Graduated valedictorian in English, Course 23 - “The journey begins with variables?”

(VLU, 29/12/2021) - Student life has its own stories and feelings. With her friend Pham Ngo Minh Uyen - valedictorian who graduated from the 23rd class of English language - Uyen had a very special journey during her 4 years of youth at Van Lang University.

"My name is Pham Ngo Minh Uyen - The valedictorian graduated from the 23rd class of English language.

My journey at Van Lang started with variables, random events that I never expected. With the available dream, I, during the time of preparing for the university entrance exam, used to envision myself studying at a "reputable" University, a school with a rich history. The four words "Van Lang University" became more and more foreign to me than ever when I met the conditions to study at my desired school, a school specializing in foreign languages. My only relationship with Van Lang at this time is through a friend who has applied and is about to study at the school.

Through my friend’s stories, I know more than Van Lang is in a period of strong development, building facilities with more modern equipment, that Van Lang has lovely instructors, that the admissions department has been of great help to you. All the things they told me gradually changed my perception of a dream university. Did I put too much emphasis on reputation, dream major, but ignore other factors that are also extremely important to help me have better experiences during my student life? My worries and questions were immediately answered when I happened to see a video recording the activities of the clubs and especially the interview of the Dean of the Faculty. Van Lang's picture becomes more and more brilliant not only with moments and events held on a large scale but also with practical sharing about the content and knowledge that I will have after four years of studying here. Van Lang came to me by accident, and with its vision, values, and inherent charm, Van Lang gives me confidence in choosing, giving up, and starting a journey here.

vlu thu khoa phat bieu ngon ngu anh The valedictorian Pham Ngo Minh Uyen graduated with a cumulative GPA of 3.43

I believe that life is a series of important choices and each decision opens its own path. Choosing Van Lang means continuing to walk on a broad road with new opportunities and challenges. Van Lang, with likable, enthusiastic, and ambitious people, is the place to accept your flaws and turn your shortcomings into advantages. Teachers and friends helped me form a quiet, timid person who only communicates with books and is somewhat conservative to someone who can actively initiate conversations, listen to other people's views and confidently express their opinions. Regular and exciting activities at Van Lang give me more of an opportunity to try my best to pursue my passions and experience hobbies that I used to be afraid of.

“Opportunities come with challenges” and of course in a place with many good conditions for development like Van Lang, I also need to accept more challenges. The first problem I had to deal with was pressure from my classmates. Right from the first lesson, I was really surprised by my classmates' fluent use of language and persuasive presentation skills. I realized that even though I was mentally prepared to understand that I was not the best version of myself and that I still had a lot of shortcomings, the admiration and pressure still existed in me. "If you want, find a way, if you don't want to, find an excuse", with just one unintentional sentence from my friend, I realized how pitiful my boredom is. Thanks to that reflection and negative emotions, I accept reality and find ways to change myself. Poor pronunciation, poor speaking skills? - practice; Poor grammar, poor vocabulary? – diligently read more. Trying to change in a more positive direction is the key to helping me stay strong on the path that I have chosen.

The effort won't always help me achieve my goals, but it's definitely better than me choosing to let go and at least I won't regret any of my decisions.

I used to be a person who always finished second in every contest I entered, and this was also my second challenge. Van Lang is a collection of many potential people, all of whom are good in their own way. So if I can't show my personality, always satisfied with my own rank, and only compare and compete with others, then after four years at the lecture hall, who will I be, what success will I have? What do I have to do next? It was these questions that prompted me to become the person I am today: defining my own finish line, taking each step, and competing with myself.

Van Lang in me is a collection of random things: by chance I chose to study here, by chance, I met with friendly friends, with respected and experienced teachers, by chance I got opportunities and suddenly I have to face challenges.

Finally, I wish that all your efforts will gradually be rewarded, may all your wishes be as beautiful as dreams."

Pham Ngo Minh Uyen
Graduated valedictorian in English language 2021

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