Talkshow titled “Accounting and auditing students master the game in the digital age”

(VLU20/11/2021) - On November 18, 2021, the talkshow titled “Accounting and auditing students master the game in the digital age” attracted over 300 students. This activity is under the series of the Career Month also the Jobs Fair “VLU’s Jobs Fair Online 2021: The Future of Jobs” hosted by the Center for Student Capacity Development, Van Lang University (VLU).

Following the activities in the series of events of Career Month and Jobs Fair “VLU’s Jobs Fair Online 2021: The Future of Jobs”, on November 18, 2021, The Center for Student Capacity Development, Van Lang University (VLU) held a talk show with the theme "Accounting and auditing students master the game in the digital age". Talkshow helps students better understand the changes of accounting and auditing in the digital transformation wave as well as how to be ready to master their career.

vlu ke toan lam chu cuoc choi aThe talk show attracts over 300 students

Greetings from the program, Ms. Pham Minh Hien – Project Director of HR TopCV as the leader and connector between experts and students. The program also has the participation of Dr. Tang Tri Hung – Deputy Dean of Accounting and Auditing, Van Lang University in the role of advisor, along with two speakers: Mr. Quach Chanh Dai Thanh Tam - General Director of Tapro Joint Stock Company - Training and accounting and tax consultancy; Mr. Mai Ngoc Manh – Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of TopCV Vietnam Joint Stock Company.

According to Dr. Tang Tri Hung, “Although the pandemic has had a heavy impact on the accounting apparatus, the economy that wants to re-operate must have accountants. When artificial intelligence (AI) is being applied, manual labor is no longer suitable, forecasting and analyzing data is extremely important. Mastering industry norms, theories and online interaction skills taken in the online learning phase can help us advise businesses to make the right, wise and appropriate decisions to respond to the market in the current and upcoming context. Accounting is not just numbers, it's both arts and science."

vlu ke toan lam chu cuoc choi b

The digital transformation process is making strong changes, and Covid-19 is a catalyst for this transition to be faster. In addition, artificial intelligence (AI) is tending to replace human labor force, putting human resources (HR) in the industry at risk of being eliminated. As follow Mr. Quach Chanh Dai Thanh Tam – General Director, Tapro Joint Stock Company – Training and Consulting accounting, tax: "The accounting and auditing industry is growing as technology replaces low-value, repetitive jobs, opening up many new opportunities for accountants, audit. To master the game, the professional must always adapt and constantly learn with every step of the times."

Facing with students concern about the hesitation between “choosing big corporations or start-ups?", Mr. Mai Ngoc Manh said that each type has its own opportunities and limitations, so to be able to make the right decision, it is necessary to refer to their actual needs. Personally, he says that if students have just graduated, they should start from large corporations, so that they can have a lot of contacts and learn in a standard workflow.

Taking the employer's perspective, Mr. Tam said ACCA or BCA certificates are only a plus in the CV, but attitude is the determining factor of the employer's choice. Accounting and Auditing is considered a profession that needs high honesty and security, businesses need long-term engagement, so they rely on the goals and attitudes of the candidate to consider and choose. However, most GenZ's are having problems with skills such as time management, working under high pressure, problem solving and communication skills, self-introduction. The two speakers said that in addition to digital skills, you need to cultivate the limitations and cultivate empathy to easily adapt to the working environment.

vlu ke toan lam chu cuoc choi cThe speakers were interested in interesting questions.

Ending the talkshow, the two speakers said that students need to have an accurate awareness for themselves, think positively and be sensitive to the times to master the game in the digital age. In addition, they also emphasized the good completion of learning, training soft skills, serious working attitude from their learning time to be able to adapt to the work in a sensitive, honest, and high-level of security required industry environment.

Reporter: Cham Khanh
Translated by: Le Huynh Ha Van

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