Van Lang's talent bloomed from student competitions

(VLU, 09/11/2021) - October opened with good news when the city establishes a state of "new normal", gradually regaining the daily rhythm of life within the threshold of safety assessment under the guidance of the Ministry of Health. In a joyful atmosphere, Van Lang also welcomed a vibrant October with a series of student awards at prestigious playgrounds, affirming the talented bravery of today's generation Z.

At the contest "The Future Civil Engineers 2021" organized by the University of Technical Education of Ho Chi Minh City held from April 18, 2021, 5 boys from VLU Dream Makers - Faculty of Civil Engineering - Van Lang University excellently overcame 23 teams from colleges and universities with training in Construction majors, entering the Final round. VLU Dream Makers won 2 meaningful awards: consolation prize and best English award. In 2020, the group also won the second prize of "Science and Technology Innovation Day" organized by the University of Science and Technology (Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City).

vlu dream makers aVLU DREAM MAKERS

Tran Phu - a student of the 24th class of Construction, the leader of the team shared: "Participating in "The Future Civil Engineers 2021", our team brought to the project the construction of a dream preschool with an estimated area of ​​400m2 for ethnic minority children in Le Ang village, Hoa Bac commune, Di Linh district, Lam Dong province. From the coffee husks discarded after each crop, the team used research to create innovative new materials such as insulating plywood and furniture for the building. As expected, the new school will be rebuilt with a scale of 4 classes for 3 levels of preschool, buds, leaves, a common living space, eating, sleeping. Our goal does not stop with ideas, but also continues to develop more meaningful projects that bring real value to local children and people.”


With the contest "HCMUE students with the environment" of Ho Chi Minh City University of Education, Van Lang University has two teams competing together in the Final: HAB Team (Hong Huy, Hai Binh - 3rd year student in Environmental Engineering; Mai Anh - 1st year student, Anh Bao) , Lan Anh - 4th year student, majoring in Biotechnology) and Vertical Garden Team (Huong Tra - majoring in English Language; The Kien - majoring in Biotechnology, Phu Dien - majoring in Environmental Engineering Technology; Minh Quan, Ngoc Anh - Architecture).

Vertical Garden's idea of ​​a vertical garden in an urban area won the Consolation prize and the HAB Team's idea of ​​making paper from banana trees won the third prize. Before that, the project of HAB team also "conquered" through many competitions and got quite a few achievements: Special Prize of Van Lang Student Innovation Idea Contest 2020; Consolation prize in Science Student Research Competition at ministerial level 2020; Consolation prize in Euréka Scientific Research Competition 2020; broadcast on HTV, VTV, newspapers.

vlu vertical garden bVertical Garden Team

vlu hab cHAB Team

With the current state of environmental pollution and living space, Vertical Garden's idea of ​​a vertical garden is a practical solution when combining high-tech applications into urban space, contributing to the enhancement of green areas, increasing the beauty of urban spaces, reducing dust, noise, and purify the environment.

With the idea of ​​​​making paper from banana trunks, HAB has taken advantage of the residual value of tree residues to create bio-bags and organic fertilizers that are both biodegradable to help protect the environment and have low prices. It is known that all research stages of the group are done by hand. In the near future, HAB will implement many new projects such as banana leaf food wrapping, distribution and extensive production to the community.


Closing the journey "Debate onmic 2021", the winner of the contest officially named Diep Phi Long - a student of class 24 of Tourism and Travel Service Management. This is a 100% voice competition, organized by the OnMic app - an online audio chat social networking application. Before that, in 2020, Phi Long once reached the top 10 and won the title of Favorite Star at the contest "The Guiding star 3" - a talent tour guide contest held for Vietnamese students and tour guide enthusiasts. Fighting with large and small playgrounds, Phi Long confided: “In addition to making friends and winning prizes, these playgrounds are also a bridge to bring you closer to businesses. In the future, who knows, they will be the ones to choose you for a suitable position if they see the potential and what you show today."

vlu dream makers e


Reaching out on a national scale, the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design has just received a "super huge" joy when all 3 Graphic Design students participated in the final round of the "ACAWC 2021” all won important awards: Nguyen Kim Luan – class 23 student won the Consolation prize; Le Ngoc Hai – student of class 25 won the third prize; especially Phan Thuy Nhi - excellent student of class 24 won the Champion.

Thuy Nhi will be one of 03 representatives of the Vietnamese team to attend the World Finals, competing with contestants from other countries and regions in November. This is the second year in a row that VLU has a student who won the ACAWC National Finals Champion award. In 2020, naming student Nguyen Duc Hoang - class 23, majoring in Graphic Design. Since 2018, Van Lang has participated with the following achievements: 5 students obtained Adobe Photoshop certificates; 4 students obtained Adobe Illustrator certificates; Student Cao Phuong Uyen (major in Interactive Media Graphics) won the second prize at the National Final Round.

vlu Acawc f

Proud of the student's achievements, Dr. Nguyen Dac Thai - Vice Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts & Design shared: “In the Graphic Design training program, the Faculty's leaders put the international integration factor on top, apply and develop the technology of the world into the teaching process. Van Lang aims to train students after graduation to have the same qualifications as international friends in the field of design.”

Many talented students and alumni of Van Lang are also participating in the race, appearing on prestigious academic playgrounds, magazines, and publications:

  • 37 Van Lang students are also participating in the semi-final race "Scientific Research Student Euréka 2021";
  • 09 works of the students of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design entered the TOP 25+5 contest “Designed by Vietnam 2021”;
  • Tran Quang Bao and Leu Leu, students of Course 23, majoring in Fashion Design were honored to appear in the #ProudlyVietnamese project of the fashion magazine L'OFFICIEL Vietnam;
  • Designer Quy Cao - The valedictorian graduated from Class 17 in Fashion Design, Owner and Founder Quy Cao Concept was honored as the winner of the Fashion Design Icon category of the "Tiktok Flashup 2021" contest.

Thank you for the jubilant October with proven achievements, affirming the capacity of Van Lang students and the training capacity of Van Lang University.

Reporter: My Tien
Translated by: Oanh Doan

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