The non-profit knowledge “for granted” project by the Honors Tourism students

(VLU09/11/2021) – During the social distancing lasting for many months, a group of VLU students from the Tourism, Leisure, and Hospitality Management had organized “zero-cost” classes under the “Sharing the knowledge to the community” project by utilizing the online platforms.

“Service Learning” model – extending the value of “Studying to serve the community”

Inspired by the idea to “bring the practical values to the community together,” the “Sharing the knowledge to the community” project was founded by 14 Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management (TLHM) students of course 24. The project was a part of the Community Service course under the Honors programs at Van Lang University.

With the target audiences of grade-12 students in the provinces with limitations for high-quality education engagement, the project “set its eyes” on Tra Vinh province to start providing courses in Digital Marketing. 14 TLHM students of Van Lang University preferred to share their understanding of helpful information, fundamental knowledge, and personal experience in Digital Marketing to grade-12 students through online courses to provide future marketers with a more overall and systemized perspective of Digital Marketing.

This project utilized the “Service Learning'' model. In which, the students had the opportunities to learn and develop themselves through in-class activities, thus helping them cope with the community’s demands. The project also partnered with the Community’s Library Model by ECO Vietnam Group – an NGO and NFPO established in 2009, also the first NGO to embrace the values of the “Service Learning '' model in Ho Chi Minh City.

vlu lop hoc phuc vu cong dong a

vlu lop hoc phuc vu cong dong bSeveral in-class activities

The “zero-cost classes” project was officially launched in September 2021 and had been taking place ever since. The first class welcomed 18 students from Tra Vinh province. Among them, 12 students were members of the ECO Vietnam Group. The team recruited six additional students through its promotional campaigns. The number was not a prominent figure, yet all the team members were satisfied with their first batch of students. Despite the short preparation time and challenges in communication during the social distancing, the classes took place brilliantly and acquired positive feedback from the students.

The founding team said: “As the senior students, we prefer to bring out practical support in knowledge for the students. All classes take place on weekends and usually last for one and a half hours. All delivered information is condensed and simplified for ease of comprehension. In addition, we also organize many games based on the delivered knowledge, introduce many practical exercises and encourage the students to speak their ideas to improve their critical thinking during the classes.”

vlu lop hoc phuc vu cong dong cThe first class of the project took place virtually.

Ngoc Anh – one of the project’s founding members, said: “One of the major challenges for the project was that it took place amidst the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak lasting for many months. We ran into difficulties approaching and discussing with the students. Moreover, it was also the first time we gave online lessons; thus, we did not have enough experience. However, the outcomes were far better than what we had expected.”

Ngoc Duy – another member, told us: “Initially, the students were too shy to communicate with us. We were aware of the situation, so we tried our best to break the ice. As the classes continued, the students became more active and started to ask questions. After each class, we were very pleased to receive “tons” of compliments from the students for our enthusiasm and the practical lessons."

According to the team, the project is still in process, and they hope to cooperate with more organizations to introduce more meaningful and valuable projects for the community. As they work on their projects, they hope to inspire VLU students to create more activities to contribute outstanding values and inspirations for society and live up to the University’s philosophies.


The Honors programs at Van Lang University are built with three pillars in the curriculum, including:

  1. Practical Experience;
  2. Technological Adoption;
  3. Community Service.

Those pillars aim to equip new generations of global citizens with adequate knowledge and skills, a positive attitude, and an eagerness to contribute to the community and the motherland.

In semester 211, the Community Service course had eight classes and 23 teams executing non-profit projects and offering positive values to the community through various activities such as: Developing the education quality for students in rural areas contributing to the fourth sustainable goal and guaranteeing a globalized, equal and high-quality education; Reducing the early marriage custom of the Kho ethnic minority; “Power Girl” project – encouraging young girls to understand the power of dream and dare to pursue ones, etc.

Reporter: Chau Thanh Ngoc
Translated by: An Pham

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