“Hill Vietnam 2021 – Debate Contest” – intense debation among VLU students regarding the GenZ”

(VLU17/11/2021) – As a part of studying to “understand the GenZ” carried out by Van Lang University in collaboration with Hakuhodo Vietnam Ltd., Co., the Hill ASEAN Vietnam 2021 – Debation Contest’s training session took place on 04 November, and the first preliminary round occurred on 10 November 2021. The two most excellent teams made it to the Finals among eight participated teams.

Hakuhodo is the oldest and the second largest media company in Japan with its braches are available in 17 countries, including six major companies in Vietnam. Hakuhodo carries out the “Hill Asean Vietnam” project annually with variable themes each year to gather data to analyze customer demands and behaviors. As GenZ is the prominent segment of future consumers, Hakuhodo, in collaboration with Van Lang University, organized the “Hill Asean Vietnam 2021” themed on “understanding the GenZ.”

Mr. Nguyen Do Thanh – Hakuhodo’s Strategic Director, discussed the core values of the project: “Through this contest, Hakuhodo expects to study more about the psychological viewpoints of the GenZ thanks to the diversified feedbacks by the participants. On the other hand, the students could also have an in-depth understanding of their generation, which facilitates their future career when they are the next generation of consumers.”

vlu hill vietnam aThe first training session of the Debate Contest took place virtually on 04 November 2021.

Aiming to equip the students with the best preparation, Hakuhodo and Van Lang University organized the Training and Briefing Session titled “Hill Vietnam 2021” on 04 November 2021. This activity welcomed Hakuhodo’s representative, MA. Nguyen Van Tam – Marketing Division’s Deputy Head at Van Lang University and eight Commerce students from Van Lang University.

Mr. Quang Khai – Hakuhodo’s representative provided the teams with general knowledge such as definition, conduction, and regulations of the debation contest. Ms. Le Thanh Thuy – Hakuhodo’s Strategy Manager, advised the teams to collect data and evidence to work on their analysis.

vlu hill vietnam b“Hill Vietnam 2021 – Debate Contest 1”

On the evening of 10 November 2021, the first round occurred on the Zoom platform. As GenZ could approach hi-end technologies, they are considered as a dynamic and sharp generation. Depending on the interest and value of Marketing and Media to the young generations, the Organizing Committee proposed two main topics for the contest:

  1. Should GenZ believe in you or the media?
  2. Advertisement and Mass Media have a more significant impact than their fellow generation’s influence on GenZ’s consuming behaviors.

Thanks to their knowledge foundation and adapting abilities, the GenZ teams proposed brilliant analysis based on the persuasive foundation to define the problems. The judges highly evaluated their excellent teamwork and preparation, which helped depict exciting viewpoints toward GenZ’s behavior in the 4.0 era.

On 12 November 2021, two teams with the best performance, consisting of Hoang Viet Linh and Pham Thi Phuong team and Huynh Quang Sang and Nguyen Hong Mai, progressed to the second round with the topic on “Whether GenZ should utilize social networks to share helpful knowledge or just the ones defining who they are” to define the winner. MA. Nguyen Van Tam commented: “This topic is a complex one. Both “helpful knowledge” and “the one defining who they are” are essential to GenZ when using social networks. The essence of the debation is absolute, so they must be persistent, preserve their viewpoints, and depict their uniqueness in the debation to get a positive evaluation from the judges.

vlu hill vietnam c

Through confident presentation and brilliant utilization of emerging situations, “Hill Vietnam 2021 – Debate Contest” had defined the winner. Winning the first prize was the Hoang Viet Linh and Pham Thi Phuong team; they were awarded a cash prize of 3,000,000 VND. The two running-up teams won a cash prize of 1,000,000 VND each. Moreover, all participating students should receive a certificate awarded by Hakuhodo.

As a companion with the participants from the warming-up and training sessions, Mr. Nguyen Do Thanh – Hakuhodo’s Strategic Director highly evaluated the debating skills of Van Lang students. He also suggested the students enhance the essential skills for their future careers. Thanks to the experience at the “Hill Vietnam 2021 – Debate Contest”, we hope the students could acquire more knowledge and skills to facilitate their future career paths.

Reporter: Cham Khanh
Translated by: An Pham

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