3N Club organized talkshow "Good communication - Road to success"

(VLU12/11/2021) - On November 6, 2021, the 3N Club of the Faculty of Public Relations & Communication of Van Lang University held a talk show with the topic "Good communication - Road to success". The talkshow took place online, attracting the attention of a large number of students.

With the message "Mastering your words - Mastering the future", the 3N Club organized the talkshow "Good communication - Road to success", helping new students improve their communication skills, confidently express themselves. Everyone when entered the university environment, they were still unfamiliar and confused. Talkshow with MC Minh Xu, alumnus of Van Lang University, the third prize of Golden Swallow contest 2016; MC many TV programs on HTV, VTV, THVL, etc. Coming to the talkshow, MC Minh Xu shared tips on how to behave, experience in communication, helping students to be more interested and active in communication activities in learning and life.

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At the beginning of the talk show, MC Minh Xu shared: "Communication in life is a challenge, because life is an ensemble that we rub and collide with every day. Dexterity is essential. Minh Xu realizes that understanding our own problems and goals when communicating, as well as a close communication style, creating sympathy in the eyes of the other person will create confidence in ourselves.

In the university environment, in addition to those who are bold and confident in communicating, there will be people who are afraid to speak. MC Minh Xu gave advice: "Those who have good communication skills try to help those who are not confident to tell stories, ask sincerely to create excitement, help you boldly communicate with people around you”.

In communication, sincerity is always a solid bridge, helping to build lasting relationships. Besides, the content in the appropriate communication with the audience is also extremely important. MC Minh Xu wants students to listen to each other's confessions, to help themselves better understand the person they are communicating with, to find common themes that connect people together. Skillful behavior, excitement in communication, sincerity and listening skills are the factors that create flexibility and sensitivity in communication.

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Regarding communication in learning, many students are self-deprecating because of regional accents, losing control in front of the crowd when giving presentations. With many years of experience as a professional MC, Mr. Minh Xu gave some tips to help students overcome their shortcomings: Be proud and love the regional voice; Practice adjusting to Mandarin if you want more people and audiences to hear what you want to convey.

As for presentation skills, students should prepare lessons and related knowledge carefully or sometimes don't hesitate to let others see your weakness to receive suggestions from better people. Besides, you can use "relief buoys" such as: interesting and attractive slide images; Your own forte; Skillful behavior, flexible words, etc.

Talk Show brings PR students interesting knowledge, answers students' questions about communication in life and study. The students also learned many "tips'' about behavior, making the communication process not only communication but also an art.

Reporter: Cao Thong
Translated by: Oanh Doan

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