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(VLU03/12/2021– In the past two years, the world in general and Vietnam in particular experienced the Covid pandemic, in addition to the negative effects, it has also changed both human habits and behaviors, creating a new trend in the present is Work From Home (WFH) or Study From Home (SFH) - working online or studying online at home.

The Faculty of Information Technology of Van Lang University and Huawei Technology Company organized an online "Foundation Course", 100% free training in English for 232 students who wish to learn about software development / mobile applications, expand knowledge, improve skills during the time of isolation because of the epidemic.

The program consists of an overview webinar session and 5 weeks of intensive study lasting from October 18 to November 26, 2021. Coming to the "Foundation Course", we were supported by Ms. Nithya Nataraj – an Indian lecturer working at Huawei and 2 lecturers of the Faculty throughout the training process.


Foundation Course encourages students to build their own mobile software/apps and "release" them on Huawei's AppGallery; thereby developing programming thinking, improving communication in English and receiving certificates from the company after the end of the course.

vlu lop hoc lap trinh aThe "Foundation Course" class is held weekly for students of Van Lang University's Faculty of Information Technology.

Participating in the course, we are guided and instructed by our teachers from general knowledge of Android system to subjects and in-depth concepts of programming; from basic lines of code to how to build a complete application interface. Accepting many classes of knowledge is difficult, but it is even more difficult to receive with a language other than your native language.

Fortunately, there are always teachers who support and support us. At each study, when necessary, the teachers transform into interpreters, connecting students with speakers. Places that have not caught up, I often take notes "to save" to ask teachers after school or read more documents to better understand. Sometimes, a bit of the right challenge becomes a good medicine or helps our students "cure lazy", more active and active in the learning process.


Overcoming language barriers, completing the course in parallel with dozens of deadlines at the end of the semester, the number of sessions I attended is gradually proportional to the joy and interest in the field of programming you are pursuing.

After completing 5 weeks of study, students will obtain a certificate from Huawei Technology. In addition, being connected with businesses, learning more new knowledge and "enriching" future CVs has made the time of isolation because of the epidemic more meaningful.

In particular, for some students of the 24th class like me, the course with Huawei is also a stepping stone to help them complete the internship project to build a phone application, an opportunity for Van Lang students to release their first product on the Huawei AppGallery platform.

Stemming from my online reading habits, my best friend and I plan to combine and create an application that provides useful and interesting books for young people. The knowledge learned from the "Foundation Course" has supported and helped me a lot in the process of completing the project. Currently, 60% of the project is completed, we are continuing to build features and interfaces to be ready to launch the application.

vlu lop hoc lap trinh bStudents who complete the course will receive a Huawei certification and release products on the Huawei AppGallery platform.

The implementation of online learning in general and the "Foundation Course" in particular is still limited because of the distance, but the most valuable thing is that we do not let this time become "downtime". As I got used to it, I found that Study From Home also had its beauty! Both trained to be proactive in learning, streamlined work, close to family, create a comfortable spirit when studying in your familiar home.

Classes combined with businesses are considered as one of the "specialties" that make up the attraction of the Faculty of Information Technology of Van Lang University. Every year, the Faculty combines with prestigious units such as Huawei Company, Nashtech Company, DMSpro Company,... to implement knowledge training courses, grant professional certificates and expand internship opportunities, practice skills through the process of practicing projects, creating useful products. Within the framework of the "Foundation Course", 12 groups of Class 24 students have registered to carry out internships, build phone applications and are expected to be officially released on the Huawei AppGallery platform in early December 2021.


Reporter: Thanh Tri
Translated by: Le Huynh Ha Van

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