Uncle Ho with Lam Dong province, many of you will choose the destination as Da Lat city but forget that "brother" Bao Loc is also a worthy choice to experience. According to the flow of history, before the French set foot on this land, the Ma people called this place B'lao country. There are many meanings for this name to be mentioned such as low-flying clouds, blowing wind, land between three rivers, flowers in grasslands, etc. Through many ups and downs and changes of history, the B'lao's name was deeply rooted in people's minds and hearts. Today, B'lao is a ward of Bao Loc city.

vlu mang van lang den blao a

The tea tree on the mountain town of B'Lao, Lam Dong was introduced according to the journey of "opening the land" of the French to the mountains in the South Central Highlands. It appeared first in Cau Dat (Da Lat) in 1927, and then later, when the French colonialists invested in building and basically completed the national highway 20 from Da Lat to Saigon, the tea tree was brought to the Di Linh plateau and took root in the country of B'Lao. The tea tree soon affirmed its dominant role in the new land thanks to favorable conditions of climate and soil. Also, starting from that, in the mountain town of B'Lao appeared many households specialize in making a living by growing tea and processing tea. Famous brands began to appear: Do Huu, Quoc Thai, Lien Hoa.,etc Then, new tea brands like Tam Chau, Tram Anh , Golden Dragon also gradually asserted its brand name and firmly established itself in the export and domestic markets.

For Phat, a student of Tourism major who many times experienced long distance internships thanks to the school, Bao Loc city and climbing mountains with teachers was a great memory on the journey " go and think".

Tourism trends are changing day by day, not stopping at taking pictures, sightseeing, enjoying food anymore. People now need more than experience, to be immersed, to satisfy all the senses and to enjoy every "golden" moment when the natural beauty reaches its magnificence. There is nothing more wonderful than the feeling of conquering Dai Binh mountain with an altitude of more than 1000m, dubbed the "roof of Bao Loc". Especially, at an altitude of 800m - 1000m, Dai Binh today is invested in accommodation facilities to help visitors stay overnight and be ready to welcome the dawn of a new day. Our group moved while looking at the murmuring streams, green tea and coffee trees, making our hearts calm. City people haven’t been excercised for a long time with high intensity, and also went in groups, so everyone was quite slow. When climbing the mountain, they met the aunts and uncles who came home from work and laughe and teased: "Just climbing a little bit but you are tired already? Come on!". At that time, Phat and the others felt closer and loved the people here, the journey to conquer nature was also more exciting.

vlu mang van lang den blao bDai Binh moutain - one of the famous tourist attractions in Bao Loc.

Bao Loc weather in the last days of the year is one of the factors attracting domestic tourists. The evening is cold enough to curl up in a blanket. If you come early, you can happily mingle in the warm early day sun. It will be a great resonance if we successfully conquer Dai Binh mountain and then start the day with an interesting "cloud hunting" at 5am. Climbing and "hunting clouds" are now a type of experiential tourism that attracts tourists of all ages. Arriving at the top of Dai Binh on a beautiful day, the whole group had the opportunity to admire the majestic scenery, immerse themselves in the cloud-covered space, and enjoy a warm cup of fragrant tea to start a peaceful new day. There will be times when the "hunt" is not satisfactory because of the day with few clouds and a lot of dew, but Phat thinks the feeling of conquering a peak, persevering and then capturing the scenery of Bao Loc city in sight is enough to make you happy.

vlu mang van lang den blao cBecoming a tour guide, introducing the beauty of my homeland to everyone and being able to visit is the reason why I decided to choose Tourism & Travel Service Management in VLU

The Covid epidemic is still creeping in daily life, leaving losses and pain. Yet the most beautiful flower is the one that knows how to rise above adversity to spread fragrance and brilliant color to life. For Phat, the S-shaped land is wonderful and contains many new things. It is the beauty of mountains, rivers, seas, hospitable people, typical culture of each region and the joy of teachers, friends, and everyone around when accompanying you to discover new things motivated for Phat to stick with the Tourism & Travel Service Management industry, choosing to continue the mission of promoting the image of Vietnam to the world.

Ho Van Phat
Student of the 25th course in Tourism & Travel Service Management

Translated by Oanh Doan

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