Opportunities from the student scientific research movement

(VLU03/12/2021 – Students' scientific research activities are identified as a key task in the process of striving to improve the quality of higher education. The number of projects done by students is recognized by experts through prestigious domestic and foreign articles and scientific journals, and the awards at the playground for young people who are passionate about scientific research are increasing day by day. This is a positive signal at Van Lang University in recent years.

One of the initial achievements of the journey to promote the student scientific research movement at Van Lang University is the remarkable growth in the number of topics. If the school year 2019-2020, the number of school-level topics stops at the first 20, by 2020-2021, this number has increased 4 times! Not only focusing on Technology, the research topics this year are more extensive and especially outstanding in number in the group of Social & Humanities (17 topics). Issues of culture, literature, and social phenomena have become a source of inspiration for students to deepen their understanding, analysis and conclusions.

vlu co hoi tu phong trao nghien cuu sinh vien aNowadays, scientific research activities are interested and supported by students

Achievements for the efforts of VLU teachers and students can be mentioned are 02 prizes from the National Science Research Student - Euréka contest in 2020, 05 Third prizes and encouragement from the Student Scientific Research competition Ministry level 2020 with many prestigious awards from prestigious domestic and foreign academic and professional playgrounds. As the key groups in scientific research, the Design, Construction and Technology - Engineering sectors have made many important contributions, contributing to the formation of prestige and affirming the quality of VLU's brand.

Most recently, the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design welcomed the good news at the national final round of the World Graphic Design Championship 2021 with three prizes: First, Third and Consolation. Although it was not possible to bring the final victory in the world finals for the Vietnamese team, the students had the opportunity to introduce VLU's name beyond the territorial limits and compete with many international talents.

Scientific research has never been easy, especially for young people who do not have much professional experience. Pham Tran Hieu Nhi - a student of Course 24 of the Faculty of Architecture with the topic "New assembly module for field hospital" is entering the final stage of the Scientific Research Student Award - Euréka 2021 shared: “Choose a topic highly practical talent when the group is only a 2nd year student, adding that the research process, conducting the current survey is limited almost entirely by directive 16, which is a big challenge that seems impossible. overcome. However, it was the encouragement, always with the support of our two instructors, Ms. Mai Le Ngoc Ha and Mr. Nguyen Huu Thai An, that helped us gain more confidence and complete the research topic. Both teachers and teachers spent a lot of time and effort to help the group correct every detail, every small error in the lesson. Throughout the implementation process, teachers also actively introduced us to many application software that was both useful for the topic and helped us a lot in the future learning and working process.”

In order to make scientific research activities in the student community more effective and widespread, teachers and Van Lang University have encouraged and created maximum opportunities to support students to try their best at prestigious playgrounds. In addition, the University develops mechanisms to encourage students to participate in scientific research, reward students with good achievements in competitions to promote creativity, striving and effort in learning of young people.

vlu co hoi tu phong trao nghien cuu sinh vien bVan Lang University cooperates with the Center for Development of Technology and Youth Science (TST) of the Ho Chi Minh City Youth Union - the unit that implements the creative scientific and technical movements of the city's youth.

For some specific disciplines such as architecture - construction, art design, besides carrying out academic research, the products and projects made by students are often recommended by teachers in competitions organized by associations, professional and prestigious enterprises in the field such as Loa Thanh, Hoa Mai Interior Design Award, National Architecture Student Festival, Vietnamese Interior Student Award Nam, etc. The encouragement and initiative to connect students with businesses and prestigious contests are the factors that help students in this major at Van Lang soon be able to rub and draw practical lessons and win many awards. In addition, the culture of "master - servant" and "passing the profession" of the Kien Xay community, VLU Fine Arts is also an important factor, contributing to helping VLU maintain his performance year after year at the above competitions.

vlu co hoi tu phong trao nghien cuu sinh vien cIn 2021, VLU Architecture and Interior Design student continues to win big at the Loa Thanh Award.

Not only an activity to help students increase their knowledge and research experience, actively participating in scientific research since university is also a stepping stone for the future journey of many research-oriented young people, "beautify your CV" and help you present a more impressive personal image in the eyes of employers.

Continuously receiving good news about scientific articles that have been approved for publication in international journals, a research project is being nominated to participate in the APICTA 2020/2021 (Information Technology Award) most prestigious in the Asia-Pacific region), Nguyen Thai Anh – a final year student of the Faculty of Information Technology said that although starting to participate in scientific research quite late, this process has become an indispensable part of the process. Missing from your long series of memorable college memories: “Scientific research has brought me many great values: the connection with teachers, friends, a little pride of my youth days and the whole world - one step closer to the future.” It is known that Thai Anh is especially interested in the field of machine learning and image processing; After graduating from Van Lang, Thai Anh intends to seek a master's degree at the Asian Institute of Technology - AIT to hone her knowledge and experience, develop herself, and become an inspirational lecturer for the university. successive generations of juniors.

In the 2020-2021 school year, Van Lang students have implemented 80 school-level scientific research projects (4 times more than the previous school year). In addition to the inherent strengths in technology, the topic content is also significantly expanded in a number of socio-humanities and other technical disciplines such as automotive technology, engineering, information technology, building, etc.

Reporter: Hoai Anh
Translated by: Oanh Doan

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