Honors Program students learned how to draw Chibi portraits

(VLU, 17/11/2021) - Van Lang University Honors Program would like to help students in releasing stress and pressure after studying; therefore, two workshops “Chibi portrait drawing” as a result of connection with Dunny Days Music & Art, held on November 13th and 14th, 2021. In the activities, students could not only draw basic techniques but also create cute signature Chibi portraits.

With the purpose of easy student assistance, one by one, and smooth operation, the workshops were limited to 50 students a session; moreover, they were free for all. Under the enthusiastic guidance of M.A. Artis Ta Thi Bach Duong (Dunny Days Music & Art), students, whether they knew draw or not, felt more confident and created plentiful super cute Chibi art characters on their own.

M.A. Artis Ta Thi Bach Duong, the main person in charge of the workshop, shared: "Vietnam Teachers' Day, November 20th, is coming up, so you can apply the knowledge and techniques you've learned to create lovely as well as thoughtful gifts for your teachers."

vlu workshop ve chan dung phong cach chibi aM.A. Artis Ta Bach Duong guided Van Lang University students step by step to complete the Chibi character portraits.

At the end of the workshop, Honor Program students created cute Chibi self-portraits, and beside that they had the opportunity to receive many attractive gifts.

An Honoree, with the best portrait, will be given gift vouchers with 50% off on a Piano workshop or Clay modeling workshop and a small present, as well, from Sunny Days Music & Art. There will be only ten gift sets.

An Honoree who completed and submitted their drawings received a 10% discount voucher for a Piano workshop or Clay modeling workshop at Sunny Days Music & Art. There will be only 90 gift sets.

vlu workshop ve chan dung phong cach chibi b"Student-made" drawings were "showed off" after the workshop.

In addition to the Chibi portrait drawing workshops, Van Lang Honors Program also organized another one, "Send Your Cards" held at the beginning of November, to respond to the upcoming Vietnamese Teachers' Day anniversary on November 20th. Students could create grateful gifts for their beloved teachers by making the best use of the provided forms, knowledge, and skills learned at the workshop.

Reporter: Thuy Trang
Translated by: Vuong Phuong

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