Van Lang University attended the final round of the Award “Scientific research for students – Euréka 2021” with 3 outstanding groups

(VLU, 08/11/2021) On November 4th, 2021, the 23rd Award “Scientific research for students – Euréka 2021” has announced the projects which passed the semi-final round. In the total amount of projects was 37, there were 3 ones from VLU's the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Technology marked with 1 project directly went into the final round of ranking and 2 projects went into the final round 1.

Taken place in the International University (IU) - VNU HCMC, marked the incompetence of 175 research projects from 91 universities, colleges, academies from all over the country. The candidates gave presentations, reported the topics, and went to the council. More than 350 scientists who are professors, associate professors, doctors, experts from universities, research institutes of departments and businesses have participated in professional evaluation and evaluation, selecting quality topics. Through the dramatic hours of publication, Van Lang University has had 3 research topics honored in the final round.

Topic: New assembly module for makeshift hospital
Group of students from Course 25, Faculty of Architecture: Pham Tran Hieu Nhi, Tran Nguyen Diem Quynh, Do Ngoc Bao Tran
Instructor: MA. Architect Mai Le Ngoc Ha

Topic: Research on creating biological paintings that contribute to the beauty of the house and climate change response
Group of students: Pham The Kien (Course 23, Biotechnology), Nguyen Vu Ngoc Anh (Course 22, Architecture), Le Phu Dien (Course 24, Environmental Engineering Technology), Huynh Anh Bao (Course 23, Biotechnology)
Instructor: Dr. Vu Thi Quyen

Topic: Surveying polyphenol content and initially researching the development of tea production process filter bags from guava leaves (Psidium guajava L.)
Students from Biotechnology: Nguyen Ngoc Tuan (Course 23), Vu Thi Mai Anh (Course 25), Tran Quang Hieu (Course 25)
Instructor: MA. Tran Thi Minh

In particular, the topic of the group of students of the Faculty of Architecture excellently reached the final of the ranking, the remaining two topics continued to present to the Scientific Council on November 7 to win the ticket to the next round.

vlu ck eureka b

With the theme "Researching new integrated modules for makeshift hospitals", student Do Ngoc Bao Tran, the representative of the group said: "The group's research aims to propose new design solutions, minimize the shortage of hospital beds in specialized hospitals, contribute a small home, living space for the homeless." The topic has special practical significance in the context of the complex epidemic, the serious shortage of medical supplies as well as the capacity of the increasingly overloaded quarantine zones.

vlu ck eureka c

The topic named “Surveying polyphenol content and initially researching the development of tea production process filter bags from guava leaves” wishes to provide more information about the biological substances in guava leaves that support the treatment of diseases, thereby using guava leaves as raw materials to produce everyday foods, especially tea - a favorite drink that has a good effect on health.

vlu ck eureka d

In the field of Agriculture, forestry and fisheries, the students of the Faculty of Technology and Architecture have combined in the topic "Research on creating biological paintings to contribute to the beauty of the house and respond to climate change", which has practical implications for the environment and urban living space today. Bio-painting products are created with living plants, grown on organic racks, safe for humans and ecological environment.

The Award “Scientific research for students – Euréka 2021” is hosted by Youth Union of Ho Chi Minh City in collaboration with the International University (IU) of Ho Chi Minh City, is organized with the aim of honoring the scientific and creative research works of students nationwide. In 2021, the Award attracted the highest number of candidates and topics to participate in 132 universities, colleges, academies, 1,251 topics of 5,900 students, 2,030 instructors in 12 fields of study.

In 2020, Van Lang University has 4 finalists and is honored to receive 2 consolation prizes (out of 121 outstanding projects won).

1/ Research on production of bio-paper bags and organic fertilizers from banana stems

  • Field of study: Agriculture - Forestry - Fisheries
  • Student group: Cao Nguyen Tuyet Ngan (Course 22), Huynh Anh Bao (Course 23), Pham Thi Nhat Ha (Course 23), Nguyen Ngoc Lan Anh (Course 23)

2/ Research on biochar preparation from coffee grounds collected from cafes in central districts of Ho Chi Minh City

  • Field of Study: Natural Resources and Environment
  • Student group: Tran The Kiet and Nguyen Van Danh (Course 22)

Reporter: My Tien

Translated by: Le Huynh Ha Van

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